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Campbell slams 'putrid media'

Channel 4 reports...

'As Alastair Campbell tells the Leveson inquiry elements of the press have become 'putrid', a former investigator claims data chiefs refused to take action against newspapers on illegal information.

Mr Campbell, a former journalist, submitted 55 pages of written evidence to the inquiry on press standards, saying that whilst the "good journalists are still in the majority", competitive pressure are having a severe impact on media ethics.'
55 pages, eh? Not a bad effort. How many pages were there in the 'sexed-up' Iraq dossier on WMDs, though?

Is it just me, or does anyone else get the feeling that the Leveson inquiry into the behaviour of the press is being used to justify a future assault on its freedom to investigate anything Government does at all? I expect some MPs are still reeling from having their expenses claims documented in The Telegraph. The News of the World's actions were abominable but I get the general feeling t…

The Insanity of Sin

If Hitler had not done himself in and he had been put on trial, would the psychiatrists have been brought in to judge whether he was sane or insane when he ordered the killing of millions?

"It seems Adolph had issues surrounding his mother and perhaps an uneasy relationship with his father. We think that this may have disturbed his emotional development..."

You don't say! Are we moving 'beyond good and evil'? Isn't there a level on which every mass murderer could be designated as 'insane'? How does an investigation or a court come to the conclusion that someone was suffering 'psychosis' when they committed mass murder? Was Stalin just suffering from a 'psychotic episode'? Where do we stop? To my mind, which as we know is sometimes prone to eccentricities, declaring Breivik as someone who suffered acute psychosis or schizophrenia is a terrible insult to those who are genuinely mentally ill and who suffer from unwanted 'voices', …

Equality Men

It was Satan who first discovered that the idea of 'equality' was not all that it was cracked up to be.

Desiring 'equality' with God led to his expulsion from Heaven. In desiring 'equality' he lost God forever. In desiring 'equality' he became the chief adversary of God.

Similarly, the calls of advocates of 'gay marriage' for 'equality' make those who advocate it adversaries of marriage, the Church and even God Himself, since marriage was raised high to a Sacrament by Christ and it was ordained that a man and a woman be married 'since the beginning'. Even those using the language of 'equality' to endorse same sex civil unions are surely doing marriage and the Church a great disservice.

It is silly to discuss heterosexual marriage in terms of being 'better' than 'gay marriage'. It is simply the case that marriage by its very nature requires the couple to each be members of the opposite sex for the procreat…

Blog Alert: 'Will You Mantilla With Me?'


Channel 4's 'Dispatches' on the Exploitation of the Homeless by Landlords

A friend has told me that Jon Snow has produced a documentary with the Channel 4 Dispatches team uncovering the exploitation of the homeless in the United Kingdom, by companies and landlords who take the Council's money and leave their tenants in squalour. Long term readers will know this issue is close to my heart at the moment. If you want to watch it click here the friend has told me it is on next Monday at 8.00pm.

Courtesy of Channel 4'As the numbers of the homeless rise, Dispatches goes undercover in the property rental market again to find out what really happens when you're without a roof over your ahead and desperate.
Local councils are supposed to look after you, but now the housing minister wants them to sort the problem by working with private landlords. But how suitable are the landlords they send you to? And what checks do councils make on the rooms they rent?Jon Snow, with a team of undercover reporters, returns to investigate the reality of life for people at …

Saying the Unsayable

I like Fr Gabriel Amorth. I like the fact that he says things which he knows will be leapt upon the media and ridiculed.

I like the way he does not seem to care too much if others should think him foolish for being faithful to Christ.

I admire the fact that even though what he has said concerning Harry Potter and Yoga will appear to the World as bonkers, he is actually on the button.

He is an expert in his field, yet people will think they know better than he. Even though he has years of experience in dealing with the demonic and diabolical aspects of the spiritual realm, which in any other walk of life would give a person credibility when they speak out on a subject, people, even Catholics, will consider that his opinions concerning the promotion of witchcraft and 'self-enlightenment' in modern society to be eccentric.

I particularly like the fact that he is seemingly always pictured holiding a Blessed Crucifix, looking Heavenward for protection and help. I admire the fact th…

Bishop Williamson's Going to Love This!

Priest bloggers recently gave wonderful accounts of a Bishop whose address to them melted hearts and brought pocket tissues out of jackets to dab eyes with sudden specks of dirt in them.

In a Holocaust Memorial Day address yesterday (24 November) to an audience in gathered in Menorah Synagogue in Sharston, Manchester, Bishop Mark Davies warned all of us to be vigilant of ideologies that seek to destroy respect for the sacred and the human person.

I hear he has been known to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass as well. Oh, and he's having St John Vianney's incorrupt heart to the Diocese of Shrewsbury as well. Everybody in the back of the van! Deo gratias! Here is his address...

Courtesy of Independent Catholic News

'Thank you for your invitation to join you on this Holocaust Memorial Day. I have been asked in these opening words to address the importance of the Holocaust specifically for Christians and to thereby consider the theological significance of the Holocaust to the…

The Lean, Mean, Keen, Straight-Talkin', Street-Fightin', Pyjamahadeen

Amid the war of words taking place within the Catholic realm of the new media, the label 'Pyjamahadeen' has been pinned on some Catholic bloggers.

Who would say something so nasty as he looks down his nose at those passionate enough to write about the Faith for free?

I believe this label is grossly unfair. Not only is it an imperious insult, from those who came up with it,  towards the Catholic blogging community, but it is a well known fact that Catholic bloggers loyal to the Magisterium and the Supreme Pontiff wear smoking jackets and boxers. The men, at any rate.

Don't worry. None of our smoking jackets are sourced from the Ivereigh Coast. I think there's a song here somewhere, but I should really resist...

Restoration News

Well, the Catholic reporters are still camped outside my flat. Today they shouted, "Mr England, tell us your thoughts on George Michael's tour cancellation due to pneumonia." So obviously, I shouted back, "May the Lord smile upon him like 'Jesus to a child' and through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, may he recover and find peace in devotion to the Mother of God," as any Catholic would.

Fr Blake today puts up some pictures of the work going on at St Mary Magdalen's. I have to say the Church is looking quite beautiful nowadays.

I'm sure the Vatican's Sacred Art and Liturgical Buildings Commission would be well pleased with what he is doing.

With so many Church buildings saying so little about the liturgical orientation and prayer of the Church it is a great joy to see a Church being 're-orientated', so to speak, to focus upon the beating Heart of the Faith - the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

It is truly astonishing what Fr R…

Hold the Front Page!

Apparently, The Catholic Heraldhas covered my Summorum Pontificum song on its front page. On their website I can just make out the words, 'Blogger Hails Latin Mass on Folk Guitar'. Is it a folk guitar? I thought it was an acoustic guitar but then what does it matter? It's still an instrument from the pits of Hades!

Long live His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, gloriously reigning.

Gloria Patri et Filio et Spiritui Sancto, sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper in saecular saeculorum. Amen.

I won't let it go to my head... "Look everybody!"

Anyway, in other news, Fr Gabriel Amorth has suggested that the Harry Potter books and yoga are about as good and healthy for us spiritually as rock and pop music. He has a point. The Potter books encourage children to dabble in witchcraft and the occult. Witchcraft and the occult are about seeking power over people, time and places through mediums and spirits. Yoga teaches people that they are on the road to 'enlightenm…

Resisting Catholic Voices

'But when they shall deliver you up, take no thought how or what to speak: for it shall be given you in that hour what to speak. For I will give you a mouth and wisdom which all your opposers shall not be able to reply to or resist.'

Courtesy of John Smeaton, SPUC

'On Tuesday the Holy See (the universal government of the Catholic Church) made an excellent statement to a committee of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Among other things, the statement said that a proposed resolution on the girl child could:

"create a misleading impression that early pregnancy, per se, constitutes a health risk ... [W]hat is needed in such cases is prenatal and postnatal healthcare for the mother and her child, especially skilled birth attendants and appropriate emergency obstetric care, as enshrined in Article 24 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)."In other words: abortion is not necessary when young girls become pregnant (something of which Archbisho…

Why Mixed Marriages Fail

A man walks into his front door through to the lounge where his wife meets him with furious eyes.

"Where have you been?" she asks shortly.
"I've just been at Church saying some prayers," he replies.
"You've been seeing her again haven't you?" his wife asks.
"What do you mean, I-"
"That woman!" she exclaims, "Oh, don't you worry, I know all about your little game! Yesterday, I spotted you going there with flowers for Heaven's sake. Flowers!? How much did they cost, eh?! You never buy me flowers!"
The man now on the defensive replies, "Yes, yes I did take her flowers. Nobody else buys her flowers nowadays so I did. She's a Queen! She deserves flowers!"
The wife becomes more agitated.
"A Queen is she? I see. So, she is the queen of your life and what am I? I suppose I'm just your hobby! And while we're on the subject, did you have a nice day at the office?"
"Yes, actually,…

Daily Mail Covers Australian Twin Abortion Tragedy

Click here for the Mail report on the 'distressing clinical incident' that cost the lives of two 32-week (8 months) old unborn children and leaves a mother utterly devastated and heartbroken.

'Distressing clinical incident'? For Pete's sake! What planet are these doctors and nurses inhabiting!? Call it what it is - a double tragedy for a mother and a father and the destruction of two innocent human lives!

I'd imagine its only 'distressing' because the World is waking up to the truth of what presumably takes place relatively frequently in Melbourne's hospital-cum-execution centre for the 'unfit'!

I heartily and absolutely disagree with the decision of the parents to go ahead with this terrible choice, but, that said, I still hope they sue this infant death-centre to Kingdom come. What do doctors have to do to get struck off nowadays? Actually, what do doctors have to do to get put inside for murder?

What's the point in having such an ama…

Modernity Turns the Gospel on Its Head

Fr Ray Blake's post, 'Contrasts', on Pugin's sketches of the industrial age compared to the pre-industrial age is fascinating.

As well as the liturgical 'progress' documented by Pugin, the most telling sketch is that of the poor houses of his age compared to the monastic servants of the poor in the 'bad old days'.

It documents quite well how the nature of loving and humble service made a shift from the Church's own view - that the wealthy serve the poor and find within that service salvation - to the new paradigm in which the poor serve the rich and find in it their unfortunate enslavement.

It is almost as if, liturgically and societally, the Pugin documents the Gospel, in the industrial age, being turned upon its head.

While I wish to God that Archbishop Vincent Nichols would be as vocal in currently vital areas of Catholic teaching, his recent remarks concerning the nature of the cuts are still important.  Yesterday, I met a friend who claims that…

Homicide, Fratricide, Deicide, Regicide, Suicide, Patricide, Matricide, Feticide...

Rorate and Fr Tim have both drawn our attention to the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynacologists and their frank admission that abortion amounts to murder because that's what descriptions of taking of life that end in '-cide' are.

Own goal? I would say so...

'Recommendation 6.21:

Feticide should be performed before medical abortion after 21 weeks and 6 days of gestation to ensure that there is no risk of a live birth [...] failure to perform feticide could result in a live birth and survival, which contradicts the intention of the abortion.'
Pelerin drew my attention to this article highlighted at Maria Stops Abortion which includes another horrific dimension to the horror that is abortion. Heaven help us all.

Pray for the Repose of the Soul of Dominic Mary

Quite recently it struck me that at some point one of the English speaking Catholic blogging community is going to die.

I don't mean this in a 'prophetic' sense, since we are all going to die, but that one day we would hear news of it and be greatly saddened.

Mulier Fortis today posts on the death of Dominic Mary, a Catholic blogger who died of a terminal brain tumour.

Remember him in your prayers. I'm pretty sure I met him once when he came to St Mary Magdalen's.

Gem of the Ocean, with whom Libera Me fell in love and to whom he was married has more news of the sad passing of a fellow Catholic blogger. Pray for him and pray also for her. Gem courageously cared for Dominic during the last months of his life in what can only have been a period of bodily suffering for him. Gem says...

'There doesn't seem like there's much for me to celebrate this year.  But there is.  I had Q for exactly a year and a day.  Never once did Q complain of having the cancer.  He&…

Crackdown on Ugly Churches

Happy St Cecila's Day. Ora pro nobis. I'm sure she despises both rock and protest songs.

The Catholic Herald today draws our attention to an article by Andrea Tornielli on a new Vatican commission being set up to combat the rise of ugly modern Church buildings. There are so many images on Google from which one could choose, aren't there?

What a glorious monument to modernism they are...

'A team has been set up, to put a stop to garage style churches, boldly shaped structures that risk denaturing modern places for Catholic worship. Its task is also to promote singing that really helps the celebration of mass. The “Liturgical art and sacred music commission” will be established by the Congregation for Divine Worship over the coming weeks. This will not be just any office, but a true and proper team, whose task will be to collaborate with the commissions in charge of evaluating construction projects for churches of various dioceses. The team will also be responsibl…


If by God's great mercy we go to Purgatory, is our tenure there because of our offenses against the Divine Justice or is it because we were not humble and docile enough to the Holy Spirit to pray, in times of temptation and, indeed, at all times?

Sin is repulsive to God and His Justice demands that we make reparation in the next life for our sins. However, I'm just wondering whether we really go to Purgatory for our offenses, when surely the root of all our sins is our neglect of humble prayer which is the source of friendship with God and the only source of any obedience to His will.

Surely, if there were any way to avoid the pains of Purgatory, we would seek ways in which to do so, even though our nature is perverse and we can choose to abandon prayer, the very life of the spirit. It is this freedom of the will that means that we can obtain salvation at the last or our perdition. We are inclined to push God to the periphery of our existence but the Catholic Faith teaches us …

Normal Service Will Resume Shortly...

I'd like to dedicate this song to all those named in it. I hope this does not offend those of the faithful who were recruited to the CV project because it isn't aimed at them. This song is about how many are 'called' but few are 'chosen' in the Church.

Apparently His Grace, the Archbishop of Westminster, has expressed his 'disappointment' over the Government's plans to redefine marriage. Isn't 'disappointed' how you feel when you don't get a job or when Arsenal slip to 6th in the league or something?

Catholic Voices
Catholic Voices? What’s that? On the TV and the radio Its sounding flat
Oh they’ve all been media trained But there’s something they lack You don’t need a script to tell the truth
Where’s Paul Priest, James Preece, me and Mac? We enjoyed the Papal Visit oh but looking back It would have been nice to tell the media that ‘We love the Pope and have you got a problem with that?’
We got Austen We got Jack Oh but smooth operators don’t wi…

We Can't Talk to Young People About Salvation...

...but we can sing about it.

The good news is the message of Salvation. The bad news is that over in Italy, as Rorate Caeli reports, even the dead are still being denied a funeral in the traditional Rite and that, as Linen on the Hedgrow reports, West Wales is about to lose its only Traditional Latin Mass. Let's do as he asks and pray a Rosary for its continuation. Meanwhile, here is an anonymous Catholic law student who attends the Traditional Latin Mass rapping. You can't hear all the vocals but you get the general gist. He talks about sin and Salvation too...It must just be Bishops who don't believe it can really be discussed, then...

Little Office of Our Lady

A friend of mine from Church prays the Divine Office everyday at those times during the day when he can, since he works. As some might have guessed, one thing I lack in my life is discipline and I have a copy of The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I don't know why but it keeps looking at me and making me feel guilty. It is there on a desk and it is not being prayed.

The friend kindly showed me the basics of how to pray it, it is in both Latin and English and I'd like to try but I'm a total beginner and I feel a little out of my depth even opening it up. I suppose anything alien to us is going to make us a little apprehensive.

If I were to pray it tonight, I would pray 'Compline' right? Maybe its like swimming in the sea and you've just got to jump in, otherwise going waist deep with your arms in the air is more painful.

How long does it take to pray one part of the day's office? For some reason it appeals to me because of the word 'little'…

Across Universae Ecclesiae

As promised...The tune sounds quite familiar, but I just can't 'imagine' where I've heard it before.

Across Universae Ecclesiae
Prayers rise from the Faithful Like the incense rises from the Altar As is written All Across Universae Ecclesiae Contrite hearts and consolation Together Ad Orientem The Choir sings the Kyrie
Mass alone can change the World So save the liturgy and save the World The Mass alone can change the World So save the liturgy and save the World
Tender mercy invites us To wonder at His Majesty The Love that's written All Across Universae Ecclesiae Priest mediates for the Faithful Stands in persona Christi The Choir sings the Gloria
In excelsis Deo
Mass alone can change the World So save the liturgy and save the World The Mass alone can change the World So save the liturgy and save the World
Priest announces Verbum Domini Thurifer, torches and MC Is written all across Universae Ecclesiae Acolytes and Priest you see they genuflect upon the knee The Gospel Acclamation p…

Occupy Brighton: Up to Date Reportage on the Most Limp-Wristed Revoution in History

I don't want to be on X Factor. Why would I when I'm on Rorate Caeli!? It doesn't get bigger than that in the traditional Catholic World!

If anyone wants a copy of the song below, by the way, I have home recording software on my computer and a copy is yours for just £2.49, yes, that's right, just £2.49, by which time I'll have got around to the elaborate sax solo and the difficult B-side, Across the Universae Ecclesiae.

Anyway, more reportage from the Occupy Brighton camp tonight, where I've been choosing love over fear in what has to be the most limp-wristed revolution in history. Not that its just a Brighton thing. This kind of not-in-the-slightest-bit-offensive, very confused protest is now going global. I don't know what is amiss with it, its just I can imagine Che Guevara walking into the 'occupied territory' on the Victoria Gardens strip, wondering why he'd even bothered learning about dialectical and historical materialism, throwing his …

The Ballad of Summorum Pontificum

As promised...

The Ballad of Summorum Pontificum
It was the 7th July 2007 “The most beautiful day This side of Heaven”
A treasure was released The Mass of all Ages The Missal was closed Now a Priest turns the pages
So we kneel down and pray the Confiteor Now he’s facing the right way, towards the Lord Ad Deum quit laetificat juvemtutem meum He turns around and the people say give us some more!
For over 50 years A Mass that lay hidden Came out of the closet No moth there had bitten
No dust was upon it For this Mass is timeless You can tell when you walk through the door!
You can hear the bells ring out thrice at the Sanctus He turns around and he says "Orate Fratres" Priest and people pray Domine non sum dignus And the people say give us some more
Some more Summorum Pontificum! Gimme some more, some more Gimme some more Some more Summorum Pontificum! Gimme some more, some more, give us some more!
Ecce Agnus Dei qui tollis peccata mundi Now we can hear the words ring out Every Sunday The Latin Mass is back

News of Great Joy

It's back! And not before time!

Fr Ray Blake has announced a new, weekly, traditional Latin Mass is to be celebrated every Sunday at 9am at St Mary Magdalen Church.

You heard it here first! Though it is possible you heard it here first.

That The Bones You Have Crushed May Thrill: Among the first to bring you breaking news in the traditional Catholic world. To document the liberation of the Traditional Latin Mass secured by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI in 2007, I have penned a new song which will be appearing on this blog over the weekend.

Occupy and Christ the King

I spent half an hour talking with a few of the people at the Occupy Brighton tents in Victoria Gardens near the Pavillion last night. I've been reading some of Tim Stanley's reports from Occupy New York and wanted to get a gist of what the movement is about in Brighton.

I have to say that, like what I have read about Occupy in London and elsewhere, the aims and ideals of the movement appear inchoate and vague. The occupiers just have this general feeling that 'something' is wrong. There's a real sense of a 'democratic deficit' which is already present nationally even if the undemocratic European nightmare still staggers on. There's the firm conviction that unbridled capitalism is producing rotten fruits, but when has it ever produced notably good fruits?

Talking to one man who was there to give a talk tomorrow to the occupiers, I said that protesting against capitalism was a bit like protesting against Original Sin. There is grave injustice in the World…