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Our Lady of Victories, Pray for Us

Happy Sunday!
Happy Feast of Our Lady of Victories!
V is for Vigano!
V is for Victory!
(And it's my birthday, too!)

My Generation

My Generation from Laurence England on Vimeo.

Pope Francis!


Pope Francis, 'Gay' Clergy, the Abuse Scandal and the Great Divide

For the purpose of the reader's understanding in these, most sorry times!

I'd like to say a little about how the Lord our God has helped me to live with a same-sex attraction which He has rendered, with His divine grace, so minimal as to be negligible, even non-existent.

Long term readers of this blog will know that I have in my time struggled in and out of the 'gay' identity and the 'gay' lifestyle. It has been 15 years since I committed the sin of sodomy with a complete and utter stranger. This sin was so vile and contrary to the Good that I felt more shame than pleasure even in the action of carrying it out, to the point that I put a stop to the sin during the event. The gays won't like that story because, remember, nobody's meant to feel ashamed about doing gay stuff in gay world.

After this encounter, I sought, mostly while drunk, similar sexual encounters - all of this while I was a Catholic, I might add, yes even as a convert, all of which were …


Downtown from Laurence England on Vimeo.

As the patron of comedians, it was only fair my holy patron got a slide. It's no longer his feast in England, but for a few hours it still is in Chicago, Denver, Phoenix, Los Angeles and Honolulu.

May the good God deliver His Church in the USA from such hirelings and false shepherds and deliver His entire Church from the destructive category 5 hurricane that is Pope Francis and his strange erstwhile friends, numbered among whom has long been one now Archbishop Theodore 'Uncle Ted' McCarrick, a Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church who has brought utter disgrace on the Body of Christ, ruined the lives of his victims and dragged his complicit brothers into the state of being utterly unbelievable, totally untrustworthy and, for a half-decent Pope, eminently sackable!

Truly, only a Pope as corrupt and intransigent as Pope Francis would permit these unbelievable clowns to remain and fester in the Hierarchy of the US Church with their half-ba…

'Like a Bridge... '(with Fr James Martin S.J and friends)

Like a Bridge... from Laurence England on Vimeo.

From his latest tweet, I hear Fr James Martin S.J is on a week's holiday. I wonder which Pride Festival he is attending on his break.

Is Pope Francis the Last Hope for Life and Family in Argentina?

A source in Argentina has provided me with some perceptive observations on the recent intervention from Pope Francis timed - to many commentator's bewilderment - after the recent vote in Ireland and the more recent parliamentary vote in Argentina on liberalising abortion laws in these respective countries.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, 'our man in Argentina' places the sudden papal defence of the unborn  in the light of politics surrounding the bill approved at the Deputies House and is about to be voted in the Argentinian Senate.

A Little History of Argentinian Politics

Firstly, a brief introduction to the pitfalls of Argentine politics are called for. Argentinian politics are very complicated and while even today's political wranglings must be seen in as expressions of an ebbing and flowing Peronist-Antiperonist dialectic.

"Peronism", he says, "can be anything, can be right and even far right or can be left to even a Marxist level. No matter what political e…

The Remnant

The Remnant from Laurence England on Vimeo.
This was fun to make but its low on humorous content. 
For four minutes and and thirty four seconds I got to pretend to be Bruce Springsteen.
I don't think he's practising the Catholic Faith anymore, is he?

A bit

My Favourite Sins

Pray for Ireland, a land where faithful Catholics now form a minority in a pagan nation, a situation which is analogous to the experience of faithful Catholics in the Church. May God convert their nation and our nation of the United Kingdom to defend human life from conception to natural death.

One Baby Boy, So Many Victims...

As the battle over the life and death of Alfie Evans intensified in the full glare of the onlooking world, I was among those who could not comprehend the unswerving logic of an entire machinery, governmental and ecclesiastical, locked on course for the snuffing out of a precious human life, that of little Alfie, who from his hospital bed lay blissfully unaware of the extraordinary tumult surrounding him, a tumult inside and outside the hospital, in the courts, in the media, around the whole world.

I cannot help but feel that in ages past, Alfie Evans might have lit the blue touchpaper of civil unrest, mass demonstrations, even calls for revolution in a country like the United Kingdom. The sheer powerlessness felt by those following the case of Alfie and his parents, those close to him and those far away, apart from a committed and passionate team surrounding the family, an intense gathering of supporters outside the hospital, manifested itself in cries from the heart on social media,…

The Francis Song

A reader asked me for my response to 'Gaudate et Insultate', I've read some excellent analyses of the document and I don't think I can add much to it, so I thought I might as well sing what we can see is going on, what others have noted, based on The Dentist Song, from the hit musical Little Shop of Horrors. That song's about a brutal, sadistic dentist. Not like our Pope, obviously. He isn't a dentist.

What Qualities Does the Next Pope Need?

The Franciscan pontificate is unpredictable and volatile, as well as risible. From day to day it scandalises and shocks the Church.

The next Pope will have to learn from the many serious mistakes made during this pontificate and should already, while a Cardinal, be examining where Francis has gone wrong, as well as the partial success (if you can call it that) of his extraordinary public relations efforts, efforts which have now led to the most amazing apology in all of human history, the kind of stupendous apology that marks a Pope who called abuse victims liars and slanderers out as a living Saint. Really, he should be canonised now. But, here's what I'll be looking for from the next Pope, should God in His mercy give one to the Church.

1. I hope that the next Pope believes in the Catholic Faith. It's a big one this and I think that the Catholic Church in the next pontificate requires someone who believes the religion into which they were baptised. It really helps people…

Happy Easter, Pope Francis...

A link was shared recently to Haaretz documenting the anti-semitic remarks of Cardinal Maradiaga concerning the 'Jewish media' and the 'whipping up' of the abuse crisis in the Church from early 2013. A little while before ++ Maradiaga's 'it was the Jews' diversion, I recall Cardinal Sodano suggesting, publicly, to Pope Benedict XVI that the abuse crisis was a kind of manufactured phenomenom attended by the 'feigned' outrage of media. I think he had intended these words to be a form of consolation to the then Pope(after all we know what a loyal a creature ++ Sodano is) but one could tell from Benedict XVI's face what he thought of ++Sodano's words: 'You're not helping.'Such were the kind of men hovering around Benedict XVI. I think Cardinal Bertone (what is he up to nowadays?) called the Vatican a nest of 'crows and vipers', or something such like.

Many of us,at that time, had no idea what kind of persons were such individu…

A Blessed Easter to You All


Pope Francis is an Incredibly Stupid Fool: Offended? Read on...

“They’re not punished. Those who repent obtain forgiveness and enter the ranks of those who contemplate him, but those who don’t repent and can’t be forgiven disappear. A Hell doesn’t exist, what exists is the disappearance of sinning souls.”
Well, obviously (cough), there's no way (Hosea!) the Pope said this. Indeed, given that Eugene Scalfari is so 'creative' with the truth and apparently just makes up his own mind what the Pope has said from memory having interviewed him, why should we even believe that this interview even took place. If Scalfari isn't a trustworthy reporter of people's quotations, should we even believe the story that this interview happened?

The comings and goings of Vatican communications and denials whenever the Pope gives a controversial interview to Scalfari aside, and putting aside also whether the Pope said it (personally, I don't take anythingFrancis says seriouslynow, anyway) its worth examining what he 'probably / possibly…

The Sweet Caress of FrancisMercy

The above video is the latest footage that has arrived during the  Revolution of Tenderness TM. 
If you can't see the moment of heartmelting tenderness in this video it begins at 1min 45sec in the video below and is over very quickly.

It must be a huge honour to get slapped about and shoved 
around a bit by the Great Reformer.

Feel the mercy!

Some people have received the highest honour the Church can accord, that of being mown down by the Pope's vehicle.

Pray for Henry Sire, author of 'The Dictator Pope'.

Pray for his protection and the protection of all those who are determined to stand in the way of the juggernaut of FrancisMercy.

Until Easter Day, I wish you a blessed Holy Week. 

Lord, have mercy!
 Dear Lord, deliver us!

The Pope Embraces the Catholic Faith: What Would That Look Like?

As readers know, I do not, unlike many mainstream Catholic commentators, hello Austen Ivereigh, go along with the idea that the Pope can simply change stuff he doesn't much like, such as God's truth on morality and I do not accept for one moment that what was wrong yesterday is made morally acceptable / fine and dandy today simply by the Pope's awesome openness or even firm 'Yes' to sin.

It is becoming farcically difficult to pretend that this is not what Pope Francis's agenda involves for the Church and so for this reason I daily pray for the conversion of Pope Francisto the Faith into which he was baptised which hegives every impression that he has rejected in favour of what we could call 'his own thing'. I am certain that many, many people are praying for precisely the same outcome because Catholics do not want Popes to meet their Maker without them believing the Faith without which their investment in the sublime Office of the Papacy is rendered co…