The Trouble with Televangelists...

...Is that they don't make sense. They should by and large be ignored, but Pat Robertson has informed the US that Haiti took a pounding due to the country's 'pact with the devil' in exchange for independence from the French, or something.

If every country that makes a 'pact with the devil' for some perceived short term good eventually gets hammered by God, I have one piece of advice for Mr Robertson. Get your ass out of the US, mister, because your country hasn't just made a 'pact' with the devil. Your country and the devil have been walking around hand in hand, in public, having been courting for quite a few years now. Now, with Obama at the helm too, in wake of the previous administration of thugs, things are getting really serious! Mind you, having said that, this country is not much better what with our 'special relationship' with 'God's own country'.


Crux Fidelis said…
Pat Robertson once said that Scotland was a "dark land" where homosexuals ruled the roost. I don't know if he's deranged or a liar but I'm constantly amazed how so many in the US are duped into parting with their hard earned to line his coffers (and of those like him).
let's chuck Pat Robertson in the mouth of the nearest available volcano to appease the earth-gods!