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Homosexuality, Abortion and the Dignity of the Human Person

Pope Pius XII, far from being passive during the Holocaust, urged convents and monasteries to shelter Jews during the second world war.

The Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, talks often of the dignity of the human person, the dignity of the person made in the image and likeness of God. It is a theme to which he often returns. It is fundamental to our understanding of what it means to be human, to how we view and treat others, to how we perceive ourselves.

It is because of the great dignity of the human being that the Church upsets many people in Her teaching. Yet, it is because of the great dignity which has been conferred on the human race that the Church also condemns much that the World also rightly condemns.

The Nazi regime of Hitler set about eroding the sacred dignity accorded to its citizens. According to the Nazi ideology of racial purity, the Jews were to be treated not as a people 'crowned a little lower than the angels', but as a people stripped of their humanity, a peop…

A Meeting with Caroline Lucas

Caroline Lucas sings 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door' outside Parliament...

So, today I met Caroline Lucas, Green Party candidate and MEP for Brighton. It was a 20 minute chat. I was able to gain a reassurance that she will meet George and Diane, friends of mine who have been treated woefully by all Government agencies and impress upon her my despair at a political process which canvasses select demographics of the United Kingdom at the expense of others. I told her that until I see a politician standing up for the very poor and marginalised in society, those without a voice in the political process (including the unborn), I could never give them a vote.

On reflection, a part of the reason that the Catholic Church and those marginalised groups for whom She is all too often a lone voice in the wilderness, do not curry favour with the political process is because we are so poorly organised. The LGBT community among other disparate groups vying for the attention of our elected r…

I hate massive generalisations as you know, but...

Bertrand Russell, polemicist, atheist philosopher and author of 'The Pursuit of Happiness'

The atheist is concerned primarily with what will make him happy. He is concerned with his happiness and finds but a fraction of it.

The Christian is primarily concerned with what will make God happy. She is concerned with His Happiness and finds it in its fullness.

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

Director of Public Prosecution Subverts Parliament

Gerald Warner has written an excellent post on Keith Starmer's announcement on the subtle difference between 'mercy killing' and 'assisted suicide' on 'wholly compassionate grounds'. He also notes that Gordon Brown gets to say one thing on the dangers of assisted suicide in public, while the Director of Public Prosecutions takes the flak and gets his hands dirty. Clever, clever, Gordon. Mr Brown apparently claimed that it was Tony Blair who ruined his life and said so to his face. That may or may not be true but that is no reason to take it out on us.

Murder, like beauty, is now in the eye of the beholder and Parliament hasn't even voted on the matter. One man's 'assister of suicide' or even 'murderer' is another man's 'fighter for the right to die'. Doesn't it make you proud to see Britain at the forefront of the suicide cult that secular atheism promotes and the twin of tyranny which comes from its adoption as the St…

Letters to the Editor

I've been posting some of my articles onto Facebook and have upset three or four people over the past week or two. I count two or three of them as friends. In particular, my article on the LGBT student MPs Question Time has ruffled some feathers.

"You are one very f**ked up, twisted individual Laurence England, I'm pretty sure that most Catholics don't all feel the same bitter and warped way about things as you do. You are a particularly bad advertisement for the Catholic Faith...and I agree with Roisin, you are inciting hatred...This is the second time that I've noticed you spouting nonsense on here - which may just be your views but are in my opinion offensive and potentially harmful (if any one that read this shit actually took it seriously)." Jo, Brighton

"Laurence, as far as I can see you are inciting hatred. Tell me if I am wrong but I am not sure inciting hatred towards any group as ever been recognised a part of any Christian faith? In fact, being …

A Must See Interview with Producer of Trading Places

Aaron Russo's shocking interview about the power and influence of the Rockerfeller family and their 'associates' worldwide. It is directly relevant today, even to current legislation, even here in the UK, perhaps. Russo was producer of the film, 'Trading Places', starring Dan Ackroyd and Eddie Murphy and the excellent Denholm Elliot about a couple of elite bankers who make a bet on whether they can make Eddie Murphy, a black beggar, rich, and do the job of Dan Ackroyd in financial speculation, and make Dan Ackroyd poor and turn to crime, the debate between the two bankers being based on whether success is 'nature or nurture'. The film happens to be my favourite movie of all time. Ironically, the World Trade Centre, at the heart of which is the subject of this interview, is in the background of the opening scene of this final clip in the movie.

Aaron Russo died of bladder cancer at the age of 65, shortly after he made the movie, 'America: Freedom to Fasci…

In the Crucified Christ we have a Model

He is the only Light in our darkness. He is the only Light in the darkness that now threatens to overshadow the Church and Her schools.

Today the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI made comments during his "lectio divina" delivered to the parish priests of Rome, upon receiving them in audience at the Vatican on February 18th 2010.

Courtesy of Zenit, the following words from the Holy Father are particular apt to the crisis now facing the Church in Her efforts to teach children the Most Holy Faith.

"Jesus offered up prayers and supplications, with loud cries and tears" (Heb 5: 7). This is not only a reference to the hour of anguish on the Mount of Olives but sums up the whole history of the Passion that embraces Jesus' entire life. Tears: Jesus wept by the tomb of Lazarus, he was truly moved inwardly by the mystery of death, by the terror of death. People forgive the brother, as in this case, the mother and the son, the friend: all the dreadfulness of death that …


There is so much to be depressed about at the moment in the light of recent news that the Government has stolen the Church's children and started teaching them sodomy, wanking, baby-killing and promiscuity, so I thought I'd post this Don McLean song to cheer us all up. Oh no! It's called Starry Starry Night and its about a man called Vincent! Oh, I'm depressed again!

Pink Paper Hosts MP's Student Question Time in Brighton

Hot off the pink press. Hang on, I thought Matthew Parris worked for The Times...

I was dropping a friend off at a chemists today when I noticed in St James's Street, the street which hosts a big parade on Gay Pride Day in Brighton, that the Pink Paper is hosting a student event in Brighton on 6th March 2010, 4.30 - 6pm at Oceana, a large nightclub off West Street.

I could make out faces but not names in the poster of the shop window of MPs. It looks like Brighton's gay student community and those leading them will be able to ask a select few of our MPs questions on how well their elected representatives are furthering the LGBT cause. From LGBT Greens website, a PDF is available for you to view the seemingly massive event of 'the fifth National Student Pride in association with the NUS LGBT Campaign and hosted by the Universities of Brighton & Sussex, celebrating diversity at university.'

If you thought that the LGBT agenda of 'social change' started at the wo…

If only they'd succeeded...

By what authority does Parliament have to tell the Holy Church how to teach children on matters of faith and morals?

They have no authority whatsoever to do so, since the Authority to teach all nations has been given by Christ to His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

From now on, we Catholics are going to have to either accept the new consensus that the State is God, or defend the Truth. The Gates of Hell, even the Gates of Hell which Gordon Brown is said to have opened upon Alaistair Darling, shall never prevail against the Church built upon the Rock of St Peter!

The Catholic Hierachy and Hitler

The Catholic hierarchy's 'negotiations' with the present Labour Government are akin to the Chamberlain's 'appeasement' of Hitler.

It didn't work then. It won't work now.

Give these fascists and inch and they will invade, bringing with them their murderous ideology, their fanaticism, their hatred for all that is sacred and holy and their Culture of Death.

Discuss...if, indeed there is anything to discuss...


Yep...thought our amoral MPs would go with it. Still, given those spineless expenses fraudsters have no problem with ripping off the taxpayer, what ever made us think they'd have a problem ripping out of the heart of our Catholic schools and handing the nation's children to Stonewall and Marie Stopes.
The amendment to the Destruction of Children, Schools and Families Bill was passed by a majority of 345 in the Commons. The full, 'amended', bill was passed by a Commons majority of 91 and now goes to the House of Lords…

Breaking News...Breaking News...Breaking News

A footballer and a pop singer, married for 3 and a half years are separating.

The news that singer Cheryl Cole is to separate from footballer Ashley Cole has sent shockwaves through the country.

Candlelit vigils are being held for the couple across the country as the public waits in anticipation for the next statement from publicity guru, Max Clifford.

One man, living in Bermondsey said, "I can hardly believe it. To me, he was, like, an unprincipled, money obsessed Chelsea footballer who was lured away from Arsenal with a massive pile of cash by a Russian oil tycoon and she, well, she was a singer in a girl band who had a couple of solo hits. I'm devastated. After the economic recession, the seemingly endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the earthquake in Haiti and more recently, the floods in Madeira, this is just the kind of terrible, apocalyptically earth-shattering news that will send some people over the edge. My only consolation is that Max Clifford will make more money o…

The Government are most definitely not bullies...

...oh no! Unfortunately, I can't currently afford to pay my car tax, so my car is at risk of this. My only hope is that I am not in the car when it happens. But, whatever they tell you, remember, the Government are not bullies. The Government are not bullies. The Government are not bullies. Say it like a mantra and it becomes true, just like the 'sex education plan is not a threat to Catholic schools' mantra. Try it, it works. The mantra worked on our Bishops, well enough, didn't it?

Where Are They Now?

The Rt Rev Bishop Malcolm McMahon, current Chairman of the CES, with his predecessor, Archbishop of England and Wales, the Most Rev Vincent Nichols.

Re: Today's proposed Sex Education legislation in the House of Commons

My Lord

I wish to express to you my horror at what is happening today in the House of Commons.

I am astonished by the lack of Catholic speakers, especially those charged with the protection of our Catholic schools, in the media, standing up to the increasingly secular Government's desire to strip Catholic schools of their Catholic identity.

I find it incredible that you, my Lord, as Bishop in charge with the protection of Catholic Education, are not appearing in as many media outlets as possible, in order to condemn today's Labour legislation for proposed sex education in primary and secondary schools and, also, that you have not appeared to condemn the refusal of the Government to allow Catholic Schools to teach the Catholic Faith unhindered by the appallingly …

'Don't worry', says Balls, 'Sex Education Bill Not Watered Down'

Would you let this man near your children, let alone the unborn children of your children?

BBC Report
Children's Secretary Ed Balls has denied plans for compulsory sex education in England's schools have been watered down.But an amendment to a government bill gives faith schools more freedom to tailor teaching to their own beliefs. Pressure groups claim this amendment would allow faith schools to ignore requirements in the bill to teach it in a balanced way, respecting diversity. The government has denied it could result in a rise in homophobia. Mr Balls dismissed suggestions the amendment to the Children, Schools and Families Bill, which was first revealed by the BBC News Website, represented an "opt out" for faith schools. He told the Today programme: "A Catholic faith school can say to their pupils we believe as a religion contraception is wrong but what they can't do is therefore say that they are not going to teach them about contraception to children and…

The Miracle of the Mule

We need our Priests to bring mules into Church following a Novena to St Anthony so that we all may know that times have not changed. Christ is as truly present in the Eucharist today as He was in the 11th century. Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever!

Brown is a Bully? Nah! You don't say!

"So, Ed, basically, you should crush them. You grab them by the necks like so and..."
Gordon Brown instructs Ed Balls in the appropriate course of action for faith schools who disobey the proposed sex education plans once they've been approved by MPs who've been warned of the same fate if they disobey the whip.

Time and time again, from the Blair years, to the Brown years, Labour have proved themselves to be bullies in the 'workplace' and towards us, the people of Britain. From full body scanners, to streets crammed with cameras, to the smoking ban, to the wars which the majority were against. Labour are bullies and the only way you face down a bully is by standing up to him...even if he is your 'Big Brother'.

Catholic's Early Sexualisation (CES)

New amendment to sex education bill - act now Tomorrow (Tue 23 Feb.) is the the final main day (report stage and third reading) in the House of Commons on the government's sex education bill. (The bill has yet to be debated in the House of Lords.) The Conservative opposition has tabled a new amendment (no.60) which seeks to exclude sex and relationships education (SRE) from primary schools.

Please email or telephone your MP immmediately to urge him/her to:
sign and support amendments 2 and 60, tabled by the Conservative opposition for report-stage, andvote against the bill as a whole at third reading. Please read SPUC's latest campaign alert for more information and please act straight away.The danger posed by the Children, Schools and Families (CSF) bill to both born and unborn children - and the Catholic Education Service (CES)'s betrayal of them, which I have focused upon in my recent blogging - is causing Catholic priests and concerned laity to speak out courageously.

Fr T…

Holy Father Visits Homeless Shelter

Pope Expresses Grave Concerns Over Airport Body Scanners

Courtesy of The Guardian

'Airport security chiefs may have thought they had enough to worry about with shoe bombers, underpants bombers and people who forget to put their toothpaste into those little plastic bags. But, if so, they were reckoning without Benedict XVI.

At a meeting in the Vatican at the weekend, the pope made an authoritative – if entirely unexpected – incursion into the raging debate over the planned use of airport body scanners. He told an audience from the aerospace industry that, notwithstanding the threat from terrorism, "the primary asset to be safeguarded and treasured is the person, in his or her integrity".

Respect for the principles he enunciated "might seem particularly complex and difficult in the present context", he told his audience, which included airport managers, airline executives, security workers, pilots, cabin and ground staff.

They had to contend with problems arising "from the economic crisis, which is bringing about prob…

How Britain Looks After Its Brave Boys

Army veterans line up on parade on Brighton's seafront in mid-winter. Is not our veterans' service to this country worthy of better treatment than this? Story courtesy ofHenry Law of'An Outside View'.

'These homeless men sleeping out under the promenade at Brighton are all ex-soldiers of various ages. They have served in places like Northern Ireland, the Falklands, and the Gulf. Once they left the army they found it impossible to settle into civilian life and ended up homeless. They have a drink problem but clean up as best they can afterwards. They are probably "institutionalised".

A significant proportion of homeless men are ex-servicemen. The official attitude seems to be that they are no longer of use and can be discarded. I think the problem is that the sort of accommodation that would be right for them simply does not exist. I get the impression that they would not get on well in, for instance, a bed-sit flat, which is what they would probably get o…

Catholic Excommunication Service [CES]

An unborn child at 16 weeks

Courtesy of John Smeaton, SPUC Director and Damian Thompson

A government media release yesterday cites a Catholic school in Bedford as a good example of how faith schools should implement the government's plans for sex education. The media release says (my emphases in bold):
"St Thomas More is a mixed secondary school in Bedford. 60% of students are from a Catholic/Christian background with 40% from a range of ethnic minority groups, including Muslim. It has achieved Healthy Schools Status and has an Outstanding Award for cultural diversity.

"St Thomas More delivers SRE [sex and relationships education] through the pastoral programme in conjunction with the RE syllabus. It is led by pastoral tutors, all of whom are well prepared and confident to lead discussion with students across a wide range of SRE issues.

"The school has developed a very successful balance of providing students with accurate information within the faith ethos of the school…

Councilspeak is all very nice, but they do not speak for us!

The Council are reportedly concerned that the Soup Run is 'part of the problem of homelessness, rather than the solution'. I wonder what the Council's 'solution' is.

I served at the Traditional Latin Mass tonight and went after to an 'extraodinary' meeting of another 'form'. The volunteers on the soup run at the Peace Statue met together for what I had assumed was a general chat about feeding the hungry. It was nothing of the sort. The meeting might just have been called, 'Guidelines on how to kowtow to the Council.'

A volunteer for a soup run at the other end of town gave us a talk. He dictated the entire discussion from beginning to end. He began the meeting by suggesting that 'complaints' had been made to the Council. When challenged over what the content of these complaints were, he then asserted that no formal complaint had been made. 'There is a general perception,' he said, 'that the soup run is a part of the problem…

Tesco, the Council, The Argus, Community Gardeners and Murder

How strange. How very strange and sad. I just watched the local news and heard the shocking story that the founder of the Community Garden Project on Lewes Road, Brighton, has been found brutally stabbed to death at his home. Police say that 'a man in London has been arrested', who the victim, Gordon Stalker, 'might have known'.

The Argus, Brighton's local newspaper, on the other hand, have not reported, as yet, Gordon Stalker's role in the Community Garden Project which has attracted much attention in Brighton. Like London Road, Lewes Road is a bit grim. A group of 'guerilla' gardeners took over the derelict property, a forecourt of a disused petrol station which had become a derelict eyesore and turned it into a rather pretty community garden, loved by the local community and maintained by volunteers from Brighton. Okay, they are 'anarchists', but they are the kind of anarchists who you could take to see your Grandma and do her garden, probably…

A Permanent Blog Feature?

Good idea for a pro-life campaign poster, but then, what party is actually standing up in defense of the unborn?

Photo Caption...


Musical Pillows for that Special Someone

In light of today's news, the BBC is giving licence payers a special discounted offer to any British citizen whose loved ones need to be sent off into the land of nod on a permanent basis. These delightful musical pillows play your favourite lullabies so you can end the suffering of your loved one* and help them to relax on the way to their Maker.

*The BBC accept no responsibility for the blatant bias of the pro-euthanasia and assisted suicide content of their programming or for any deaths caused as a result of its embarrassingly transparent propaganda in the national assisted suicide 'debate'.

It's Lent!

Hellmann's Mayonnaise. So named because it drags the souls of men into Hell.

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, marking the beginning of Lent. The purgatorial bootcamp which characterises this holy season in the Church is a time for offenders young and old to renounce our sinful attachments (pictured above is just one of mine, one acceptable to be mentioned publicly, that is), to draw closer to God, to frequent the Sacrament of Reconciliation and do penance and to engage in works of mercy in reparation for our sins.

Pickled gherkins and cucumbers. So addicted I stole them from my parish priest's fridge.

It is a time of less hot showers than usual, if like me, you just can't do cold ones. It is a time of getting up before 11 in the morning. It is a time for pithy blogposts, not lengthy rants. It is a time when I could actually say my morning prayers. It is a time to cut down on spending money on guilty pleasures, only to give this money to the Council when I realise the extent of my p…