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"Existential Tourist!"

"These people wander through life like existential tourists, without a goal and without taking God’s promises seriously. But those who wander around are lying to themselves, because they say 'Yes, I walk.' But no, you don't walk, you just wander...'Simply wanderers..but the Lord tells us to keep going. He tells us to take the right path and to not wander around aimlessly.”
- Pope Francis
You can read the Rome Reports version or the Vatican Radio version in which the Holy Father's fascinating homily is not quoted even once. Why is our Holy Father so unquotable?
Just for a moment there, I thought the Pope had given up insults for Lent. I haven't given updocumenting them. The interesting thing of course is that St Francis of Assisi and his mendicant friars spent a great deal of time, keeping the commandments and wandering around urging people to love God, repent and keep the commandments. I understand that it is really important that we never lose sight …

Catholic MP Rent Boy "Scandal"

So a man can have sex with another man, a man can even 'marry' another man but for a man to pay money to another man for sex is a 'terrible scandal'.

Welcome to modern Britain where nothing makes sense anymore.

I guess some gays are just not the marrying kind. Mr Menzies voted for same-sex marriage.

"I am a Catholic and religious freedoms are very important to me, as is my religion, but so too are equality and tolerance," said he.

Perhaps I'm a 'man born blind' or something, but I can't see how two men having sex with a financial transaction before it takes place is any more scandalous than two men having sex with no financial transaction taking place. After all, it could be that in the latter case one man always buys the drinks. Who knows, perhaps a 'rent boy' relationship could be the beginning of a beautiful 'marriage'?

I know that prostitution is illegal and exploitative therefore its immoral. So that's why he's res…

Do Watch Bishop Egan's Lenten Message

With apologies to Mick Hucknell.

Mea culpa!

Congratulations to George Soros and His Friends

I awoke this morning and decided I should try and look for a job. "Laurence, are you feeling okay?!" I hear you cry. Anyway, I've worked out that if I am to make changes in my life - like getting a job or career - it might serve me not to live in a sea-side resort with no jobs and to go and live somewhere were there are jobs. It's taken me 37 years to work that out, so I hope employers don't look at my blog. To be frank, I'm not the sharpest tool in the box. They do, by the way. Employers do search your name on Google.

Anyway, in my job search on '' I decided to refine my search to 'Jobs in London'. I saw a couple of nice gardening jobs and opportunities teaching offenders in prisons, so I got a couple of 'leads'. Then, however, I stumbled across an opportunity for an Administrative Assistant for Open Society Foundations. Open Society Foundations is the secular arm of multi-billionaire philanthropist and renowned rapist of…

Same-Sex Marriage is Simply Red

If I had been on Question Time, I would have asked the question:

"What the **** is the guy from Simply Red doing on Question Time!?"
I'd have also asked the question:

"Diane Abbott maintains she has campaigned for gay marriage for 'all her political life'. How can this be when the campaign for gay marriage in the UK started as recently as 2010, with complete disinterest from the 'gay community' until well after that year?"
And finally...

"If Mick Hucknell is such a big campaigner for guys doing it with guys, then why are two guys falling in love absent from any of his music videos based on lyrics about romantic love?"
Same-sex marriage, let's face it is the ultimate oxymoron, straight out of some dystopic future novel in which truth is supplanted by falsehood under the guise of 'love' and 'freedom', only to be supported with vast reams of State-led propaganda that makes those who naturally recoil from it too afraid to…

Caroline Farrow on Question Time

Do watch Caroline Farrow's brave and concerted defence of traditional marriage against its redefinition by the UK Government. It is 40.00 mins in.

Well done to her for standing up for marriage and the teaching of the Church.

You can read Caroline's account of her evening at Question Time here.

News just in. After her performance on Question Time, Caroline will be on ITV News, I believe, at 6pm and 10pm tonight.

Benjamin Creme on Pope Francis

This is from Share International's gnostic - scrub that - occult website, which predicts the emergence of a new 'World Teacher' called Maitreya.
I know that readers would say, as I would say, 'Benjamin Creme would say that, because he's basically a loon'. However, it is worthwhile just for the record to note that he said it.
Q. Do you know if Pope Francis is being impressed or inspired by a Master in his various speeches against greed, the powerful economic powers of the world, and against the pure form of capitalism that still is so attractive to many rich sections of society?
A. He is inspired by Maitreya.
Whatever this individual really thinks of the Catholic Church and its Pope - and you can bet its not particularly nice - that little response means that one of the World's most public apologists for, and worshippers of Lucifer, says, 'Pope Francis: Keep on going as you are. You're doing a grand job.'

Has Pope Francis heard of Maitreya? Dou…

Benedict XVI: The 'Dead Pope' Not Dead Enough for the Liberals

I've been thinking some about that comment from Mr Mickens, just trying to get inside his head a little and little about it makes sense. It makes about as much sense as Elena Curti's latest effort. Supposedly, the liberal dissenting crowd from The Tablet are head over heels that Francis is Pope and Benedict XVI is not. Benedict XVI's status is curious in as much as he is kind of like a dead Pope who is alive. I hope that doesn't sound disrespectful, but its kind of how it is.

He is a Pope Emeritus who is not reigning, who laid down the keys and passed them onto another, handing over to another to the governance of the Church he felt was no longer within his physical and spiritual power to govern.

In terms of the Papacy, Benedict XVI is dead even though he is alive. He no longer sits upon the Throne of Peter. He no longer exercises authority. He cannot issue motu proprios. Another has taken his place who, it appears, is more to The Tablet's liking, or, at least, mo…

Leperous Courtier?

Human Resources The Tablet Publishing Company Ltd.

Registered in England No. 311249
1 King Street Cloisters

Clifton Walk

W6 0GY

25 March 2014 Feast of the Annunciation (...and of Robert Micken's Suspension from The Tablet)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing following news that you are possibly recruiting for a new Rome correspondent for your edgy Catholic magazine. Allow me to introduce myself...
Seriously though, we shouldn't leap for joy that a man's career has taken a light battering today following a vile Facebook conversation in which he seemed to wish death upon the Pope Emeritus, describing the latter as 'The Rat'.

No doubt Bobby will dust himself down after this setback and reassume his role for The Tablet soon enough. That said, I suppose even among Vatican circles who didn't have too much time for Benedict XVI, Bobby's Vaticanista reputation might have something of the 'leprous courtier' about it after this.

Too bad. It couldn't happen to a …

Aborted Unborn Incinerated, Energy Used to Heat Hospitals

This news is shocking, macabre, disgusting, evil and inhuman. It is enough to make anyone, observing Lent or not, lose their appetite.

The Daily Mail reports...

'Thousands of miscarried and aborted babies have been incinerated by NHS hospitals without their mothers’ knowledge, an investigation has found.

The government was forced to ban the practice after it emerged that 15,500 foetal remains have been incinerated by 27 trusts over the last two years alone.

The bodies are being burned as ‘clinical waste’, while at two trusts they were put into ‘waste-to-energy’ furnaces which generate power for hospitals.

One devastated mother who suffered a miscarriage was told her child would be ‘incinerated with the rest of the day’s waste’.'

What a sick country. When will we wake up? Addenbrooke's Hospital, among others, has admitted, following a Channel 4 investigation for Dispatches, to incinerating the human remains of aborted and miscarried foetuses along with garbage, the energy produ…

Matthew Shellhorn Concert for the Stations of the Cross

St George's Cathedral in Southwalk will host in concert a performance of Stationsby Irish composer Ian Wilson. The piece is a monumental solo piano work inspired by the Stations of the Cross devotion.

There is further information, including a short film produced during recording, here
His Grace the Archbishop of Birmingham has agreed to be present and to give a meditation as part of the event.This will be a wonderful opportunity for him to meet the faithful of the Archdiocese of Southwalk.

Admission is, I believe, free, so let Matthew Shellhorn know if you are interested in coming so that he can put you on the guest list. 
This looks like a rather beautiful meditation for Lent so if you are in the area, give Matthew Shellhorn an email. A Facebook group for the Stations has been set up which can be joined here.

Good Counsel Network & 40 Days for Life

40 Days for Life, the peaceful, prayerful pro-life campaign is running from March 5 to April 13. Good Counsel Network are asking for men, especially, to join volunteers praying and keeping vigil outside the Marie Stopes International West London Centre in Ealing. The clinic, in a twist of horrific irony, used to be a Christian Home of Spiritual Healing, as indicated by the plaque of St Michael below the Marie Stopes sign.

Following the success of the closure of a BPAS abortion clinic in Bedford Square, a campaign'Ending Abortion in Ealing' hopes through prayer and witness to the sanctity of human life to see the same fate happen to the Marie Stopes clinic.

As it happens, Monday 24th March, today has been set aside by GCN as a National Day of Prayer and Fasting for Life, upon the Vigil of the Annunciation.

On the Feast of the Annunciation, a first class feast no less, of course we are expected to party as if, in the midst of a desert, Moses has just shown us the miraculous rock…

Mafia Issue Public Statement in Response to Pope Francis

In fairness he is right. A little bit of manners goes a long way with these people. Seriously, like many readers, I have mafia connections and they all say the same. They like a bit of protocol.

Thanks, too, to Joe Bratelli of Sicilly for acknowledging receipt of my 'Pope-Hell-warning card'. I know how bad the post can be in your part of the world. Thanks too, for the horse's head I found in my bed this morning. You guys crack me up with your violent pranks! Thanks for that, Joe. It served as a salutary reminder to me to say that I should have added to the card a small note to mention that even though this is what Pope Francis said, its not really his or my place to judge.

God bless, Joe and see you in the summer. No hard feelings, right?

While we digest news that a massive cocaine seizure has taken place en route to the Vatican (in Lent????!!!) let's watch that Baptism scene in The Godfather once Latin.

The Hermeneutic of Revolution...

...or rupture, appears to be the light in which this Rome Reports advertised documentary presents the Second Vatican Council. Benedict XVI saw the Second Vatican Council in terms of a 'hermeneutic of continuity'. Language is important. It sends out a signal. A Vatican documentary painting Vatican II as a revolution within the Church is, well, interesting, no?

Francis Reads Riot Act to the Impious, Heretics, Dissenters, Schismatics and all Unrepentant Sinners

Okay, just to the mafia.But then they do say there's a certain 'mafia' in the Church.
Taken out of the homily, its a rather good quote because it could apply to anysinner,  or, indeed every unrepentant mortal sinner.

I'm printing it out and giving it to all my mafia friends.

Cardinal Dolan: Have We Lost Lent?

From Cardinal Dolan's blog...

'I admire how our Jewish neighbors take their “high holy days” in the fall so seriously, especially the days of penance, fasting, and contrition . . .

Our Islamic neighbors fast all day and deepen their prayers for a month at Ramadan . . .

And here, my Catholic people write me for a “dispensation” on one of the six measly Fridays we’re asked to abstain from meat (big sacrifice these days!), if they even bother with the dispensation at all.

Am I being too gloomy here? You know me well enough to realize I’m hardly puritanical or a crab. All I’m asking is: have we lost Lent? Is it all now nostalgia, a museum piece, in the attics of our souls, as we tell our kids and grandkids how Lent “used-to-be”?

Lent didn’t just used to be . . . it’s needed now more than ever!

Let me ask you, is there anything different at all in your life, in the rhythm of your family and home, in your parish, this Lent?

Is it too late to get it back?'
To which the answer, of c…

The New Website for St Mary Magdalen Church


Support an honest priest

Sign, if you wish, this petition calling for the removal of the suspension of a priest who exposed bullying by a homosexual club in seminaries during his time training to be a priest.

"Without Justice, What is the State but a Band of Robbers?"

The UK Government is rather frightening at the moment. Having decided to take on the God-like status of re-defining marriage and looking into taking on the God-like status of 'helping you to end your life' (the power to kill citizens), as well as storing up human embryos for experimentation and 'fertility treatment', now one Telegraph blogger has spotted the Government's sneaky plan to take to itself the power to dip into your bank account and take what HMRC has decided you owe in tax, without your consent. Going by the comments on the blog post, this policy, which was not formally announced, but was instead discovered by those going through the Budget 2014 with a fine comb, isn't going to be a popular move...

"Politics must be a striving for justice, and hence it has to establish the fundamental preconditions for peace. Naturally a politician will seek success, without which he would have no opportunity for effective political action at all. Yet succe…

Wise and Faithful Steward

There are some lovely prayers to St Joseph here.

Something for your Sidebars

If you are a Catholic blogger, feel free to put this in your sidebar.

Michael Voris Responds on Popewars: Do you Pass the Holiness Test?

I don't know whether Michael Voris has seen this blogpost, or he has himself received emails from people saying similar things to the pieceI wrote, but Mr Voris maintains that, unlike a senior ranking Successor to the Apostles, the Successor of St Peter is in a league of his own (a view which strikes me as a little ultramontane) and as such is beyond criticism and above reproach.

Apparently, you can only make even respectful critical observations of His Holiness if you are St Catherine of Siena or think you might be a 'Saint in the making'. Did any of the Saints consider themselves to be incredibly holy Saints in the making? I think it was St Francis of Assisi who considered himself, in the light of God's infinite goodness, to be the worst criminal on the face of the Earth. Someone, find me a man with a horrendous pus-oozing injury!

You can analyse the script of Mr Voris's presentation here. Go through it with a fine comb, why not, because Mr Voris has touched on …

Happy St Patrick's Day

Historical research has, as yet, yielded no evidence that the saintly Bishop drank Guinness.
So why not drink something else?

'Operation Shock and Awe' to Accomplish Liberal Hegemony over the Church?

A while has passed now since Deacon Nick Donnelly's excellent Protect the Pope blog came under censure.

Recently, it has been confirmed that the Bishop of Lancaster, we assume due to a number of 'complaints' from certain quarters, felt compelled to ask Deacon Nick Donnelly to refrain from his involvement on Protect the Pope - a hugely successful and very widely read blog - in order to take some time out, the completion of which is not specified, to 'prayerfully reflect'.

Ches at The Sensible Bond has some interesting thoughts on the astonishing development while Fr Tim Finigan of The Hermeneutic of Continuity has rightly drawn his reader's attention to what seems to indicate the application of a rather grotesque set of double standards at work in the modern Church with regard to who is free to communicate in the Church of the 21st century and who has their freedom to communicate restricted.

Of course, unlike many Catholics present in both the mass media and co…

BPAS Job Advert: Surely this is in breach of Equality Law

Tuesday 10.30 to 16.00

Working as part of the team at our unit in Brighton you will complete administrative and client support tasks within the unit in accordance with bpas' policies, procedures and quality standards.

The successful candidate will have at least 4 GCSE’s or the equivalent. Administrative experience with face to face client contact would be beneficial.

More importantly you will be non-judgmental, a team player and be able to maintain strict confidentiality.

All applicants must be pro-choice.

Please note that speculative CV's are not accepted and further details of this post can be downloaded below, alternatively please contact 0207 061 3385 or email

The closing date for completed applications is Friday 21st March 2014 and completed applications should be returned to:

bpas - Human Resources

Countdown to Easter Widget

Easter Countdown

What a wonderful time of grace this is...

Let's remind ourselves daily how wonderful it is, by reminding ourselves how much longer of this wonderful time we have left.

Not that I'm a 'counting' Catholic or anything like that...

O Lord, with this Lenten time of grace and ascetic joy, Thou art spoiling us!

Michael Voris Condemns Popewars, War on Dolan continues....

This is a salutary video by Michael Voris on Popewars taking place within the Church. I take Michael Voris's point. Food for thought. Stop criticising Pope Francis everyone! But Cardinal Dolan's fair game...When I saw the title of one of Michael's latest videos I thought, 'Stop with the interviews'? This one must surely be about His Holiness!'

If Pope Francis died tomorrow and Cardinal Dolan was elected Pope, but Cardinal Dolan continued to say some things Cardinal Dolan's been saying, or does those kind of things Cardinal Dolan does, chortle-chortle, guffaw guffaw, does Cardinal Dolan automatically get a 'free pass' from Michael Voris? Just asking!

If there is a battle going on in the Church - and there is - I would have thought that it would be one that Mr Voris was keen on fighting, simply because it is centered upon the Pope, yes, but only because he is the Guardian of the Deposit of Faith. The battle between the 'left' and the 'rig…

Pope Francis and the Mystery of the Rosary today highlights the Catholic Herald strange story about Pope Francis and the Rosary from the dead priest's coffin. Who am I to judge?

Don't you just love her delivery?

Confession and Tina Beattie

According to Protect the Pope, Tina Beattie has left a comment on The Tablet's blog post by Elena Curti on the Survey in preparation for the Synod. It really is quite shocking.

'Those of us who tried to answer the questionnaire honestly and in a way that might be helpful to the synod on the family are misrepresented by Edmund Adamus’s ‘reflection’.

Like most other Catholics I know, I respect the Church’s teaching on marriage and parenthood. I also know from experience that marriage and family life can induce agonies of guilt over our inevitable failures and shortcomings. However,I do not experience guilt over deciding in good conscience to use contraception to limit the number of children we had. I do not feel ashamed of my adult children for cohabiting with partners who have enriched our lives by their friendship. I do not feel compelled to pass negative judgement on the loving relationships of my gay friends. I am glad that some of my divorced Catholic friends h…

The Pope Suffered Sciatica in the First Months of His Pontificate

Is one explanation why His Holiness does not bow or genuflect before the Tabernacle, but does at those times when, in dealing with the public, it is necessary. I duly therefore apologise to His Holiness and to readers if, following medical advice, His Holiness does not genuflect or bow towards the Blessed Sacrament housed in the Tabernacle, but puts up with pain and discomfort for ordinary folk.

Rare Interview with Pope Emeritus Benedict

A new book on the life of Blessed Pope John Paul II contains a rare interview with Pope Emeritus Benedict.

Reflecting on Liberation Theology, Pope Emeritus Benedict said...

“Both in Europe and in North America, it was common opinion that it was a support to the poor and, therefore, that it was a cause that surely needed to be approved,” he explained.

However, “it was an error,” stated the retired pontiff, adding that, “Poverty and the poor were, without a doubt, set at the center of the Liberation Theology, yet in a very specific perspective...It was said that it was not a question of help or of reforms, but rather of the great upheaval from which a new world would spring.”

Observing how “the Christian faith was being used as a motor for this revolutionary movement, transforming it into a political force,” Benedict explained that “A falsification of the Christian faith needed to be opposed precisely for the sake of the poor and in favor of the service rendered to them.”


The Priest who Genuflected Before the Tabernacle...

...and the Pope who didn't!

At 1.00 minute on Rome Reports.
People who don't genuflect before the Lord make Our Lady cry and that is a scientific fact!

Kasper the Friendly Ghost

Greetings Lenten people. Vatican Radio reports today on Cardinal Walter Kasper's new book, timed impeccably for the Synod on the Family entitled 'Gospel of the Family'.

Overcome by the temptation to blog and breaking my fast, may the Lord permit me to highlight comments made today by the friendly ghost or 'spirit' of Vatican II, Cardinal Kasper.

Robert Mickens is, understandably, cock-a-hoop over the 'radical' direction of the Church under Francis, as is Hans Kung, and both appear delighted over the names of those who are close to the ear of Peter. So they should be. It would appear that from Bobby Micken's angle and from that of Hans Kung, everything is going according to 'plan'. There is no need, according to Hans Kung, for him to be a 'Pope critic' anymore. The truth, of course, is that Hans Kung didn't criticise the man in the Office of the Papacy, but the Office of the Papacy itself. He could always recognise the personal quali…

Whatever happened to the Fourth Estate?

We have long known our Government is corrupt, but what has happened to the British press?
Read it and weep. Weep and pray. When you think about it, Hitler, looking back, of course, was a 'good egg', because he helped so many vulnerable people to die. That would make for an interesting if surprising revision of the schools curriculum. I mean, why have an International Day in remembrance of the Holocaust, when you can live the experience yourself on the NHS?

During Lent we are encouraged to think of our mortality and the simple truth that all NHS and private hospital patients are terminally ill. We will all die of something at some point. Hopefully, that will not be by wilful neglect or wilful murder at the hands of a doctor. Someone tell me again why many Ukranians want to be a part of the EU? Don't tell me...they want our 'freedoms'?

Would someone kindly tell the pro-Western Ukranians that in joining the EU 'model' of nation, they are guaranteed a One…