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Church of Not Very Nice Really

Having dealt so speedily with Bishop Finn of Kansas City, the latest Bishop to fall mysteriously under a bus during the Francis papacy, I imagine that faithful Catholics will be hoping that His Holiness has 'a word in your ear' with Archbishop Cupich for giving Holy Communion to a public non-Catholic and will also be hoping that His Holiness will be lending his considerable papal authority in support of the under-fire 'a bit too Catholic for San Francisco', Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone. Of course, we shouldn't imagine that the Successor of St Peter is some kind of CEO of a multinational corporation or some kind of 'NGO', but there are times when some people could be forgiven for that misconception.

May the soul of Cardinal Francis George, through the mercy of God and with the assistance of the prayers of the Our Blessed Lady and all the Saints and Martyrs rest in peace. His questions, for us, still remain unanswered. The more time goes on, the more myst…


When on a recent visit to Chester, I was pretty dismayed when I toured its Cathedral to see nearly an entire window dedicated to Henry VIII with his court of advisers giving the thumbs up as he embarks on the dissolution of the monasteries and the enforcement of the Act of Supremacy. Did he send them out as Tudor 'Missionaries of Mercy'? I guess those were different times and different ways were employed.

I hope I am completely wrong and the two years of 'hypersensitivity training' I have undergone has been for nothing. We should all welcome a year of Mercy. Let's go with that. Who could oppose mercy?

Think of all the initiatives in parishes and Dioceses that could come from a grassroots renewal of devotion, promotion of the Sacraments and the works of mercy. A top-down, one size fits all model of mercy would be, I think, a little outside of what Vatican II expressed as desirable. Subsidiarity is surely the key, so that the local Church, while always remaining in …

Haec est dies quam fecit Dominus exultemus et laetemur in ea....

This is the day when adulterers end their adulterous relationships. This is the day when fornicators cease their extra-marital dalliances, those co-habiting set wedding dates and/or boot each other out of their flats until marriage. This is the day when thieves and brigands hand back the spoils of their crime and do penance. This is the day when the mean and avaricious learn generosity to the poor. This is the day when abortionists repent of their crimes and those who have procured them seek the height, the depth and the inexhaustible riches of God's mercy.

This is the day, indeed, when mafiosi bosses put down their guns and open hospitals for poor, sick children instead. This is the day when alcoholics, crack and smack heads take up the Cross and join the relevant anonymous meeting groups, when those who watch porn take a hammer to their laptop, when those who frequent houses of iniquity consider renting property outside of the city centre.

This is the day when the single re-ded…

Breaking: Appointment of New Bishop Could Signal Major Adjustments to the Golden Jubilee

With a different bishop will come a different style. New reports suggest that the Rt Rev. Richard Moth, who is leaving the Bishopric of the Forces to become the new Bishop of Arundel and Brighton, could signal significant changes to the AMEX stadium-based Golden Jubilee of the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton.

A newly appointed committee for the activities to be promoted during the Golden Jubilee have reportedly been asked to 'push the boundaries of ecclesiastical celebrations'. Guest speakers already invited are to be kept, but new speakers are also expected to be invited as the event takes on a more masculine, or even militaristic tone. It is thought that the new Bishop will want to distance himself from the original plans drawn up under the disgraced Bishop Kieran Conry and 'beef the event up' a little, promoting a more manly Diocese with strong and firm leadership from the top with deaneries set to be disbanded and parishes set to be merged into 'batallions'…

Christ is Risen

A happy, holy and blessed Easter to all readers.

Don't let any prelate spoil the Octave of partying and rejoicing...whatever he says or does!

Christ has risen as he said. Allelulia!