1 Timothy 4 Everyone

So wherever the Bishops of England and Wales organise a stadium-based event, Fr Timothy Radcliffe there doth go.


1 Timothy 4 all, it would appear...


Bruvver Eccles said…
I think they intended to invite Paula Radcliffe to run round the stadium.
DrAndroSF said…
Regardless of his theology, he has an annoying habit. Literally. Like the current Master of the Dominican Order, he always lets his button-down shirt, of whatever color, show through his habit. Which not only looks slovenly but gives an odd message about what the habit means. Is it clothes? A vestment? A costume?

Drives me nuts.
Deacon Nick Donnelly still deserves a lot of credit for trying to expose this charlatan. I wouldn't be surprised if that was a key factor in his blog being forced to close.

But kudos to you, Bones, for keeping the flame burning!
Anonymous said…
Certainly, the light being shone on this high-ranking cleric's continual, pertinacious evil statements annoyed some persons with influence in the Church, as it exposed a very successful tool and method in the transmission ( and concomitant wide acceptance) of opposition to Faith and morals by very large groups of people - Main speaker at the Divine Mercy Conference in Dublin 2014, for crying out loud!!!
Anonymous said…
Dr Andro SF - that slovenliness is very diligently and consistently adhered to. It shows his contempt for the habit and what the habit represents. He seems to be happy to spend a lot of time and be seen in casual non-clerical, non-religious clothes too. All of a piece, with his long time rejection of the Deposit of Faith and the moral law.

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