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A Happy and Blessed Easter to you all!

Well, it has been a long time since I have put fingers to keyboard to blog and the Easter Octave seems like a better time than any other to resurrect the defence of the Catholic Church from Her foes on this website. Since it has been so long, this post will probably be unfocused and rambling, but since it has been so long, I know not quite what to say.

About a year ago, I took on full-time employment as a gardener at the Council, albeit as agency staff, and it has taken about a year for my body to adjust, even marginally, to 6:15am starts, at times very physical labour and on my return from work, domestic and other duties I am required to perform on top of my gardening job. For the time being, my life is very much about 'doing' but I don't mind too much. It keeps me engaged body and soul.

The gardening job affords ample time for prayer, unlike office jobs that require a lot of mental concentration. This is a great blessing. There are breaks when I tweet and there is a lot…