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Waiting, Hoping, Praying

Damian Thompson's blog continues to speculate about the name of the new Archbishop of Westminster, the new spiritual leader of the Catholics of England and Wales. The latest rumour is that Bishop Arthur Roche of the Diocese of Leeds is leading the pack.

I shall be careful with what I say here. As far as I can see, the most important quality for the new Archbishop will be loyalty to the Holy Father and unequivocal adherence to the Magisterium of the Church and a desire to proclaim it fearlessly in season and out of season. If it is Bishop Roche who is chosen, I really hope and pray he has those qualities.

The next few years are going to become increasingly more heated in this country. Fr Blake already today highlighted how difficult it is becoming for faithful Catholics to gain and maintain employment in health and education, if they do not compromise their Catholic Faith with their career. The Government's pro-abortion and pro-contraception stance will make it increasingly …

The Voice in the Wilderness

Republican nominee who was rejected by the party in Illinois, the Catholic, Alan Keyes on Obama.

Disgusting Facebook Campaign Gathering Supporters to Send Condoms to the Holy Father

We must bombard Heaven with prayers for the Holy Father and the appointment of the next Archbishop of Westminster. St Michael, Archangel, pray for the Holy Father, pray for us.
Courtesy of The Telegraph
Organisers have claimed that 60,000 have pledged to send prophylactics to the Pontiff as a result of the call on the social networking site. The Italians (What?????!!! Well, they say keep your enemies close!) behind the initiative hope they will be joined by Facebook groups around the world, including from Britain and the United States: "The campaign is spreading across Europe, with thousands of supporters in France, England, Germany, Austria and Bulgaria."
Benedict XVI was deluged (Remember St Peter didn't drown either!) with criticism after stating that condoms "aggravate" the spread of the disease. The Lancet, Britain's leading medical journal, used an editorial to accuse Benedict of having distorted scientific evidence in order to promote the teachings of t…

I Can't Wait for Brown's 'Act of Succession'

PM Brown: "Dear Catholics, as you know, my agenda is to de-christianize the country as quickly as possible, to promote aggressively the killing of the unborn on TV and radio, to use human embryos as playdoh for the scientific community even though evidence suggests that using then destroying human life to make human life better works about as effectively as quantitative/qualitative easing does for the wreckage of our economy, to place condom machines in every school in the land, to give the State more power over individual liberty than ever before and to dedicate my entire life to President Obama, a eugenics-enthusiast with whom I am utterly in love.

Catholics: "Outrageous! How dare you destroy this country and attack the Faith that once made it great!"

Brown: "Ah, but of you could one day marry a Royal. Aren't I nice?"

Catholics: "Oh. That's alright then...That Gordon Brown, he's nice. He likes Catholics and respects us and everything…

Criminalising Conscience

Zenit today highlights a quite long, but very interesting article by Elizabeth Lev.

It begins, 'A long time ago, during the reign of Commodus, six Christian men and women in North Africa refused to acknowledge the law declaring the divinization of the Emperor. It was little matter, some incense on the fire, and a public vow. First they were shunned and insulted, then they lost their jobs and homes and ultimately they were brought to trial before the Roman Proconsul Saturnius. The acts of the trial, lovingly preserved over 1,800 years, tell us what transpired...'

Elizabeth then goes on to say later in the piece, '...One of the first priorities of the administration of President Barack Obama razed the path to unrestricted abortions. The greatest impediment to this plan is a formed human conscience that recoils at the idea of murdering an unborn baby while lies in its mother's womb. Six weeks into President Obama's term of office, he has begun to uproot this obstacle by…

Daytime Condom Ads

Coming to a TV screen near you soon...

Narrator: "You've heard the story about Jack and Jill. Well, here's a new one. Look, here is Jack and Jill now. What have you children been up to? Fetching a pail of water again?"

Jack and Jill: "No, we've been having sex."

Narrator: "Having sex? Oh how wonderful. Sex is fun isn't it?"

Jack and Jill: "Yes, its awfully fun!"

Narrator: "But with it comes responsibilities. Look, children, when you have sex use one of these."

(Narrator showers children with condoms)

Jack and Jill: "Oh what are these?"

Narrator: "These are condoms, children. Use them when you have sex so you don't get any diseases and don't fall pregnant, because, really, you are too young to fall pregnant. You're just children and children having children is just silly isn't it?"

Jack: "Yes! These condoms are wonderful. Look, Jill they come in different colours and flavours. Which one s…

Probably the best abortion providers in the World...

Imagine you've just done a hard day's work, come back from the office, put the kettle on and turned on the TV. Then you hear this...

"Have you fallen pregnant?"

"Worried your career or personal enjoyment might be endangered by having a baby?"

"Inconvenient pregnancy?"

"If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then we could help you. Infanticide UK, is the country's leading providers of abortions. At a price that's right we can help you kill your child and leave those baby blues behind. Life is cheap and death is easy, so when you want to destroy innocent human life, come to us and we'll kill your baby."

Well, that day is just around the corner. Yes, that's right, the Government, seemingly unembarrassed by the nation's spiralling rates of abortion are set to give the all clear, no pun intended, to abortion clinics to advertise, at any time of day, on the nations TV channels. What will the effect of this policy shift…

Catholic Knight Highlights "Obama Youth"


It has begun! The U.S. House of Representatives just passed HR 1388 "The GIVE Act" which authorizes the creation of a "voluntary" youth corp, promoted in the public schools across America, in which children will receive official government uniforms and be sent to "camps" where they will learn the basics of social service to the state. The legislation was passed by the House on March 18, 2009. This is Phase 1 of the plan. The legislation will now be passed on to the Senate, where it is expected to receive wide support before it is signed into law by President Obama.

The bill also authorizes an investigation as to how the program might be made MANDATORY for ALL YOUTHS IN AMERICA at some future date. That will be Phase 2. No word yet on when that will come about. Finally, the bill addresses the further study of an axillary program for adults, which will also be mandatory for a certain number of weeks out of the year. This will be phase…

Big Bother

The UK Government want to monitor our Facebook, Myspace and Bebo profiles to protect us from terrorism.

I always suspected Facebook was a cloaked surveillance operation by the Government to keep tabs on UK citizens. I mean, why bother with round the clock undercover operations when people are telling everyone what they're doing and where they're going anyway under the banner of 'social networking'.

So, in light of this news, it is clear that the Government are fully intent on curbing civil liberties until there is nothing left to curb, under the pretext that it is all for our 'protection' from nasty terrorists. New policies to look out for might include...

Domestic bodyguards: Your very own housemate, employed by the Government, wearing bulletproof vest, with a full range of police accessories such as tazers, teargas and truncheons. You don't have a choice whether he lives with you, but that's okay because he is there to protect you from the nasty terrori…

Government Wants UK Churches to be Post Offices, CofE says, 'Good idea'

The Government are wondering whether the urban and rural havoc caused by post office closures around the country could be solved by the Church of England, which, unable to preach the Gospel of Christ, due to its irrational inability to adhere to any doctrine that might cause upset or offense to the sensibilities of the Government or anyone in particular, says, 'Splendid idea!'

According to the Telegraph, 'The Bishop of London, the Rt Rev Richard Chartres, insisted that churches that take on new roles for the wider community will remain primarily places of worship.

He went on: "This is an example of a growing trend to return church buildings to their original function as places of worship and also places of assembly and celebration for the whole of the local community.

"This ancient tradition has in more recent times been overlaid by a distaste for mixing the sacred and the secular but this dichotomy is increasingly being challenged."'

Indeed, Rt Rev Richard …

If the Human/Animal Hybrid Embryos was 'Frankenstein' Science...

Find Peter Cushing as Dracula scary? That's nothing! This Government wants buckets of baby blood!

....then get ready for 'Dracula' Science. Human embryos, according to the Independent will be used to make an unlimited supply for infection-free transfusions. I'm speechless and the whole idea actually makes me want to puke all over my flatmate's laptop. This, by the way, is the only computer I can use at home now since my own computer was smote by God with a virus, a lenten Divine punishment for yours truly, who had been looking at things that he truly should not. 'Scientists in Britain plan to become the first in the world to produce unlimited amounts of synthetic human blood from embryonic stem cells for emergency infection-free transfusions.A major research project is to be announced this week that will culminate in three years with the first transfusions into human volunteers of "synthetic" blood made from the stem cells of spare IVF embryos. It…

Camp America

Depression USA 1930s Shanty Town
March 2009, Sacramento, USA
Today I was able to see my brother and his wife and their new baby, with my parents in London. The baby was premature and is vulnerable at the moment so please say a prayer for her and the family.  On the way back my mother told me about Sacramento where formerly middle income earners are now living in tents in Sacramento, USA.  When I was at ATD Fourth World in London, it was well known that Fr Joseph Wresinzki was sent to a camp outside of Paris called Noisy-Le-Grand, a camp of dispossessed and poor families born and bred in poverty.  This was post war, France and it looked a bit like the picture above.  These pictures below are pictures of Recession USA...
These are middle income earners and the poor who lost everything in the credit crunch and it is a salutary image indeed.  The idea that this could become widespread is incredible at a time when human technology and the advance of modernism and capitalism was at its height.…

Holy Father! Brighton Needs You!

While various 'quality' newspapers continue to pour over the words of the Holy Father, who has been heroically preaching the Good News to Cameroonians, and while they continue to lambast him for re-iterating Church teaching and for expanding upon man's spiritual hunger, issuing a challenging call for the humanization of sexuality, rather than its increasing commodification, HIV rates, ironically, continue to rise here in Brighton.

What? HIV rates and sexually transmitted diseases are soaring here? In the UK? In Brighton, the 'Gay Capital of the UK'? Here in the UK? The enlightened nation, in which getting a condom is easier than getting a cup of tea? How can this be?

The press are hammering the Holy Father for suggesting that condoms are not the solution to halting the alarming rates of HIV infection in the World. Has anyone ever considered that the evidence that condoms can halt the alarming rates of HIV infection in Brighton is not that impressive? Heck, maybe the …

Government Bans God

The UK Government, not content with banning smoking in public places or anywhere someone might want to smoke, public consumption of a can of beer and taking more than 100ml of toothpaste on holiday, have now taken the drastic step of banning God.

A spokesman for the Government said, "In the end, we had to ban Him. He was a threat to our nation's security and the very idea of God filled us with terror. At this time, in a continued War on Terror, it only seemed appropriate that we should ban a source of great terror to us, namely the Triune God.

Also, He wasn't keen on our multi-faith, diversity agenda which basically says that anything goes and as long as it weakens the standing of Christianity's eternal values of Truth, Goodness, Beauty, Justice and Love, then it should be promoted. Through His Church He spouted outrageous propaganda about gay marriage, abortion, contraception and divorce being immoral and destructive both to individuals and to society as a whole and t…

How to Put Out a Fire: Pour More Petrol Onto It

The Holy Father has come in for criticism for suggesting that condoms are not the solution to fighting the spread of HIV and AIDS in Africa, implying that they may in fact 'aggravate' the problem. How shocking! Pope disagrees with the use of condoms! What do people expect the Holy Father to say? "A condom a day keeps the doctor away?"

Dishing out condoms to people either in Africa or the West is like giving plasters to haemophiliacs. It isn't a cure, or a solution, and doesn't get to the heart of the matter. The heart of the matter is that people are addicted to sex. Lust is like a fire that rages and dishing out condoms to people is like pouring petrol onto the blaze.

It doesn't matter if we're discussing the spiralling numbers of teen pregnancies or the spread of HIV or promiscuity in general. Distributing condoms to people carries the message, "Sexual promiscuity is just fine. Carry on what you are doing, just be careful." If you give a…

Hands Up Those in the Sensible, Responsible Majority?

Me last Sunday morning...
Sir Liam Donaldson, the Government's chief killjoy (he was the one who proposed the smoking ban, to help close pubs and make smokers go out in the pissing rain after we'd just paid £3.20 for a pint) wants to increase alcohol price according to units contained in the bottle/can.

The Ministry of Frenzied-Bloodthirsty Social Control would like to bring down alcohol related crime, anti-social behaviour and generally turn this once great nation into a kind of puritan community where poor drunkards are punished with social exclusion and a massive tax.
While it is laudable that the Government wants to see less violent drunkenness on the streets of Britain, you do kind of get the feeling that what is at the root of this is the near Talibanisation of the UK. Gordon Brown says this idea of Sir Liam Donaldson's is a bit too much, but adds that the reason he doesn't want to see alcohol increase in price (at this time when Depression is causing depression), i…


Barack Obama in his younger days explaining things...

in⋅doc⋅tri⋅nate: [in-dok-truh-neyt]
–verb (used with object), -nat⋅ed, -nat⋅ing.

1. to instruct in a doctrine, principle, ideology, etc., esp. to imbue with a specific partisan or biased belief or point of view
2. to teach or inculcate
3. to imbue with learning

So, it has been a relatively quiet day for me today. I've had a bit of a faffing day, really, sorting out my room when I should be sorting out my head. You know what they say, tidy room, perverted mind.

Anyway, watched a programme tonight about Communism, which I thought was apt given I had been in a discussion with a friend with whom I discussed Our Lady of Fatima's warnings on Communism and the fact that it is plausible it could be on the way back. The programme was very good, and highlighted the real lives of people who lived under it in East Germany. It highlighted the propaganda, the lies, the building of the Berlin Wall.

I wonder if BBC are trying to get us use…

Islam and the Church: Let's Leave Ecumenism Outside of the Ring

This is Marco Antonio Barrera a hardnut, devout Catholic from Colombia. I wouldn't like to be put in the ring with this man. Look at that physique and look at those Rosaries!

This is Amir Khan, British devout Muslim. Has knocked seven bells of the proverbial out of many people. Will he be able to beat the Colombian, or is Barrera, assisted by Our Lady's prayers too powerful?

Ding-ding! Round 1!

Morrissey Throws His Arms Around Paris...

...because "Only stone and steel accept his love..."

A return to form for the Mozmeister. I wonder if when he performs this in Wales he will sing, "I'm throwing my arms around Powis."

If you are one of the Clergy you can change the words to reflect your vocation..."I'm throwing my arms around, around my parish because, only God's people, accept Christ's love."

"Francis, Rebuild My Church, Which As You Can See is in Ruins"

The Cross of San Damiano, through which Our Blessed Lord spoke to St Francis of Assisi, in a way, has much to say about the Church at different points in history. I truly admire the Holy Father, Pope Benedict who is trying valiantly to respond to the echo of the Voice that spoke to St Francis, asking him to, "Repair My Church" or "Rebuild My Church".

I very much think of the work of parish priests, my parish priest being an inspiring example, as being a great witness, a loving and enthusiastic response to those words of Christ, as much as those who feel called to religious life and monasticism. In a way, we are all called to think about those words that Our Blessed Saviour said to St Francis.

This is because God calls us to a radical conversion of life and to live out the true values of the Gospel which, like at most times in history, are counter-cultural and stand up against the values of the World. Our lives, even if we do struggle with our sins, temptations and…

Silly Sketch from Big Train


I Am Genuinely Concerned and Angry!

Damian Thompson has always had an axe to grind with the Bishops of England and Wales and when I first joined his blog I was utterly mystified as to why he would always draw attention to news stories which implied that those selected by Christ to be Shepherds of the Faithful in England and Wales were not being totallly faithful to either the Magisterium or the Holy Father in his role as Prince of the Apostles. "Damian!" I would say, "Surely there are more important things than this to be discussed?! What about the riches of the Catholic Faith!" Over time, it has become more and more clear that there is a very, very good reason why he comes back to the same theme time and time again. The riches of the Catholic Faith should be openly shouted from the rooftops every day, of course. But what Damian highlights is incredibly important! Day after day, he rightly draws attention to the plain and simple fact that there seems to be not one Bishop in England and Wales who is w…

Bishops Inspiring Message on Environment and FairTrade Making Progress in Schools

I noticed in a Catholic school newsletter recently that the Bishops' inspiring message of the Gospel of Salvation, sorry, I mean the Gospel of the Environment and Fairtrade is seeping into Catholic education as I read with hearty laughter a Fairtrade Prayer:

"Lord. We pray that we will learn to shop responsibly. Open us to the full impact of our purchases, to the people behind the products. Make us better stewards of creation and more loyal servants of your Kingdom, where the weak are made strong, just; and the just, compassionate. Amen."'s a prayer I composed more apt for Catholic schools:

"Almighty and Merciful God. We pray that Catholic schools may never tire of teaching the Holy Gospel of Salvation to young minds. Inspire within teachers and pupils zeal for Your Holy Gospel and inspire within all school teenagers a love of prayer, the gift of chastity, fidelity to the Church, understanding of the Faith, regular frequency of Confession and reverence f…

Harman Equalities Hilarity

Harriet Harman MP, bless her, keen to make the atmosphere at the first reading of the Equality Bill has been reported as saying that she would like there to be some disabled people in the Commons gallery when she introduces her the next month.

"And it would help if some of them were black," she is said to have told her officials.

Oh, boy! That is priceless!

Let's give this Bill the name it deserves, the Equalie Bill. The problem with the bill is that it is equality for some but not for others. You can bet that it will be used to curtail religious freedom and expression of religious opinion in the UK in the not too distant future. More generally, however, the great problem with legislation like this is that it creates more of this 'forced' equality, instead of true equality which really comes from within and because of God's love.

Every person is made in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, don't kill them, hurt them, injure them or deprive them of wa…

Lenten Failures

I usually try to give up tomato ketchup at Lent because it makes average meals tastier and frankly I've always been addicted. A few times I've buckled this Lent, tried to have a meal without it and raced over to the fridge and squirted it all over the meal like a drug frenzied mad man! Lord have mercy!

Houston, We Have a Problem!

Conneticut legislates to change the structure of the Catholic Church in that state. This is unprecedented in the US and is certainly a direct attack on the Church.

The Bridgeport Diocese is led by Bishop William E. Lori who is the Supreme Chaplain of the Knights of Columbus. He is a good Bishop and known for his devout faith. He is also the Captain of a ship which has just received a “shot across the bow” meant for the whole Catholic Church in America.

"Raised Bill 1098" is entitled 'An Act Modifying Corporate Law Relating to Certain Religious Corporations'. It essentially removes oversight of parishes from Bishops. It requires the erection of a board of directors which is to consist of 7 to 13 lay members who would be elected. The Bishop or his designee would be an ex-officio non-voting member. In essence, this is a government effort to restructure the Catholic Church! The Press Release from the Diocese explains the facts:

“This past Thursday, March 5, the Judiciary C…

Mormonism: Nobody Expects the Brighton Inquisition!

Related to yesterday's post, a friend of mine, a Catholic, told me yesterday that even though he has been Catholic 7 years, he has been going to a Mormon/Church of Latter Day Saints church for 5 years. Say a prayer for him. The Mormons were set up in the 1800s by a chap called 'Prophet' Joseph Smith who 'realised' that the original Priesthood conferred on the Apostles by Christ had died out after they had died and been lost(????). The true Priesthood of Christ died with the Apostles.

It was re-discovered, (after 1800 years!) in himself and the establishment of a new church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints when an 'angel' appeared to him and got him to write a 'guide book,' written on 'golden plates' (???), to accompany the Bible, called the Book of Mormon, which appears to be a bizarre re-writing of the New Testament, with loads chucked out and weirdness chucked in. It's very much a 'born-again' religion and the …

Nobody Expects the British Inquisition!

I understand that more than just books were burned, but bear with me on this one!

A friend of mine just came back from a foreign trip and was questioned quite vigorously on his trip abroad and his reason for a visit. He wasn't sure whether the Customs people were talking about his trip abroad or his reasons for coming to the UK, chief of which, was that he is British. He made it sound something like the British Inquisition. Today, I committed the cardinal offence of Catholic apologeticism and found myself defending the Holy Inquisition on the same Telegraph blogsite I was laying into assisted-suicide yesterday. If you can't see the link between the two issues, read below for, indeed, there is one. I must confess I didn't write the following, but nicked it off someone else's website.

After the Papal Bull 'Ad Abolendam', issued at the end of the 12th century by Pope Lucius III to combat Albigensianism, 'the Inquisition was established in southern France in res…