Monday, 28 November 2011

Channel 4's 'Dispatches' on the Exploitation of the Homeless by Landlords

A friend has told me that Jon Snow has produced a documentary with the Channel 4 Dispatches team uncovering the exploitation of the homeless in the United Kingdom, by companies and landlords who take the Council's money and leave their tenants in squalour. Long term readers will know this issue is close to my heart at the moment. If you want to watch it click here the friend has told me it is on next Monday at 8.00pm.

Courtesy of Channel 4
'As the numbers of the homeless rise, Dispatches goes undercover in the property rental market again to find out what really happens when you're without a roof over your ahead and desperate.
Local councils are supposed to look after you, but now the housing minister wants them to sort the problem by working with private landlords. But how suitable are the landlords they send you to? And what checks do councils make on the rooms they rent?
Jon Snow, with a team of undercover reporters, returns to investigate the reality of life for people at the mercy of private landlords, and finds families with young children sent by local authorities to live in filthy, bed bug-infested properties, while their rogue landlords make a fortune out of public money.
Have you been affected by the standard of your rental property? If you have a story about your housing situation and want to share it with Dispatches, you can email us at'

I know several people who would like to share their housing situation stories with Channel 4. I think I might send them an email. Exposing the cruel injustice of Baron Homes Corporation Ltd, Baron Estates, the Council and the Mears Group plc is well overdue.

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