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It's only my 'umble opinion, of course, but I think this pontificate is like Vatican II on amphetamines.

As Goes the Church...

...and the family. goes the World.
Sorry. I couldn't resist!

Nor could I resist this little photo montage of very recent events.

These are namely, Cardinal Burke's first interview in his new role at the Knights of Malta...

...and Pope Francis receiving a kiss on the Petrine head having sought the blessing of
Patriarch Bartholomew upon himself and the Church of Rome.

Pope Francis Speaks of Heaven

The new look Catholic Herald today reports on Pope Francis's recent remarks to the Roman crowd on Heaven...

“More than a place, it is a ‘state of being’ in which our deepest expectations will be fulfilled in abundance and our being as creatures and as children of God will reach full maturity. We will finally be covered with the joy, peace and love of God in a complete way, without any limitations, and we will be face to face with Him! It’s lovely to think of this, to think we will all find ourselves up there! All of us in heaven. It’s good, it gives strength to our soul,” Pope Francis said.

So for those who on Sunday heard of the wine press of God's anger or who are concerned by Our Lord's parables on foolish virgins, men who hide talents, those who the King brings before Him to be slain in His sight, those who sang dirges and danced but the Lord knew not, weeping and gnashing of teeth, outer darkness, or hear of stories of goat and sheep dividing, don't worry yoursel…

Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor Distances Himself from His Former Press Secretary

So who is telling the truth? The Cardinal or the former press secretary to the Cardinal? Either Austen Ivereigh has 'got the wrong end of the stick' in a book on Pope Francis now published in the US, or the next day "rebuttal" from the retired Cardinal's new 'press secretary' is not true.

Dr Ivereigh's account of His Eminence's 'canvassing' before the 2013 Papal Conclave is either true or false.  The retired Cardinal has now in print denied it. Austen Ivereigh, however, has said nothing in reply. Of course, such an allegation regarding the former Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster is very serious indeed for reasons noted here.

Quite how Austen Ivereigh has managed to 'get the wrong end of the stick' in telling the story of how Cardinal Bergoglio became Pope Francis is a mystery. Who did he get this information from regarding the alleged actions of His Eminence? The article about the 'revelations' has appeared in a few in…

1 Timothy 4 Everyone

So wherever the Bishops of England and Wales organise a stadium-based event, Fr Timothy Radcliffe there doth go.


1 Timothy 4 all, it would appear...

Some Extra Thoughts on the 'Big Day'

As a footnote to the post on the Diocesan Golden Jubilee, it should perhaps be remembered that while many think this event should simply be cancelled, I am assuming that money may have already exchanged hands in booking the football stadium.

The amount it would cost to book this place with all the services that may come with that could be anything up to and beyond a six figure sum. Let's say, for instance, that this event costs in total something between £50,000 - £200,000. I guess that if, let's say, a Diocese had laid down a hefty chunk of that as a deposit that this would be a difficult event to simply "cancel". So if, as I was recently told, a "six figure sum" (something I cannot confirm conclusively) was laid down as a non-refundable deposit for the event, one can understand why the Diocese feel that the "show simply must go on".

My own opinion - and I am sure I am not alone - is that the event doesn't make much sense at the moment, if i…

Diocese of Arundel and Brighton Prepares for its Golden Jubilee

The year 2015 marks the Golden Jubilee of the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton and even if you still feel a bit weird and weary in the wake of Kieran Conry's exit from the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, certain figures in the Hierarchy desperately want you to celebrate 50 years of Arundel and Brighton. So get happy!

Well, obviously, I don't want to be considered a 'party pooper', but I'm not feeling terribly enthused about this AMEX Football Stadium-based festival. Exactly what is there, for example, right now at least, to celebrate?

The show, however, simply must go on. Apparently! Oh and what a show it will be. For example, despite my own inability to fathom what the former Anglican Archbishop (null and void) of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has to do with Arundel and Brighton, his presence at the event is assured. Will he be speaking? What does this individual have to do with the Diocese? What does he even have to do with the Catholic Faith? Is his …

Porsche and the Temple

"When those who are in the Temple – be they priests, lay people, secretaries, who manage the ministry of the Temple...when they become business people the community is scandalized. And we are responsible for this. The laity is too! Everyone. Because if I see this happening in my parish, I need to have courage and tell it directly the pastor.” - His Holiness Pope Francis
So, did money change hands for Porsche to hire the Sistine Chapel for a business event or not?
Suspicions have been raised, so someone needs to tell the Pastor!

Boycott Oxford University

Below is a form that you can send to Oxford University to express your disapproval of their lack of regard for freedom of speech...

"I hereby declare that I shall take my doctorate/masters degree/bachelors degree at an educational establishment other than Oxford University. I shall take my custom elsewhere, at an establishment that fosters an environment in which freedom of speech is valued and promoted."

Signed: _________________

Date: _________________

Let's hit these cowboys where it hurts!

We could get this signed by 99% of the United Kingdom.

Send your message to:

Oxford University
University Offices
Wellington Square
Oxford OX1 2JD

I'm filling mine out and sending it today. I was considering Oxford University for an evening class in the Alexander Technique, but I think henceforth I shall take my custom elsewhere!

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

After the debacle of the mid-term report at the Synod, as well as the other upsets along the way, Msgr Bruno Forte, widely credited with the scandalous words in the mid-term Relatio is to be rewarded with another stab at the action in October 2015.

Forte retains a highly influential role as Secretary General. His Holiness talks a lot about priests, the Church and scandal. Good to see His Holiness finally taking aim at the powerful gay lobby in the Church. Oh, sorry, that was his predecessor!

"Nothing to see here, people. Move along now..."
Other names of influence are to include...
The Archbishop of Paris,  Cardinal André Vingt-Trois. From the Philippines, Luis Antonio Tagle. From Aparecida Brazil, Cardinal Raymundo Damasceno Assis. From Durban, South Africa, Cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier. 
The Relator General will be Cardinal Peter Erdo, who serves as the Archbishop of Budapest. The Secretary General, will be Italian Msgr, Bruno Forte. 
However, one name welcome on that list i…

Sad and Surreal

What do these sentiments for unity mean in concrete terms?

Don't Bury the Bell

I don't know all that much about liturgy. I'm just under the impression that liturgy is a 'given' and that priests cannot simply do away with parts or aspects of liturgy on a whim, though we all know how problematic holding to such a view is in the post-concilliar Church. The above is taken from a newsletter from a parish church in the South East that I was handed. Have a read of it and let me know. True to what was in the newsletter, there was no bell for the epiclesis or for the Consecration.

Not knowing much about liturgy, I was under the impression that the bell has an important role to play in drawing the attention of the Faithful to the moments leading up to the Consecration, during which the words are uttered by the Priest which confect the Most Blessed Sacrament upon the Altar and at which the Sacrifice made upon Calvary is renewed, re-presented, albeit in an unbloody manner, upon the Altar, and that the bell indicates to the Faithful that it is at this partic…

The Kasperite Dialectic


With Apologies to The Bealtes...

Francis turns the Church into a marketplace Walter is the agent with the plan Francis says to Walter "Oh, you are two-faced! That Pentin interview pissed off the Africans!"
B-E-R G-O-G L-I-O Aaaggh! Ah, do the Bergoglio
B-E-R G-O-G L-I-O Aaaggh! Ah, do the Bergoglio
Francis takes his doctrine over to Raymond Raymond says, "This spits in Our Lord's Face", Francis says to Raymond, "You Pelagian!
Clear out your desk and then just clear out of the place."
B-E-R G-O-G L-I-O Aaaggh! Ah, do the Bergoglio
B-E-R G-O-G L-I-O Aaaggh! Ah, do the Bergoglio
In a couple of years they have built their Rome, sweet Rome With a herd of heretics running in the Square And heading Congregations...
Happy never after in the Catholic Church Sold to one David Rockefeller Emptied of Her doctrine She's an NGO Thank Francis, Walter, Marx, Freud, Darwin and Oscar
B-E-R G-O-G L-I-O Aaaggh! Ah, do the Bergoglio
B-E-R G-O-G L-I-O Aaaggh! Ah, do the Bergoglio
In a couple of year…

The Temple of His Body

Jesus answered, and said to them: Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up. The Jews then said: Six and forty years was this temple in building; and wilt thou raise it up in three days? But he spoke of the temple of his body. ~ St John 2: 27


'Now you are the body of Christ, and members of member.' ~ 1 Corinthians 12
Evil will have its hour, but God will have His day. ~ Ven. Fulton Sheen

Unclear Intentions

Read the full article here.

Is the Demonisation Process Underway?

Did you hear the one about the Bishop who told a congregation that God doesn't love everyone?
A fascinating theological exegesis emerges from a recent Pope Francis homily on light, dark and grey Christians and that is that God does not love everyone. There are light Christians, dark Christians and the grey Christians and 'God does not love these'. This is a controversial thing to say, for any Christian. Does God love the lukewarm, grey, mediocre Christian? Can God's love be earned? Who is worthy of God's love? Does God love the 'good Christian', let us say the Franciscan ideal, but loathe, or not love the 'bad or lukewarm Christian'. 
Aside from the conclusion that I have drawn, that a Catholic Church that capitulates to the prevailing pagan culture of the West is a lukewarm, grey Church that has nothing much to say to anyone anymore about anything, I do wonder whether a process of demonisation is under way. Perhaps it has been underway for a year a…

Millstones, Sound Doctrine and Tradition

'Since, as president, he will be God’s representative, he must be irreproachable: never an arrogant or hot-tempered man, nor a heavy drinker or violent, nor out to make money; but a man who is hospitable and a friend of all that is good; sensible, moral, devout and self-controlled; and he must have a firm grasp of the unchanging message of the tradition, so that he can be counted on for both expounding the sound doctrine and refuting those who argue against it.'
 - St Paul's Letter to Titus
All in all, today's Mass readings are pretty firm and hard-hitting. Yes, they pack a punch for all of us. Our Lord does not soften the blow in His message to those who cause scandal. Neither, however, does St Paul in his letter to Titus in which those in teaching authority in the Church are given sharp and clear advice about how to live and - and I can't help feeling this is timely - what to believe and what to teach. Oh for a little clarity like this from Rome, or, indeed, certa…

Thank You Cardinal Raymond Burke

There is a petition to thank Cardinal Raymond Burke for his defence of Catholic truth, defence of the family and zeal for the Salvation of souls here.

It is a great shame that this fine prelate's qualities are not highly regarded by Pope Francis enough to confirm him in his role as head of the Apostolic Signatura. Having defended Church doctrine and upheld the truth of Christ so fervently, one would think that the Vicar of Christ would mark the man out for an advisory role in his inner circle.

Sadly, that's not to be. One of the most disappointing things about events in Rome is watching someone dismatle his predecessor's hard work. It's a bit like events at Blackfen on a macro-scale with the same, attending, devil-may-care attitude to the fact that his predecessor, now out of the way, can do nothing and say little about it even though he lives not very far away at all. There's a lot of talk about "clericalism" coming from Rome but there is little idea or…

Catholics and Evangelicals

"The efficacy of the Christian announcement would certainly be greater if Christians would overcome their divisions and could celebrate together the Sacraments and together spread the Word of God and witness to charity". 

~ Pope Francis
Evangelicals have many strengths, among which in many communities is an obstinate refusal to revise the Word of God as they inherit it. They may not believe what Catholics believe about the Bible, but they do retain an insistence that their interpretation of the Word of God, does not simply change with the passage of time.

However, what Evangelicals do deny are the existence of Sacraments. Among Protestants, only a few, including the largely liberal Anglicans really talk of Sacraments. Not a few Evangelicals deny that Baptism is a 'Sacrament' even if they still regard it as a supernatural 'rite of passage' into a relationship with Jesus Christ. If they believe it is a 'Sacrament', they would most probably not call it th…

Pope Francis Grants Interview to Catholics...

In an astonishing move, His Holiness Pope Francis has graciously granted an interview to someone who is not a Jesuit and/or an atheist. That person is you!

Therefore, along with my own small and humble list of questions, the answers of which I believe the Faithful have a right to know from the Universal Pastor of the Universal Church, you are invited to seek answers from Pope Francis to the burning questions you have for the Vicar of Christ on Earth...

Your Holiness, we are a year and a half into an extraordinary pontificate in which Your Holiness has certainly 'hit the ground running' with a radical 'programme' for the Catholic Church. When you were interviewed by Eugenio Scalfari, precisely what did you mean when you said, "I do not believe in a Catholic God'? Could you please explain your position on that? Your Holiness, in one interview you said that proselytism, or seeking the conversion of another, was "solemn nonsense". Exactly what did you m…

News Just In...

News just in that Alex Salmond, or at least his effigy, is to be burned in Lewes tonight for the Guy Fawkes Bonfire.

No news yet on Pope Francis.

If they don't burn the Pope this year, will that mean the Lewes Protestants regard the Holy See as sede vacante?

Contra Mundum

Polonia Christiana 24 has an interview with Bishop Athanasius Schneider on the Synod and its aftermath.

Here is part of the interview:

'During the Synod there had been moments of obvious manipulation on the part of some clerics who held key positions in the editorial and governing structure of the Synod. The interim report (Relatio post disceptationem) was clearly a prefabricated text with no reference to the actual statements of the Synod fathers.  In the sections on homosexuality, sexuality and “divorced and remarried” with their admittance to the sacraments the text represents a radical neo-pagan ideology. This is the first time in Church history that such a heterodox text was actually published as a document of an official meeting of Catholic bishops under the guidance of a pope, even though the text only had a preliminary character. Thanks be to God and to the prayers of the faithful all over the world that a consistent number of Synod fathers resolutely rejected such an agen…

God of Infinite Mercy

'God of infinite mercy, We entrust to Your immense goodness all those who have left this world for eternity, where you await all humanity, redeemed by the precious blood of Christ Your Son, who died to save us from our sins.
Look not Lord, at our poverty, misery and human weaknesses when we present ourselves before You to be judged in happiness or condemned.Gaze upon us with pity, born of Your tender heart and help us to walk the path of purification.

May none of your children be lost to the eternal fires of hell, where repentance is no more.

We entrust to You Lord, the souls of our beloved departed, of those who died without the comfort of the Sacraments or who did not have the opportunity to repent, not even at the end of their life.May no one fear the encounter with You at the end of their earthly pilgrimage, in the hope of being welcomed within the embrace of your infinite mercy. May sister death find us in prayerful vigilance, and full of all the good we have done during our e…

A Most Worrying Pastoral Letter

St John Fisher, pray for us.

The following is the pastoral letter of Cardinal Vincent Nichols which was read to the Archdiocese of Westminster two Sundays ago.

I post it here because it makes for incredibly concerning reading in the wake of the Synod. Cardinal Vincent Nichols uses some striking language that prompt more questions over the 'mind' of Pope Francis and the safety, in his hands, of the Deposit of Faith.

For example...

'You may have heard that the Synod represented a 'defeat for Pope Francis' or that he was disappointed at its outcome. This is not true. At the end of our meeting Pope Francis spoke at length about his joy and satisfaction at its work. He told us to look deeply into our hearts to see how God had touched us during the Synod, and to see how we may have been tempted away from the promptings of the Holy Spirit. The Synod, he insisted, has been a spiritual journey, not a debating chamber.'
This is not quite what Pope Francis said, because Pop…