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Catholic Voices Blog Attacks John Smeaton

Below is the appalling new post by the author of the Catholic Voices blog. Who could have penned such nonsensical nastiness? My emphases, bold, purple.

'According to John Smeaton of the lobby SPUC, Catholic Voices seeks "to redefine the common perception of what constitutes mainstream Catholicism in England" (This criticism, he actually levelled at Dr Ivereigh himself). Behind this conspiracy, he asserts, lies The Tablet. And his reason for believing that CV coordinators Ivereigh and Valero share this aim? Why, "Dr Ivereigh's loyalty to The Tablet" -- on the basis that he refused to accept a blogger's invitation to describe the weekly as a "vehicle for dissent".

Indeed, Smeaton's attempt at an auto-da-fe on this question (Isn't that the phrase Austen used repetitively on my blog's comments box?) -- because Ivereigh reads The Tablet (as he does other Catholic papers), "he should not be appointed to any representative position i…

Clifford Longley Funds New Bus Campaign to Roll Out in Autumn

Yesterday, I managed to obtain a 'complimentary special supplement' of the Papal Visit to the UK produced by The Tablet, written prior to His Holiness's arrival.

Catherine Pepinster gives her 'message from the editor' at the beginning, telling us that the articles in the 'complimentary special' (that's 'free'), give you a 'flavour' of the magazine itself. 'If you like what you read', she begs, 'you may want to consider taking out a subscription. A form can be found on page 31.'

Oh dear! Sales still going through the floor then after all these years! Looks like they can't give it away! Inside is a collection of writing, nova et vetera, by such Catholic heavyweights as Edward Stourton of the BBC, John L. 'Flippin' Taliban Catholics!' Allen Jr, Mgr Roderick Strange, Michael Glover and John Cornwell. Gosh, what a dazzling array of talent!

Anyway, J.L Allen Jr's article, from September 2004, on Benedict XVI…

Survey Suggests Catechesis Not Going So Well

According to The Telegraph

'Almost half of Catholics surveyed did not know that their church teaches that the bread and wine used in Communion actually become the body and blood of Christ.' 
This was a US study into the knowledge of religion comparing that of atheists, agnostics and religious believers. No 'only in America' comments, please, because, let's face it, it is highly likely that there is a similar ignorance of Church Teaching in the UK as well.

The Holy Father very much desires an 'educated laity'. This study gives us more evidence as to why.

"Is He a Fanta Drinker?"

I think its a nice, subtle way of asking whether Priests, Bishops, Cardinals, Religious Communities and Catholics in public life are loyal to the Pope and faithful to the Magisterium.

Just ask, "And what about ____________? Is/Are he/she/they (a) Fanta drinker(s)?"

Of course, the term, "Catholic" should really suffice, but nowadays there are so many Catholics in positions of influence whose words and beliefs do not reflect the Church's Teaching that it is really worth creating a euphemism.

Nice Work if You Can Get it...

Pictured left is The Garrick Club. My friend George used to work there as a barman when he lived in London.

Apparently, it is the place for authors, politicians, musicians, celebrities, actors, high profile journalists, CEOs and the rest to meet, drink and, one imagines, formulate Government policy.  It operates something of a discriminatory policy...

"It would be better that 10 unobjectionable men should be excluded," decided the committee of the 178-year-old Garrick Club when it drew up its original criteria for membership, "than one terrible bore should be admitted..."

...a policy still in operation, as the Channel 4 head found to his disappointment. It's a policy which, I guess, circumvents Government legislation on grounds of discrimination quite nicely, somehow. According to The Independent (and George who used to serve politicians until 4 in the morning)...

"Ladies" are only permitted to accompany members to lunch or dinner as their guests and ar…

The Most Fascinating Statistic Yet Revealed...

Read the full story in, cough, sorry, The Daily Mail, though The Independent have covered this too...
UK's homosexual population size revealed: Just 1.5% of Britons say they are gay, lesbian or bisexual.I had thought it was 1 in 10...Oh well, perhaps that was just propaganda after all. 1.5 % of the UK...According to the Mail, that's about 1 in 100 people identify as L, G, or B .

According to the Census of 2001, out of a total population of about 60 million, about 1 in 12 people in the United Kingdom is Catholic. So why is this not reflected in Government policy, Government think-tanks or in just who the Government listens to? Perhaps it is a case of whoever shouts the loudest is heard...

How can it be that just 1.5 % of the population are running the BBC and other mainstream media outlets? Credit where its due! You can say what you like, but that's an incredible work rate and tireless effort on behalf of the cause! If only we Catholics were so devoted!

According to The Ind…

The Marx Brothers

There were two in contention but while this guy may have just got elected as Labour leader, I don't think he's got what it takes to get Labour elected again. Good job too.

Well done Labour Party, you've elected an unelectable Marxist ideologue as your new leader...Good work! Anyway, just to see his voting record, here it is below, for more click here...

Voted moderately for replacing Trident.
Voted moderately against greater autonomy for schools.
Voted very strongly for more EU integration.
Voted for removing hereditary peers from the House of Lords.
Voted very strongly for a wholly elected House of Lords.
Voted very strongly for Labour's anti-terrorism laws.
Voted a mixture of for and against a transparent Parliament (That's an 'opaque' Parliament, then?)
Voted very strongly for introducing a smoking ban (Nazi!).
Voted very strongly against an investigation into the Iraq war (Oh dear, that'll be popular!).
Voted very strongly for allowing minist…

Hardcore Letter to the Bishops of England and Wales...

All the Little Epsilons has written a letter to the Bishops of England and Wales. It is ripe for signing...

'Dear Bishops of England and Wales,

Many of us so-called Taliban Catholics have been severely disappointed in your over-willingness to negotiate with the state about how our Catholic adoption agencies should be allowed to operate, and how our schools should explain the facts of life to our children.

Like many millions of people in this country and around the world we are very proud and happy at how the British people have taken The Pilgrim from Rome to their hearts.

We are prepared to, metaphorically-speaking, bury the hatchet and truly welcome the words of Archbishop Vincent Nichols this weekend following our Holy Father's visit.

Furthermore, we would like to offer our services to you, bishops, to assist you in a renewed effort to bring the message of Christ to all. Many of us are people who lost our way in the past, lured by the "freedom" of the 60s and the d…

Making the Catholic Faith More Visible...

According to ITN News

'Catholics are to be encouraged to make their faith more visible by saying "God bless you" and making the Sign of the Cross more often.

The advice, in a letter from the Archbishop of Westminster, comes a week after the Pope's state visit to Britain. The Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, said the historic four-day trip by Benedict XVI brought "such joy" and gave "a great boost to so many", providing believers with "new heart" for their mission.

He called on Catholics to respond to the Pope's hope that they will become "ever more conscious of their dignity as a priestly people. With the blessings of this visit we can be more confident in our faith and more ready to speak about it and let it be seen each day," the Archbishop wrote. "A small step we can all take is to be quicker to say to others that we will pray for them, especially to those in distress…

If You Want to Know Why 'Teen Pregnancy Strategy' is Failing, then Read This...

An anonymous comment from ages ago that I just discovered. Nothing speaks like real life stories...

'I had to abortions first the condom broke and we werent in a proper relationship i already had a 2 years old son whos dad abandom him i coultn affort to have another one and also was an accident, i was goin to have another abortin a week ago but i end up having a misscarriage , my boyfriend back then isnt emotionally stable to rase a baby and my son who is 4 needs me, we thout was goin to be a good idea till i realise my ex only wanted to be on his own and thinks of himself, so people like me can have babies i think is for the best, i dont thin 15 years old girls should get pregnant and live on benefit, since my son is been born im not free to do what ever i want im more responsable and also i m working wich at times is dificult, im on my own, thats why i think many woman choose abortions, itsnt right to do but is the best option for unwanted babies, my son was a wanted baby and i l…

Equal Employment Rights for People Who Dress Terribly!

I sympathise, love, I sympathise. The same thing happened to me today.

The Difference Between Poland and England...

Image that the Poles recognise abortion for what it is.

As 40 Days for Life begins in earnest, it is worth highlighting the extent to which the UK has fallen for the lies that emanate from the heart of the abortion industry.

If only people could see the money that is made from the industry and those who profit from the human catastrophe of abortion and if only people could know how terrible the reality of abortion is.

The Brits, however, unlike the Polish, have for over 40 years now enjoyed something of a torturous, entangled, passionate and lengthy affair with 'termination', so when someone comes along and shows the gruesome graphic reality, as a Polish pro-life group did in Poland last year without reproach in the image above, feathers are most certainly ruffled. The Abort67 group of protestors have managed to get themselves in the newspapers. The Daily Mail, The Telegraph and The Argus, no less, have all covered the arrest and removal of banners depicting the truth about a…

Tablet in Volte Face...

...or just two-faced Tablet? Let's hope they keep it up. Check out Fr Ray Blake's piece on this week's edition. The magazine has so much potential! More of this and I might even consider buying it myself one day...The magazine, that is...not the Trust.

Never Trust a Man in Wrap Around Glasses

The Daily Mail have picked up on a story in the New York Post which raises concerns over Bono's 'ONE' foundation, which revealed in its tax return that it gives just 1 % of its profits to the needy! Oh boy! According to the Mail...

'The non-profit organisation set up by the U2 frontman received almost £9.6million in donations in 2008 but handed out only £118,000 to good causes (1.2 per cent).

The figures published by the New York Post also show that £5.1million went towards paying salaries.'
Bono has raised both his huge international profile and his own incredible wealth through his anti-poverty campaigning. A few years back he launched a campaign saying, "Every time I click my fingers another child dies of hunger."

"Well, stop clicking your fingers then and take out your wallet then, mate!" was surely the only response. U2, when they were good, before the wrap around glasses. Perhaps, Bono still hasn't found what he's looking for...I di…

"Brothers! Onward to Bognor Regis!"

This was the resounding cry of St Augustine of Canterbury to his Benedictine monks, having received yet another letter, egging him on, from Pope St Gregory I the Great to evangelise the English. "There's a lovely little town on the coast called Bognor Regis, not to be confused with Lyme Regis or Cyril Regis," wrote St Gregory I the Great, "go there and preach the Gospel, but, avoid Butlins at all costs for this is arid ground!"

It is only fit, then, that Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church Parish Centre will be hosting a Gregorian Chant Workshop on October 23rd 2010, between 11am - 4.30pm.

The workshop will be followed by Mass in the Ordinary Latin Rite. The Workshop will be led by Nick Gale, Director of Music at St George's Cathedral, Southwark. The cost is £10 a head and those interested are asked to bring a packed lunch, though drinks will be provided (Lambrini, anyone?).

The address is Our Lady of Sorrows Parish Centre, Hislop Walk, Bognor Regis, West S…

She's Back!

Thanks be to God! Two very wonderful Catholics (Thanks Austen! Thanks Jack!...Not really...) came to my aid and my car has been released from the City Car Pound.

Suffice to say, I shall never do it again. My offense is ever before me. I shall say no more other than to declare that my war with the Parking Division of Brighton and Hove City Council is now, officially, over...

I may have a job delivering posters (yes, a career in walking! Who'd have thought it? Me - a Promotional Street Pedestrianiser!) around town centres in the South East, which could yet get my sorry behind out of the terrifying pit of debt. Still, I wouldn't mind a job at NatWest, then they could pay for their overdraft charges! Usurers! You give to the poor and then demand it back at interest and then grind them down into the dust! Ah well, it is only my just desserts. I used to work in the New Business Credit Card Department of Lloyds TSB.

Thank you for your prayers and especially to Fr Stephen Brown who sa…

Lost Causes

Stephen Hough has written a piece on 'Gay teen suicides: Is there anything Pope Benedict could do?'

He writes...

'It’s only been a few days since Pope Benedict left our shores after what seems to have been a genuinely successful visit.  Of course, many Catholics were ecstatic about every second in which the red shoes were planted on British soil; that’s not so surprising: there were enough extraordinary, historic moments in his trip to encourage such a response. But what was more unexpected for me was a couple of my sober and cynical non-Catholic friends admitting to being surprised at how much they just … liked the Pope.  If he is a rottweiler, then he’s one who seems to encourage a tickle on the tummy rather than a bite-proof arm glove.

But then I read today, via Andrew Sullivan’s blog, about a case in Indiana of yet another gay teen who has committed suicide after the bullying in school just got too much for him.  Homosexual teenagers are four times more likely to take…

Catholic Taliban Militia of Ages Past

St Francis of Assisi: Bi-polar, poverty-embracing, self-immolating, death-fixated, full-on Catholic nutjob.
St Dominic: Austere, autistic, pyromaniac. Bookish, scholarly radical. Unyielding on doctrinal issues.
St Thomas More: Dangerous maverick and stubbornly loyal Papist. Why is it always the quiet ones? Known to rant about Conscience. Obsessive. Suffers cold sweats when asked to sign oaths to the Crown.

St Joan of Arc: Schizophrenic militant Catholic vixen with sword. Trained by Catholics in a stronghold in France. Known to criticise notable figures in the hierarchy. Flammable, potentially incendiary insurgent.

Blessed John Henry Newman: Extreme, controversial, polemical firebrand. Convert. Beware, for converts are nearly always Taliban Catholics who take aim at their former religion, very often denouncing it.

The Sensible Bond has an interesting piece on Mr Ivereigh's quote which makes for interesting reading.

"Behead Ivereigh!!!"

Joking aside, I know I've kind of already given it away but, who, do you think, said this?

"We didn’t get an application from a Lefebvrite. We did get a few from what you would call the Taliban Catholics, who of course have become very vociferous on the blogosphere in the last few years. They’re very critical of the bishops for compromising too much with modernity and not promoting Catholic truth as they see it. We also had applications from people in favor of the ordination of women, and who in general believe that the reforms of Vatican II have been insufficiently implemented, and who are angry at the bishops for the opposite reasons."
Right, that's it...It's war! Death to liberalism! The problem with Austen's argument is that a great many Catholic bloggers, while using markedly different language to His Holiness, actually promote Catholic truth as he sees it, whereas Austen has a public record of promoting so called 'Catholic truth' as he most …

'Catholic Voices': An Opportunity Missed?

I just worked out how to edit videos.

The one thing that struck me about 'Catholic Voices', though I guess it continues now that the Holy Father has returned to the Vatican, was the extent to which candidates selected by Austen 'Ivory' and Jack 'Veneero' were all from a similar social background/social class, whatever you wish to call it.

Without wishing to diss those candidates who were selected to speak up for the Catholic Faith, it wasn't in the slightest bit representative of the Church. I was struck after having recorded this video interview with George and Michael, how passionately they felt about the treatment of the Holy Father and the prejudice that exists in this country towards the Faith of Christ and how able they were to communicate Catholicism because the Faith is a matter of the heart. Watch it, it is quite interesting. Catholics now, like the Apostles were, are real people, not PR men. I would add that the random people interviewed by the m…

'Bene's From Heaven'

Pope Bendict XVI.

£12m...and worth every penny.

Quite possibly the bargain of the century.

Meanwhile, thanks to Fr Ray Blake for drawing our attention to the news that it looks like Blessed John Henry Newman has been 'at it again'...

Does this mean the Holy Father could come back again?

The BBC Want to Protect Children, Right?

Image this and make up your own mind.

We've received so much impartial criticism from the BBC over child protection over the years.

The BBC's magazine 'debate' is:

'Is it time to bring back child labour?'


The Pope's Radical Message to the Bishops: 'Support Your Poor'

I find one of the passages in the speech delivered by Pope Benedict XVI to the Bishops of England and Wales absolutely fascinating.

'Since your visit to Rome, political changes in the United Kingdom have focused attention on the consequences of the financial crisis, which has caused so much hardship to countless individuals and families. The spectre of unemployment is casting its shadow over many people’s lives, and the long-term cost of the ill-advised investment practices of recent times is becoming all too evident. In these circumstances, there will be additional calls on the characteristic generosity of British Catholics, and I know that you will take a lead in calling for solidarity with those in need. The prophetic voice of Christians has an important role in highlighting the needs of the poor and disadvantaged, who can so easily be overlooked in the allocation of limited resources. In their teaching document Choosing the Common Good, the Bishops of England and Wales underli…

Pope Benedict XVI's Beautiful Synthesis of 'Being' and 'Doing'

There is so much we can say when reflecting on the wonderful success of the Papal Visit to the UK and I would struggle to put it all into words, but the aspect of the visit that struck me the most was the wonderful personality of Pope Benedict XVI.

Arriving in a country in which anti-Catholicism and resentment towards the Church is rife, his manner, his graciousness and humility was strikingly disarming.

He fulfils his Office with a profound simplicity of heart and purity of spirit. What became obvious was that, far from being a Pontiff who is uneasy in his role, or feels any need to cover his personality, holiness emanates from him. His spirit seems to be liberated, grounded in God, firmly rooted in prayer. Despite the public's negative perception of him, he seemed very relaxed and accepting of all things, managing to convince even some sceptics of his honesty. He is genuine and that will have broken down some high barriers.

Speeches which could have been problematic, such as the…

Shall We Watch it Again?

Pope Benedict XVI Addresses the Bishops of England and Wales




Chapel of the Francis Martin House, Oscott College - Birmingham, Sunday, 19 September 2010

'My dear Brother Bishops,

This has been a day of great joy for the Catholic community in these islands. Blessed John Henry Newman, as we may now call him, has been raised to the altars as an example of heroic faithfulness to the Gospel and an intercessor for the Church in this land that he loved and served so well. Here in this very chapel in 1852, he gave voice to the new confidence and vitality of the Catholic community in England and Wales after the restoration of the hierarchy, and his words could be applied equally to Scotland a quarter of a century later. His beatification today is a reminder of the Holy Spirit’s continuing action in calling forth gifts of holiness from among the people of Great Britain, so that from east to west an…

The Pope is Not Dawkins Greatest Enemy...It is Us!

The Holy Father has beatified Cardinal John Henry Newman to the immense joy of the Faithful in the United Kingdom. Pope Benedict XVI has graced us with his presence to the boundless joy of the Faithful in the United Kingdom. Dawkins and his followers, who are beginning to sound more and more shrill, bitter and rabid, are incensed by the fact that the Government invited him and they howl with derision at him and his message. Yet, it is our joy, the visible joy of believers that he will have despised the most, our devotion, that will have appalled him, our delight, which will have caused him great dismay!

What the scenes in London, of huge support for the Pope, in Birmingham this morning at the Beatification of Newman, the wonderful show of emotion and support in Scotland, tell us, and tell Dawkins, is that it is us, not the Pope that should give the firebrand atheists the greatest concern. We are told that around 10,000 people turned out in support of the atheist cause for protesting …