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Happy Christmas and Prayers...

A very happy, holy and blessed Christmas to all readers.

Please pray for my friend, George, known to long-term readers of this blog, who was rushed to an isolation ward in a Brighton hospital ward last night. Jesus, mercy. Mary, pray.

15 Diseases, but only 12 cures....

...does that mean 3 of the 15 diseases are incurable?
I love the way that the Holy Father waits a year to tell the Curia what the cures are for the ailments diagnosed last year. Now, that's what I call professionalism. 
But seriously, I think in his modest gentleness, the Holy Father has kindly overlooked the shortcomings of his Curia as diagnosed last year (for this is the Year of Mercy) and gone for a different approach this year simply guiding his team towards virtue.
Hmm...nothing quite says "Happy Christmas" like pointing out 'cures' for workplace failings, does it?

Pray for Fr Tim Finigan

Fr Tim Finigan has been posting from a hospital bedhaving suffered aheart episode.
Pray for his full and swift recovery.

Can a Catholic Be Righteous in the Sight of God?

Interesting question. Now that we know that the Salvation of Jews does not depend on faith in the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, we can dare to ask the question: 'Can a Catholic be righteous in the Sight of God?' I look forward to the next Pontifical Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews document to fill us in.
Apparently, according to at least one Jewish sect - and a powerful one at that - Chabad Lubavitch, the answer is yes, which for us Catholics - though we are known only as Gentiles, will come as a great relief. Apparently, you can be righteous in God's sight, as long as you follow the Noahide Lawsas one Italian Catholic, who enquired to the organisation about becoming a Jew, discovered. 
Of course, some 'rigid', 'fundamentalist' types might believe there may be some conflict between being 'righteous' by following the Noahide Laws and proclaiming faith in the Saviour of all mankind, Our Lord Jesus Christ, because a propor…

The Vatican Can't Improve on St Juan Diego's Tilma


Papal Insults Decoded in the Light Show


What a Catholic Light Show Looks Like

Happy Feast of the  Immaculate Conception everyone!

Details of Controversial St Peter's Lightshow Emerge

Seriously though, if it happens to me, I want it in Latin.
Nobody's going to excommunicate me in the vernacular.
I assume my right to the Latin rite of excommunication was covered in either Summorum Pontificum or Universae Ecclesiae.

A Word from Our Advertisers

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Papal Plane Joke

Have you ever noticed that the controversial plane interviews are always on the way back from his trips abroad? Saying the controversial things on the way there would be like telling your dinner host the food was bad before arriving. It just wouldn't make sense, would it? Far better to tell everyone else after the event, that way people will know not to go there for dinner in future, and your offended hosts can't rebuke you for your bad manners to your face.

Holy Door Caption Moment

'I came here to preach about mercy  and to insult Catholics.  And I just misplaced my homily.'