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Searching for the Authentic

With these words Pope Francis offered to an Italian journalist on the way back from Mexico an answer to the searingly hot political potato of just how Catholic parliamentarians should vote on the 'civil union' bill.

The questions posed by the journalist were as follows:

Is this document of 2003 still in effect? 

What is the position a Catholic parliamentarian must take?
In what has to be one of the most agonizingly neutral statements to have come from the mouth of any bishop on this subject - and let's face it there have been a few - the Bishop of Rome said the following:

"I do not remember that 2003 document from the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, but every Catholic parliamentarian must vote according their well-formed conscience. I would say only this. I think it is sufficient. … With regard to persons of the same sex, I repeat what I said on the trip to Rio di Janeiro. It is in the Catechism of the Catholic Church".
Into this one paragraph you can d…

Spiritual Combat

I must say this looks very exciting indeed!
St Mary Magdalen Church, Brighton, is hosting Fr Serafino Lanzetta and Franciscans of the Immaculate this Saturday, 27th February.

The day starts with Mass at 10.00am (in the OF).

10.30am Talk
11:00am Rosary
11.30am Coffee and Q and A sesssion
12.30pm Lunch and time for conversation
1.30pm Exposition and Benediction
2.30pm Talk
3.00pm Divine Mercy
3.30pm Coffee and Conversation
4.00pm Finish
Fr Serafino will be leading a Lenten day of prayer, including Adoration of our Eucharistic Love with two talks on the mortal combat that Catholics must undergo against the Devil, the flesh, the self and the world. Pray for the FFI who, along with those four powerful enemies, have been on the receiving end of some rough treatment from within the Church Herself.

If you are in the region do go. If you are not in the region, consider a trip to Brighton.
It will, I am sure, be well worth it.

Journalists: For the time being...

....if you want a Catholic answer, talk to the Chair.
If you want something else, talk to Pope Francis and Fr Lombardi.

What? You're really going to ask whether this Chair is more Catholic than the Pope?

Three Years Later

On this day, in 2013, Pope Benedict XVI stunned the Church and the World by resigning the active ministry of the Petrine Office, while remaining "in the service of prayer, so to speak, in the enclosure of St Peter".

Three years later, it has become abundantly clear that the man who assumed the vacant Chair left by Benedict XVI was and remains, an unswerving ideological opponent of the Pope Emeritus.

For those who think that such a description of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio - who became who we now know as Pope Francis - to be unfair or unjust, or misleading, a relatively brief assessment of these three years which have quickly passed may be helpful.

Whatever history says of the still controversial resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, history itself is not the ultimate judge of a man. The judge of every man is Our Lord Jesus Christ, Whose Vicar on Earth, Benedict XVI was. I say 'was' because, like the vast majority of Catholics, I assume that this title now belo…