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Controversial Lord Slams Divans, Launches Scathing Attack on Britain's Favourite Bed

By Bill Gardner
Religious Correspondent 
The Argus

Shocked parishioners of Brighton's Catholic churches walked out distraught yesterday as they heard of God's detestation for divan beds.

Divans slammed, but set for bounce back

The divan bed, well known for its comfort as well as useful under-bed storage facility was at the heart of a controversial statement in yesterday's reading that sent shockwaves through the Catholic community, 67% of whom are said to own the offending instruments of sleeping luxury. In the biblical passage read out at Mass yesterday, the controversial Lord blasted the divan, leaving communicants wondering whether they should approach the Sacred Banquet of Holy Communion, having slept on a divan bed just the previous night.

'Woe to those ensconced so snugly in Zion
and to those who feel so safe on the mountain of Samaria,
Lying on ivory beds and sprawling on their divans,
they dine on lambs from the flock...'
Catholic quilt complex

In what has si…

The Rich Man and Lazarus

'If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they believe, if one rise again from the dead.'
It is striking that the Lord Jesus says this. Firstly, because the name of one man that He raises from the dead is called Lazarus, who He names in the parable today.  Secondly, of course, because He Himself will rise from the dead on the third day following His Passion and Death, during which He seems like something less than human, something cast away and scorned.

I've no doubt that this parable is to awaken within hearers the desire to love the poor and to show them Christian love and therefore be witnesses to the Lord who loves the poor. It is obvious that, since the beginning of the Church the followers of Our Lord Jesus Christ have been identified with the service of the poor. In the 21st century, this is still the case today. St Cosmos and St Damian, whose feast we celebrated last week, is but one example.

Searching for Christ in His Holy Parables

Yet every parable the …

Pope Francis Taking Ecumensim to a New Level

Courtesy of Vatican Insider.

'Argentina’s Rabbi Abraham Skorka, in this interview, tells how Pope Francis and he are making history by their friendship, and reveals that they dream of travelling together to the Holy Land soon', Gerard O’Connell, Rome
'Never before in the history of Christian-Jewish relations have a Pope and a Rabbi celebrated their friendship by living in the Vatican together for several days, sharing all meals, including on two Jewish festivals and the Sabbath at which the Rabbi said prayers in Hebrew, and discussing what more they can do together to promote dialogue and peace in the world.

That is what actually happened over the past four days at the Vatican guesthouse (Santa Marta) where Pope Francis lives and where his friend from Buenos Aires, Rabbi Abraham Skorka, has been his guest from September 25 to this day.

“I eat with him at breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. He cares for me, and controls everything regarding my food to makes sure it is…

Now Remember, Children...


Pope Francis's Five Fingered Prayer

After you've done that, grab the nearest Rosary and pray the Pope doesn't appoint Marini to the CDW.

Prophecies Becoming Clearer

If rumours are true,  then now we know what the children of Garabandal saw... 
The horror.
The horror.

Into Great Silence

Having already made a dramatic impression on the life of the Franciscans of the Immaculate, one has to ask whether it is all part of some strange Jesuit plot?

Not everyone is called to 'go out to the peripheries'. Some are called to be simply faithful husbands and wives, devoted to family, others to the contemplative life, others to the active life. I have been out to the peripheries and have now learned not to let the peripheries know where you live. I wouldn't wish that on a family!

To me, the time I have with Jesus is precious. It really is not that much time I spend with Him. I wish I could spend more time with Jesus than I do. I appreciate the opportunity to spend an hour with the Lord at Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

Thankfully, it is quiet there in the Church. That hour is more valuable than any active service I may do for those who I see in the 'real world'. Of course, it is the 'real world' that messed them up and where nobody showed them t…

Digesting Excommunication: Questions

A thought popped into my mind today following news of the excommunication of an Australian heretical priest. The thought was this:

'Did Pope Benedict XVI excommunicate anyone?'
So, I've just done a search. This pontificate just gets more perplexing. It's a rollercoaster. No two days are the same. So here's the gist:

Just two orders of excommunication have come from the Pope in the 20th century, none in the 21st. The most famous excommunications of recent (though not my recent) memory are Fidel Castro, excommunicated by Blessed Pope John XXIII and the Lefebrevists (forgive me if I never spell it right) who were declared automatically excommunicated by Blessed Pope John Paul II. I don't know whether it was he himself or a Diocesan or other Bishop who pronounced the excommunications. Excommunications which have come through the Pope's office are rare. Incredibly rare. Yet out of the blue, today it happens! If I've missed out on any other papal excommunicat…

Breaking! Pope Francis Excommunicates Heretic!

H/T Te Deus Laudamus

We should never rejoice over the excommunication of anyone, certainly not a Catholic priest, since such a severe measure is designed to bring the excommunicated to repentance and communion with the Pope and Bishops, not to consign them forever to oblivion.

The first 'head to roll' in the Franciscan pontificate is a liberal priest who advocated women priests and affirmation of the gay lifestyle and it is said to have come from the authority of His Holiness himself.

Who would have thought it?Either people (including myself) have misread Francis widely off the mark, or this Pope wakes up in the morning and just goes on to have 'one of those days'. Read all about it here. Click here for another report on the same story. Yikes! It really looks like 'dialogue' has limits after all! Also, was this a decision taken with a sense of 'collegiality', because there are some English Bishops who might want to pipe down a little and get a grip on s…

How to be Loyal to Pope Francis Even When You Feel Weird About Him

1. Pray for His Holiness every day. Dedicate a Rosary for his intentions as often as you can.

2.Do what he tells you to do. Pope Francis's papal teaching isn't contrary to your Catholic Faith. If anything, his emphasis on the poor is an opportunity for you to embody the Catholic Faith.

Take up the challenge from the Successor of St Peter to be a bold witness for Jesus Christ.  Feed the poor, clothe the naked, do the works of mercy the Lord asks of you. If you cannot, contribute to the work of others who do. Our Lord told us He would judge us on this, the work of love for Him. Works of mercy will help you to live less selfishly and deepen your faith and love for the Lord.

3. Love the Blessed Virgin Mary.  God has given us (another) Marian Pope. If you don't have a Marian devotion, develop one. If you already love Our Lady, love her more and be devoted to her.  I think it was St Maximillian Kolbe who said that you can never love Our Lady too much because nobody loves her as mu…

Pope Francis on Abortion

Let us give thanks to the Lord, that His Holiness Pope Francis has today spoken up in defence of the unborn. May His Holiness continue to be a voice for the poor, the discarded, the unwanted and the victims of human oppression, among whom are the countless unborn babies aborted in the World on a daily basis.

'Each one of us is invited to recognize in the fragile human being the face of the Lord, who, in his human flesh, experienced the indifference and loneliness to which we often condemn the poorest, either in the developing nations or in the developed societies. Each child that is unborn, but is unjustly condemned to be aborted, bears the face of Jesus Christ, bears the face of the Lord, who, even before he was born, and then as soon as he was born experienced the rejection of the world. And also each old person and - I spoke of the child, let us also speak of the elderly, another point! And each old person, even if infirm or at the end of his days, bears the face of Christ. The…

Well...What do you make of that?

There is an interview with Pope Francis on America magazine. I believe the original interview was done in another publication.

I don't know how they got one when His Holiness called me the other day to say he'd do an interview with me before their one.

What do you make of the 'exclusive' or is that 'inclusive' Pope Francis interview?

There are elements to it that I find unsettling for different reasons. I do like his emphasis on the Sacrament of Confession - surely something some of our Bishops need to promote actively.

One thing that I sense about the pontificate of Pope Francis is that we are seeing a re-defining of the papacy. There is something about his pontificate which is unlike anything I've seen before. What is a Pope for? I had always thought that the Pope is the Successor of St Peter who guards the Deposit of Faith with his life. I had always thought that in his doing so, we find communion with him.

There is a likeable naivity about Francis the …

Terence Weldon's Exciting New Book Launch

Not to be outdone by mystics of the Church of yesteryear, Terence Weldon is to publish his new spiritual guidance book for Catholics entitled 'The Irritation of Christ'.

Modelled on the great spiritual work by Thomas A Kempis, Weldon introduces new methods of irritating Our Lord, by acting as a thorn in the side of the Church who wishes to expose as many souls as possible to spiritually dangerous and scandalous practices.

An excerpt of the new book has been seen before publishing in which Our Lord tells the servant:

Christ: "Soul. Now you've got Bishop Kieran on board in your scandalous, dissident homosexual organisation, you are really becoming incredibly irritating. My love and patience is infinite, but you really do take the biscuit."

Soul: "Speak Lord, but your servant isn't listening. I have dedicated my entire life to irritating You and bringing my erroneous ways into Your Bride, the Church. I am hearing that You don't necessarily agree with my …

Young Catholic Adults Retreat

During the weekend of the 18-20 October 2013, Young Catholic Adults will be running a national weekend at Cold Ash Retreat Centre just up the road from Douai Abbey (which was booked up this year).

* It will be include the following Priests:- Fr Goddard FSSP, Fr de Malleray, Fr. Pearson O.P. and Br. Wilson O.S.B.
* There will be a Marian Procession, Rosaries, Sung/HighMass, Confession and socials.
* Gregorian Chant Workshops will also be running, this year led by the Schola Gregoriana of Cambridge

Weekend rates: £99.00 for adults, £69.00 for Students and U/E ( weekends starts on Friday evening with supper and finish on Sunday after lunch.
Saturday night only - £60.00 for adults, £50.00 for Students and U/E Full Board
Bed and Breakfast - £35.00 for adults, £30.00 (for student - U/E) per day
Non - residential and full board - (Friday & Saturday) - £45.00 for adults, £40.00 for (for student - U/E) per day
Non residential (includes meals) - £30.00 for adults, £25.00 (for student - U/E) pe…

Dorothy Day

I think Dorothy Day always knew she would be misunderstood.
I guess that's why she started her own newspaper.

Thank you to a Facebook friend for supplying me with this gem of a quote.

Mortal Sin Kills the Soul, Confession Brings it Back to Life

I'm looking on Google for the Vatican II document that supports the idea that guidance on mortal sins and venial sins are outdated in the formula penitents would use in order to confess sins. That sin is mortal which severs the soul from God, meriting eternal punishment if it goes unconfessed or unrepented before Death.

Perhaps someone could also look at the documents of the Second Vatican Council and let me know when you find the passage in which it is clear that the Church has dispensed with 'mortal sin'. This is not the first time a Bishop has said that either this language is unhelpful or irrelevant to modern times. Perhaps CC the Bishops on this as well. I think they need to know just how seriously God takes the Confession of one of his children and how much He desires to grant His mercy to these same children.

This is, I believe, what His Holiness was saying in his rather good homily on mercy yesterday though I do wonder whether His Holiness is looking at the same s…

Photo Competition

I see that on Friday 13th September, just a matter of days after fitting up Fr Ray Blake good and improper, The Argus ran this piece, again by Bill Gardner, on 'homeless people injecting bath salts during deadly poke parties.'

Will that be the 'messy' poor again, Bill?

Is shame a completely alien concept to The Argus? It would certainly appear so!

1st prize for the competition will be an evening trapped in a cage underwater at the Sea Life Centre, Brighton, with Bill Gardner, surrounded by some rare breeds of shark and a small school of pirhanas.*2nd prize is an meal for two at Harry Ramsden's Fish and Chip Shop at the Marina with reporter Bill Gardner. **

3rd prize is a free copy of The Argus signed personally by a now infamous rogue journalist who handed in his conscience and his principles when he obtained his NCTJ certificate and who currently makes his living off fitting up Catholic priests for money and sadistic pleasure.***
*Should you win this prize, you may …

An Apology

Dear readers,

I have taken down a post I wrote yesterday which I wrote in a pique of over-excitement.

I said that I had produced a new magazine for Brighton called The Eye of a Needle in which to defend the poor and that I wished to produce a number of them for distribution in Brighton.

I have, for a long time wanted to see a new magazine in the area and had been working on one that would put homelessness issues at the forefront of a new local paper.

In this instance, I wished to use the magazine to defend the name of Fr Ray Blake after a truly terrible article by Bill Gardner, since this priest does much for Brighton's poor and to see his name be tarnished merited some response from the Catholic community in Brighton, among whom are many who feed the poor.

This was an idea that came solely from me as a parishioner of Fr Blake's Church and it was not an idea in which Fr Blake had input.

Foolishly and outrageously, I advised readers to send cheques or to donate to St Mary Magd…



Good Lord


Atheism and Salvation

Can atheists and agnostics attain to Salvation?

I was asked a similar question by a friend the other day, when he asked me about his parents and how they do not believe. I answered that I could not possibly give the judgment that is God's alone to give in the case of individuals and that we are also told that God does not judge everyone in the same way. I told him he should pray for them. It was one of those moments when my 'conscience' afterwards told me, 'that was a little feeble'. The man himself was a Christian, if not Catholic, so I went onto give him a small summary of what we believe and how this does, in fact, differ to what non-Catholic Christians believe. I talked about sin, salvation and how we as Catholics wish to die in a State of Grace, in God's friendship, rather than in a State of Mortal Sin.

What did Jesus say about this?

'And he said to them: Go ye into the whole world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is bapti…

Rosary Crusade of Reparation October 2013

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

A change to the policing arrangements for our annual procession is threatening the future of the Rosary Crusade. The resulting increase in cost is over £2000.00 which is well in excess of the whole of our current budget. We have decided that this year's procession will go ahead, trusting in the generosity of the Faithful and relying on the assistance of Our Lady. Whether next year's will go ahead will depend largely on this appeal and on the collection after this year's Crusade.

What can you do to help?

1) Pray! We are sure Our Lady wants this great devotion to continue, so please ask her to move enough hearts to generosity!

2) Send a donation now! (Cheques payable to The Rosary Crusade of Reparation to be sent to The Honourable Treasurer, The Rosary Crusade of Reparation, 72 Kilmartin Avenue, London SW16 4RE; donations can also be sent directly to our bank account or donations can be made via the Donate button at the top of the website.

3) Con…

The Argus Begin Their Defence of the Super-Strength Lager Rights of Brighton's, Shhh, Say it Quietly, 'Messy' Poor

Just for a laugh I picked up a copy of The Argus to see whether they were doing their usual job of resiliently defending the rights of the 'messy poor'.

Under the headline 'Super-strength booze ban bid,'The Argus today reveal how Hastings Borough Council are implementing a ban on super-strength alcohol, because of the anti-social behaviour problems caused when (I think it might just be the poor, you know) drink it. Over the next few days, check out the comments under the article to find out just what Brighton's 'good people' think of Brighton's street drinkers.

'The Argus, revealed in July that Brighton and Hove City Council is developing a city-wide accreditation scheme allowing stores to advertise themselves as responsible retailers if they agree to a set of conditions including not selling super-strength beers and ciders.'
I looked in the Editorial page to see whether anyone from The Argus has highlighted the obvious hypocrisy of the Council…