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Pope Re-Opens wounds on Faith and Works

“Yet the danger always remains that by a constant refusal to open the doors of their hearts to Christ who knocks on them in the poor, the proud, rich, and powerful will end up condemning themselves and plunging into the eternal abyss of solitude which is Hell.”

~ Pope Francis, Lenten Message 2016

I find this an interesting quote for the following reasons...

It follows surely that:

a) Hell exists.

b) It is eternal.

c) Those who are condemned to it condemn themselves to it of their own free will. Christians and others can go there.

d) Lutherans and Catholics still disagree. Theology and Truth are not 'details' concerning 'doctrines' which 'the theologians' can 'iron out' in 'time'.


Nothing has changed.

It is strange the Pope doesn't say these things to the merchants of the Prosperity Gospel, isn't it?
It is interesting to note that, even though His Holiness has a habit of preaching on the dangers of eternal damnation in very limited c…


Now that we know the Pope has made an apology on behalf of Catholics who were involved in defending the Church and the Truth during the Reformation, perhaps the Tyburn Tree Memorial can be 'modified' slightly.

Let's Remember What We're Celebrating...

The Vatican probably haven't yet produced promotional posters for the Holy Father's trip to Sweden to commemorate the Reformation with Lutherans. 
They can have this one for free.

Of course, if any Lutherans or even Catholics are offended by this poster, I'll let Fr Jack say on my behalf, rather than that of the entire Universal Church...

After Careful Consideration....

That was quite a long time of careful consideration!

A Redefining Papacy?

“Since I am called to put into practice what I ask of others, I too must think about a conversion of the papacy.” ~ Pope Francis
Pope Francis has made known his desire to convert the papacy, but will he leave it there?

I can speak only for myself but I'm quite terrified by the Pope's decision to have Cardinal Robert Sarah modify the optional Rite of the washing of feet which forms part of the Holy Thursday liturgy. Is "terror" too strong a word for how I feel about this? No, it is not for the implications of the Popes move are deep and potentially lasting.

Permit me to articulate why Catholics who care for the Church and for souls should feel shaken to his very core over this move by Pope Francis.

First, the collegiality and the 'synodality' of which we have heard so much. What happened to that? With a quick memo to the head of the CDW, with the flick of a pen and drawing upon that until now, dormant full, supreme power and authority that every Pope should ra…

The Mandatum Would Have Featured Women But...

It all becomes clear now. 
If only Judas hadn't taken that detour and had simply gathered the women for the foot-washing rite, it all would have been so different.
It isn't recorded in the Gospel but...
 'I think we can assume it.'



For the Confused...

If, like me, you are confused by Pope Francis's words today on the Church, ecclesiastical tradition,  'obstinacy' to new(ness) and its relation to 'divination', please find below an explanation of what the Catechism teaches on such matters. Not that we need a Catechism anymore, for Truth itself, in the person of the Pope, has spoken...

In fact, let's burn those Catechisms with all its references to ancient beliefs and texts. They will serve as excellent and ecologically sound paper and wood burning stoves in honour of Mother Earth...Laudato Si! What wood is there around? Oh, let's burn our Crucifixes. After all, we've always put them up in veneration of Our Lord's saving Passion and to ward off the Evil one. Does not the very fact we have always done it serve to tell us we should abandon such a practice when but a word from our beloved Supreme Pontiff or his Successors would assure us of the great wisdom in doing so, despite what every one of his v…

Note to any rock stars who read Catholic blogs...

Courtesy of The Guardian

'David Bowie had everything. He was intelligent, imaginative, brave, charismatic, cool, sexy and truly inspirational both visually and musically. He created such staggeringly brilliant work, yes, but so much of it and it was so good. There are great people who make great work but who else has left a mark like his? No one like him.

I’m struck by how the whole country has been flung into mourning and shock. Shock, because someone who had already transcended into immortality could actually die. He was ours. Wonderfully eccentric in a way that only an Englishman could be.

Whatever journey his beautiful soul is now on, I hope he can somehow feel how much we all miss him.'
I think slowly but surely we are getting to the bottom of he Bowie bereavement. I can only presume this was what it was like when Elgar died.

I don't know at what point David Bowie 'transcended into immortality'. The first album, the second album, when he first got up on stage? H…

Value Added Mass

I recently attended an evening Mass at a Church in the South East. I'm not a 'mystery worshipper' so, as is my habit, I'm not giving the name of priest or parish.

I've never been to a Mass wherein the (visiting) priest, who in this instance was senior in years, during Holy Communion, announced that he was going to play a "hymn" (which, was in fact, like all of the songs he played a kind of modern Christian 'pop' anthem about the Lord Jesus and how much he loves him).

The emotive device was also used at the beginning of Mass to serve as some kind of 'introit'. Whatever you think of modern Christian 'worship music', it really didn't flow well at all as the priest pressed a loud 'click' just 10 seconds into the 'second song'.

Followed by silence. It just doesn't work and what youths were there looked distinctly unmoved. Finally, at the end of the Mass, the exit 'hymn' was another modern…

How Do You Know?

Understandably, there has been much discussion of the first in the papal fireside chat video series that we are promised frequently during the Year of Mercy. Much like the spiritual hand-grenade thrown into the Catholic world on the Feast of the Holy Family (Our Lord Jesus Christ begging forgiveness for his 'escapade'), the inter-faith dialogue I-believe-in-love-so-let's-torch-2000-years-of-Catholic-teaching video is jaw-droppingly astonishing and really quite painful. Generally, with the video released in such close proximity to the Epiphany, at which we commemorate the showing forth of the Lord Jesus Christ to the Gentiles, we can surely sum it up as being another 'teaching opportunity' sadly missed, because if we really needed someone to tell us 'all you need is love', we could have just listened to the Beatles.

One could mention the clear indifferentism shown in the video, on the Feast of the Epiphany, as others have, the lack of the Crucifix as a cle…

To the Editor(s) of Rome Reports

The following is an article from Rome Reports...

Pope Francis surprising spot on dialogue among religions 2016-01-06  From now on, Pope Francis himself, will expand on His teachings and make His monthly intentions for Christians to pray in a never before seen broadcasted spot like this.
In the intentions of each month, The Pope outlines the challenges and problems that concern the world. The month of January is focused on the importance of sincere dialogue between religions.
The project is an initiative of the World Network of Prayer of the Pope and was conducted by The Machi Communications agency in collaboration with ROME REPORTS and the Vatican Television Center. From now on, every month, a video like this where the Pope will present His concerns and objectives will be published.
Some of the Popes close friends have participated in the video, such as Muslim Omar Abboud and Rabbi Daniel Goldman.
This is an unprecedented initiative, yet it showcases Pope Francis' approach i…

Happy New Year to All Readers

Here in England, the Bishops of England and Wales have altered the Church's calendar as if to suggest that honouring the Christ Child was apparently so good the first time, the wise men came back for another go three days before, just like Our Lord enjoyed ascending into Heaven so much the first time He decided to go up again on the nearest prior Sunday.

As you can see, I'm working on the Little Book of Pope Insults song, entitled 'The Self-Absorbed Promethan Neo-Pelagians' about a fictional future 'purge' of the Catholic Church of its most foul members, according to the unique outlook of Pope Francis. I think the lyrics - composed with a little artistic license, are generally faithful to the book - which, in turn, is generally faithful to the homilies, interviews and speeches.

When I get a little more time I'll record the song for those who can endure my ditties. It all seems a little puerile and the Christmas season gave me some time to be rather than to…