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Musings on the Outer Edges of the Abyss

Damian Thompson and Fr Ray Blake today both post on The Tablet Trust Director, Dr Tina Beattie, who has appeared on nominally Catholic correspondent, Edward Stourton's, BBC Sunday Programme to voice concern over the shocking and revelatory conversion of Anglicans to Catholicism and the dreadful and poisonous increase in the number of Catholic priests that have resulted.

To find out just how damaging to the Church this injection of fresh blood into the Priesthood is and why these men should, in fact, be women, read Tina's blog here.

Damian Thompson gives us the fascinating exchange between two Catholics whose loyalty and love for the Most Holy Faith is about the same temperature as the average pint pictured left. Why is it that, in the Church, only the froth is at the top of the glass from which the public drink? I can think of so many public speakers on Catholic matters who could represent Catholicism better than Tina, but, hey, I guess that reputation is everything in the med…

Fr Ray Blake on Gloria TV again...alongside Fr John Boyle and Fr Sean Finnegan!

I don't know who made this video, but its on Gloria TV's website. No sound, caption video only. I'm not sure these Priests would actually thank the maker of the video, but thought I should draw their attention to it. Their pictures come up at 1:50 mins. As far as I know, these Priests are not anti-Vatican II, but of a similar mind to the Holy Father that the two rites offer the Church's liturgy 'mutual enrichment'.

Christ the Consoler Statue and Black Victorian Cope for Sale at Snoopers Paradise

I came up with a script to aid my selling of a rather splendid Victorian black cope and a handless Christ the Consoler statue. I wanted to film it but was, perhaps unsurprisingly, not given permission to film inside Snoopers Paradise by the shop manager. So far I have had no word back from my suggestion that I act as a go-between for them for religious objects of devotion and the Catholic community at large.

It starts out as a spoof of Michael Voris's Vortex presentations on the Catholic Faith but ends up going a bit mental. Shame I was unable to film it. I (for one) would have found it amusing to get down on camera...Spoilsports! It would have been free publicity for their store as well...
"Hi, I’m Laurence England and welcome to The Cortex [twirls index finger around head], where lies and falsehood are trapped, exposed and injected into the brains of heretical corpses, whose heads are even more full of mush now…than they were when they were alive!Today, a Bishop has shocked t…

New Posters for Sale

Readers! Buy your 'Priest Warns of Hedonistic Gay Lobby' Posters at The Bones's Catholic Store.

Postcards: £1 each

A4 Prints: £2 (framed £10)
A3 Prints: £5 (framed £20)
A2 Posters: £12 (framed £30)

I am thinking this might have particular appeal to Catholic students.

Hedonistic gays can also buy these posters, now available in pink...

Student BMJ: Marriage is good for men's bodies and women's minds

Interesting article from The Telegraph...

'A study published in the Student BMJ says that committed couples live longer than singletons, with the health benefits of companionship increasing over time.Meanwhile having lots of sexual partners can shorten lifespan and divorce can have a devastating impact, the editorial claims.But spouses benefit from marriage in different ways. Married men are kept physically fit because their wives ensure they lead a healthy lifestyle, while women’s emotional health benefits because they value being in a relationship.David Gallacher, a trainee at University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, and John Gallacher, a reader at Cardiff University’s School of Medicine, write: “Love is a voyage of discovery from dopamine drenched romance to oxytocin induced attachment. Making this journey can be fraught with hazards and lead many to question the value of romance and commitment.“Nevertheless, the impact of stable long term exclusive relationships on longevity is w…

A Few Thoughts on the Traditional Latin Mass from a Non-Catholic

Last night Ben, who has somewhere to stay (for the time being - the Council are housing him for as long as the weather is 'very cold'. Presumably they'll kick him out of the hostel when it warms up) came along to St Mary Magdalen Church for the Latin Mass.

Long term readers will remember that this individual was once thrown out of Midnight Mass by a parishioner two years ago in a rather violent fashion and has never returned to the parish since...until yesterday. I think you'll concede that it takes a brave and courageous man to come back to a parish Church about which his only recollection is that someone hit his head against the wall of the building.

Thankfully, his experience this time was far more hospitable. Midnight Mass, with all the singing, the hymns, the active and vocal participation demanded by the Novus Ordo and the sheer volume of people attending was, looking back, not a very good time for an introduction to the Catholic Faith. In contrast, however, what…

Selling Blessed Objects

A reader pointed out to me that it is a sin to sell blessed objects. If the Catholic Store takes off and I sell on blessed objects then remember that what you are actually buying is this postcard of St Mary Magdalen's Church. The item that comes with it which is blessed is something that comes for free. So remember whether you are spending £2.50 or £49.99, you are buying this postcard of the Church, if the object I am selling is blessed.

I know this is alright because I went to an Abbey once where this is more or less what they did with Rosaries blessed by the Holy Father.

Seriously, I need advice on this, since simony is a serious sin. Any objects which we know are blessed should not really be sold. Perhaps I can ask for the cost of the postage to send the object on, as a service to the Catholic community, rather than making any profit out of it, for things like Rosaries. Only one of the objects posted so far, I know to be blessed. I'll remove the price tag for now, on Our La…

The Bone's Catholic Store on Ebay

I've set up an Ebay account and am in the process of putting stuff for sale from the Catholic Store on. If there is anything you want let me know and I can stick it up as a priority for you to buy. This means that even if you're in Azerbaijan, you can buy stuff off my blog on Paypal!

Today, I am going to Snoopers Paradise to see if I can strike a deal with one of the stall holders there to put her religious stuff on my Catholic Store. I'm hoping to film some of the stuff she has for sale and put it up on the blog.

Catholic Health Worker Wins Fight for Her Job

Thanks be to God.

Courtesy of Daily Mail

'A Christian health worker who faced the sack after giving an NHS colleague a booklet about the potential dangers of abortion has been allowed to return to work.

Margaret Forrester, 39, claimed to have been ‘bullied’ and ‘treated like a criminal’ for expressing her religious views, but said yesterday that she has now been offered a better job at the same NHS trust.

Christian campaigners yesterday hailed it as a ‘victory for freedom of conscience and freedom of speech’.

Miss Forrester, a Roman Catholic, claims she was suspended in November last year after she handed the £4 pro-life booklet called Forsaken – published by a charity – to her colleague.

It detailed the physical and psychological trauma experienced by five women from Taunton, Somerset, who terminated their pregnancies.

She said she offered it to a family planning worker during a private conversation because she felt the NHS did not give enough information about the potential risk…

Foot Massager

Well, my days of paying hundreds of pounds a year for foot massages at the local foot masseurs are well and truly over. I found this delightful wooden foot massager at the open market for just 50p.

I can't put this on my Catholic Store blog, unless I fabricate a story about how this is the foot massager used for bizarre penitential practises by St Josemaria Escriva.

Business is slow and it looks like just 2 days into my life as a self-made Catholic objects for piety merchant, there has been a drop in sales from no sales to even fewer sales. This isn't a want, it's a need!

Still...there's no way I'm selling this.

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme to...Repent all ye sinners!

Sunday I went to St Luke's Church (Anglican I think) and saw what they were doing for Brighton's homeless community. They lay on food every third Sunday of the month. St Luke's were low on Bible-thumping and high on music volume. While the liturgy of some Catholic Churches would suggest otherwise, hopefully we would never consider laying on a gig inside a Church even if it were for such a noble cause as performing for the homeless. That's what pubs and community centres are for, after all.

I was unable to film 'Dirty Old Town', which I personally liked, but managed to interrupt my game of Scrabble in order to film this band playing 'Scarborough Fair'. I liked them. The atmosphere of the place was warm, friendly and while you had the odd person going around offering to pray for homeless people with the 'laying on of hands' it didn't appear to me to be too 'full on'.

One of the organisers was interested in my suggestion of seeing if w…

Brighton's Open Market to be 'Re-Developed'

I can't help thinking that Brighton, perhaps Britain, is closing down. Brighton's open market is to close in June for 're-development'. I just talked to one of the stall owners who is very depressed indeed. Livelihoods will be lost.
The market is to be flattened by developers from June to make space for flats and a new, modern market. Those currently trading there will have no priority over the new leases when they come up after the 18 months it will take before the site re-opens for business. I expect that stalls will be taken over by middle-class cheese and chutney sellers, somehow. Don't get me wrong, because I love cheese and chutney, its just that, speaking to one of the stall traders, it became obvious that the demolition of the market (and the livelihoods therein) is part of a Council plan to 'clean-up' the area.
The site is owned by Brighton and Hove City Council. Since the closure of Mears and Sons fruit and vegetable stall (though Mrs Mary Mears sti…

The Bones's Catholic Store

Following a suggestion by a well-known Priest, I have started a new, online, second hand Catholic shop selling religious items, imaginatively called, The Bones's Catholic Store.

As well as selling items that I find in charity shops, second-hand stores and donations, as well as stuff I find around my flat, I can act as a seller for readers of this blog who wish to find a devout home for Catholic devotional items which they no longer use.

Many of us have more Catholic items than we really want. As pilgrims we pick them up along our journey - books, statues, prayer cards, medals and some of them end up in a drawer somewhere. Some people have religious objects which belonged to other members of their family that they do not want, but may wish to find a home for them with someone who would use these items for their Catholic devotion.

If you have any Catholic items that you no longer want, that you would like me to sell then you can either leave a comment in a post or contact me at engl…

"You Don't Have to Be Gay to Teach Here, But It Helps!"

"Hi, kids! So, today we're teaching maths. Look. I've got here with me two friends. Now, who can tell me, if I have sex with these two men consistently over a lifetime, how many children will result from these encounters?"

The Telegraph today reports that....

'Children are to be taught about homosexuality in maths, geography and science lessons as part of a Government-backed drive to "celebrate the gay community".
The mind boggles. Gay maths? Gay geography? Gay science? How the? What the? For more information on the section of the Stonewall website entitled, ahem, 'What We Do...At Schools', click here.

"God hates..."

Catholics, apparently! I met a lady after Mass today who is really rather poor. By co-incidence she told me that she recently went to Montpelier Baptist Church, on a Wednesday evening, because she is living on the breadline and needed some food. Say a prayer for her mother who is gravely ill.

Apparently, when the pastor found out she was Catholic, due to his enthusiastic embracing of what can only be some kind of equal opportunity scheme in the distribution of Christian charity, he told her she shouldn't really come to the Baptist Church for food because, er, she's a Catholic!

I guess, what with being a Catholic, she is already a "lost sheep" in the eyes of pastor Stephen, ensnared, as she is, in Popish superstition, sacramental folly and abject rejection of sola scriptura theology. He indicated to her that because she doesn't go to the Baptist church, she shouldn't come for food. If, by some Miracle, I am allowed back in this Wednesday, I'll gladly point…

When is a Marriage Not a Marriage?

The Last Knight, whose blog, Noise of the Crusade, is producing some welcome online activity, has posted some thoughtful legal analysis of the Hall and Preddy v Bull and Bull case in which Judge Rutherford assessed that there is no difference, in application of the Equality Act, between a civil partnership and marriage.

On 18 January 2011 His Honour Judge Rutherford handed down judgment at Bristol County Court in the case of Hall and Preddy v Bull and Bull. Martin Hall and Steven Preddy, who had contracted a civil partnership with each other under the Civil Partnership Act 2004, had booked a double room at the Chymorvah Hotel, run by Mr and Mrs Bull, for the nights of 5 and 6 September 2008. The learned Judge appears to have accepted that they made the booking in ignorance of the fact that the hotel operated a policy whereby double rooms were let to “heterosexual married couples only”. Mr Hall and Mr Preddy were informed of this fact by an employee of the hotel on their arrival and lef…

Bishop Athanasius Schneider Calls for New Syllabus to Clarify Vatican II

A excellent speech by Bishop Athanasius Schneider has been doing the rounds on the blog-o-sphere. For anyone who missed it, here it is....
The Challenge of Opposing Interpretations by Athanasius Schneider
'For a correct interpretation of Vatican Council II, it is necessary to keep in mind the intention manifested in the conciliar documents themselves and in the specific words of the popes who convened and presided over it, John XXIII and Paul VI.Moreover, it is necessary to discover the common thread of the entire work of the Council, meaning its pastoral intention, which is the "salus animarum," the salvation of souls. This, in turn, depends on and is subordinate to the promotion of divine worship and of the glory of God, it depends on the primacy of God.This primacy of God in life and in all the activity of the Church is manifested unequivocally by the fact that the constitution on the liturgy occupies, conceptually and chronologically, the first place in the vast work o…

Archdiocese of Philadelphia Responds to Abortion 'House of Horrors' Discovery

According to Zenit...

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia has responded to a grand jury report about a doctor in the city who has been charged with eight counts of murder, seven for babies born alive at his abortion clinic and then killed."It was both a shock and a horror to learn of the practices of Dr. Kermit B. Gosnell and his staff who now face criminal charges, including murder, in connection with the Women's Medical Society at 38th Street and Lancaster Avenue in Philadelphia, which was closed after a raid in February 2010," a statement from the archdiocese affirmed. "As Catholics, we believe in the dignity and sacredness of all human life from conception until natural death. The repeated actions of Dr. Gosnell and his staff were abhorrent and intrinsically evil in their disregard for the lives of the unborn and the welfare of the women who sought their services."The grand jury report was released Wednesday and details a list of shocking circumstances at the cl…

"No Pinky! We can't do it! It's a mortal sin!"

"One more won't hurt." Classic. It has to be asked whether the great Catholic novel died after Vatican II. After all, not many Bishops and Priests talk about mortal sin anymore...

I can't wait to see this, but Dicky Attenborough will be hard to beat.

Christ the King Statue in Poland

Video from documenting the absolutely huge statue of Christ the King, and its construction in an unpronouncable place in Poland. The music's a bit much but great video...

Brighton Man Speaks About Eviction from Hostel and Arrest for 'Homophobic' Remark

A friend of mine, Ben, who I met a couple of years ago, was thrown out of New Steine Mews hostel in Brighton, for making a "homophobic" remark. I really had no idea that you could be arrested for saying something to someone which offends them, but then, hey, this is Brighton and this is modern Britain.

Having been arrested, cuffed and taken for 15 hours to Hollingbury Police Station for making a 'remark', Ben was released because the Crown Prosecution Service saw that no action was necessary and that the 'remark' had been misconstrued. I find it frightening that one can be arrested in modern Britain for saying something that someone else finds offensive.

More than that, though, Ben was thrown onto the street, in the cold and rain, by a homeless hostel, for Heaven's sake, for nothing other than saying the 'wrong' thing. Aren't these hostel workers just so 'sensitive'?! This is a flagrant abuse of power by New Steine Mews, the Brighton …

St Mary Magdalen's Church in The Telegraph Online...

The venue of the polling station is, of course, not the feature of the article by James Delingpole.

James, who more or less broke the Climategate story last year, the revelations of made-up data in order to 'hide the decline' in temperatures at the University of East Anglia, takes aim, on his blog, at Caroline Lucas's eco-extremism.

Ironically, Ms Lucas is hosting a 'meet your MP' at St Nicholas Church, the 11th century Anglican church just 5 minutes down the road from St Mary Magdalen's Church, tonight. I'd go and give her a good old piece of my mind, but I think the Traditional Latin Mass takes precedence over political activism - God first, berating of MPs second.

The Greens, thankfully, remain a peripheral party in Parliament and Ms Lucas, I doubt, is taken particularly seriously. After all, most of the parties are of the 'something must be done' mentality when it comes to the climate change issue anyway. 'Climategate' did, however, blow…

Bible-Disbelieving Christians

Yesterday I met an evangelical Christian pastor at Montpelier Baptist Church in Brighton and I have to say that, at the end of the day, it reminded me why I'd rather be in a room of activist homosexuals than in a room of born-again Baptists.

This is because you are even more likely to get a violent reaction against Catholicism among Baptists than homosexuals on the gay scene.

I'd only just sat down with some of the homeless chaps from the Soup Run to have a chat with some, as one of them had invited me to go on from the Soup Run on a Wednesday to the Baptist church on Montpelier, where they are plied with yet more tea, coffee and generosity. Of course, its a great thing that Montpelier Baptist Church have the homeless into their community centre on a Wednesday for tea, biscuits, warm food (the homeless do say you can never go hungry in Brighton which is a good thing) but I think the homeless find the whole 'Bible-study' thing a bit much. It seems to be a hallmark of Pr…

Bandits Bulldoze Bulls's Business in Bed and Breakfast Bedlam Blowup in Bristol

I'll say anything for an alliterative headline. Why can't I get a job at the Mail or the Star? Looks like its going to be one of those gay days.

Q. When is a civil partnership the same as marriage?

A. When a judge says so. That's according to a verdict at Bristol County Court.

Q. When is a civil partnership not the same as a marriage?

A. When the Government says so.

My thoughts on this in purple, bold.

Courtesy ofDaily Mail

'Two Christian hotel owners punished for refusing a bed to a gay couple claimed yesterday that their religion is being suppressed. Peter and Hazelmary Bull said Christianity had been pushed to the margins of society, and added: ‘Some people are more equal than others.’They spoke out after a landmark court decision awarded £1,800 each to civil partners Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy, who were denied a double room under the Bulls’ policy of allowing only married couples to share a bed in the hotel that is also their home.

The ruling by a judge in Bristol sea…

It's not OK! World Exclusive

OK! interviewer: "So, Elton and David, how much do we owe you for this World Exclusive interview?"

Elton: "Oh, about £100,000 should do the trick."

David: "Gosh, there's a thought. Why stop at one? Make it £200,000."

OK! interviewer: "O wow! That's a whole new angle on the story! So you are saving up for another?"

Elton: "Write 'trying' for another...You know, this is even more exciting than when I bought Watford Football Club."

OK! interviewer: "Great interview, guys. So, I'll send you three copies in the post so you can keep them for the family album."

Elton: "Three copies?"

OK interviewer: "Yes. That's right. One copy for you, Elton, one copy for David and one copy for Zachary. When he's older I just know he'll want to read all about it. He'll be delighted when he finds out how he was born to gay celebrity dads who paid money up front for IVF to some random woman the other side o…

Party Poppers and Party Poopers

Fr Ray Blake today posts on Tina Beattie's latest 'musings'. Tina's 'inspirational' blog, in as much as it inspires Catholics loyal to the Faith to denounce her near constant dissension from the Church's position on a number of matters, continues to entertain and depress at the same time.

While it is true to say that we don't really know what Heaven is like, it is hard to imagine that English martyrs such as St John Fisher, St Margaret Clitherow and St Thomas More, as well as Blessed John Henry Newman, have not been 24-hour party people over the past few days, as party poppers stream across Heaven, while Our Lady of Walsingham looks on in loving approval. That party has been reflected in the great joy of the Faithful on Earth, still in awe, both at the inspired ecumenical master stroke of Pope Benedict XVI and the surprisingly enthusiastic response from disaffected formerly-flying Anglican bishops and nuns who have flown the nest to roost in the One Tru…