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Year of Mercy Logo Takes on New Significance

When the website and blog, One Peter Five, published a priest named Fr Dollinger's claim that Cardinal Ratzinger told him that there was more to the third secret of Fatima than which was revealed the Vatican immediately responded with a press office denial, paraphrasing the Pope Emeritus's rejection of the claims as 'pure invention'.

However, when the Pope Emeritus's secretary Archbishop George Gangswein claimed that the Pope Emeritus's resignation was intended to enlarge or rather 'expand' the papacy, controversially implying that the Office had been changed to include an active occupant and a contemplative occupant, from the Vatican press office, a statement denying this claim there came none and neither was any response from the Pope Emeritus given,

Make of that what you will, but I can't help thinking the Year of Mercy logo has been given a whole new meaning by the hydra-headed papacy debate. Which Pope is carrying whom?

The Church's Great Temptation

We see today a great deal of evidence for the diabolical disorientation of mankind and we should ask what this 'diabolical disorientation' really means. Does it just mean confusion over moral issues or more? We see it in as much as we see that just as Satan, who in all his narcissistic malice, tempted Christ to the point of seeking His worship and adoration, operates this same ancient, malicious strategy in the World and so too, in the Church. Satan is orientating man to himself, away from God.

We know, as faithful Catholics, that it is not enough for the Devil to simply seek todestroy God in his envy and hatred of man, as we see in the Crucifixion, nor would it suffice for him to simply erase Him from mankind's collective memory, as we see in the near global denial of His Glorious Resurrection in the body. To seek to destroy God and all trace of Him from men's hearts is not enough. What the Devil seeks to do, surely, is to take His place, to be enthroned, not simply …

What Will Replace Tradition in the Catholic Church?

Rorate Caeli today documents an important trend in the Church on their blog - the sad sight of young 'Benedict XVI era' habit-wearing nuns 'liturgically' dancing at a Mass in a Brazillian parish. Did they miss the Benedictine memo? Why should this kind of distraction from the organic beauty of the Mass happen?

As we approach the great Feast of Pentecost in which the Church makes the great Novena to the Holy Spirit, it is worth spending a little time examining the phenomenom of what has become known as the Catholic Charismatic Renewal otherwise known as the hybrid movement of 'Catholic Pentecostalism'. We should do this because the Novus Ordo clearly lends itself to abuses that are closed 'doors' within the Sacred Liturgy presented to the Faithful by the Extraordinary Form.

Firstly, it needs to be remembered that the variable success and penetration of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal into the Church owes its entire being - and its very origins - to the …

The Ascension of the Lord

After 40 days, And not a day more Asked they who were come together with the Lord
‘Wilt thou at this time restore again The kingdom to your people, Israel?’
He said ‘It is not for you To know moments or hours Which the Father hath put in His power
But you’ll receive the power Of the Holy Ghost To be my witnesses around the globe'
Then He was lifted up into the sky And a cloud received Him from their sight
As they beheld Him Going up to heaven, Behold two men stood by them
Stood there two men! Stood there two men!
Dressed in white garments! Spreading their gaze over The Catholic Church!
‘Why then, O men, why, then O men Stare thee up above to Heaven? The same Lord as He hath left Shall in like manner return'
Do not forget That He hath said, ‘I am with you always’ Be His witnesses Stay faithful to the Name
For under the guise Of wine and bread Hail, His True Presence Upon His Blood, His Flesh Shalt thy souls be fed
The glorious Head He Hath gone ahead To where the Body …

To be Filed Under 'Dictatorship of Relativism'

Greetings readers and welcome a slightly new look blog. Indeed, welcome back to the 'twilight zone' that was well and truly entered by the Catholic Church on 13/3/13. In the vortex of diabolical mayhem known simply as the 'post-Benedict XVI era', Catholic bloggers are tasked with the mission of encouraging Catholics to stay faithful to the Faith passed down to us while it is further polluted, corrupted and overthrown centrally by men who have overseen its decline locally for the past 30-40 years, while lauding the wisdom of the 'new direction'. Yes, vocations can plummet, Churches can empty and close and the souls of millions can - through deliberate, wilful ambiguity on the part of prelates - be placed in graver jeopardy that ever before, but the esotericist can still claim the 'new direction' to be a success even when objective statistics suggest anything but success. I guess that's just part of what makes the new Catholic gnosticism so much fun.

LMS One Day Conference on the Family

Do consider going to the Latin Mass Society's excellent looking One-Day Conference on the Family, to be held at Regent Hall in London on Saturday 14h May. You can fill in a register form for the conference here.

The speakers will, I am sure, be very inspirational and interesting to hear, especially in the wake of Amoris Laetitia, the new document from Pope Francis that is so controversial that a different Catholic lay organisation wish to organise a conference to condemn it.

UPDATE: The LMS One Day Conference has unfortunately been cancelled.