Pope Re-Opens wounds on Faith and Works

“Yet the danger always remains that by a constant refusal to open the doors of their hearts to Christ who knocks on them in the poor, the proud, rich, and powerful will end up condemning themselves and plunging into the eternal abyss of solitude which is Hell.”

~ Pope Francis, Lenten Message 2016

I find this an interesting quote for the following reasons...

It follows surely that:

a) Hell exists.

b) It is eternal.

c) Those who are condemned to it condemn themselves to it of their own free will. Christians and others can go there.

d) Lutherans and Catholics still disagree. Theology and Truth are not 'details' concerning 'doctrines' which 'the theologians' can 'iron out' in 'time'.


"I strongly disagree with what the Pope has said there."

Nothing has changed.

It is strange the Pope doesn't say these things to the merchants of the Prosperity Gospel, isn't it?

It is interesting to note that, even though His Holiness has a habit of preaching on the dangers of eternal damnation in very limited circumstances indeed, the Pope still maintains that faith must be fruitful in good works.

Just wait until the Lutherans find out. 


Firstly, you have to understand that there are Lutherans and then there are Lutherans. There are Lutherans who believe one thing and there are Lutherans who believe something else. And one lot of Lutherans don’t accept that Lutherans and the Catholic Church have figured out a way of reconciling their different doctrines on justification. Secondly, even with those Lutherans who think that the divisions have almost, but not entirely, been reconciled there are still important differences concerning the doctrine of justification. Thirdly, I strongly recommend people to read the 95 Theses and see how many are actually in favour of Catholic teaching. (None of them, incidentally, touch on the subject of justification.) I think many Protestants would actually be horrified about some of the things that Luther said (or implied) in his 95 Theses.
Patricius said…
All is clear! The right hand doesn't know what the left is doing!
Felix M said…
All that follows is that Pope Bergoglio is a hopelessly muddled thinker. Which we already knew.
Anonymous said…
Well, I am not the only one scandalized about the Pope's trip to Sweden to 'celebrate' the Reformation.

Preferential Option for Perverts said…
Alms for the environment! For the crusade to fight climate change! Girl-boy Di Caprio who's just been sodomized by a bear in a movie gets personal meeting w/trannie frannie - "Although DiCaprio is not known to be a practicing Catholic, he shares the pope’s views on protecting the environment" (protect the environment: Murder Catholics, Jesus Christ, babies in the womb, the elderly). Not to mention the pope's views on sodomy and sodomites.



Hollywood sodomite degenerates, private degenerate couples and clergy degenerates--queers queers and more queers get audiences w/this fat snow covered stinking pile of dung--and the only environment that gets "protected" is million dollar pedophile pervert palaces for dolly lori donna mccarrick danneels o'malley and their trannie frannies


But then for cover they pay some girls to scream like sour christina for yellow teeth fatso 80 year old trannie frannie (at the empty papal audience):



Just like dolly the whale:
viterbo said…
a) Hell exists.

b) It is eternal.

c) Those who are condemned to it condemn themselves to it of their own free will. Christians and others can go there.

d) Lutherans and Catholics still disagree. Theology and Truth are not 'details' concerning 'doctrines' which 'the theologians' can 'iron out' in 'time'.

Based on what? You are referring to Catholicism, which is denied/abrogated by Novus Ordoism. Every good Novus Ordite knows that a heretic can dismiss Divine Law which says lies cannot be promulgated by Christ.
Anonymous said…
C'mon, here is the latest news, Francis goes to Hollywood, the BoR will be the guest star, playing himself, in a movie called Beyond the sun....enjoy it!
viterbo said…
A wise friend, a true Catholic, suffering, mocked and hated soldier of Christ recently wrote this: "Many NOites already know he's (bergoglio) not the pope - in other words, they are already sedevacantists - they just do not take the next step, partly because they cannot accept that they are engaging in false worship & partly because of what the sorrow & regret of leaving the false religion would mean...and in no small part because of their adherence to the heresy of 'opinionism'."

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