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It sounds ridiculous, but this is how it always begins...

As has been widely reported, the Journal of Medical Ethics has published a paper in which medical 'ethicists' argue the case for 'post-birth abortion' of new born babies. From what I have read of comments on The Telegraph's coverage of the article, there is a palpable sense of shock and disbelief that such an article should make an entrance into the public domain. This is the kind of thing you expect medical 'ethicists' to think, or perhaps even say between themselves while debating medical ethics. It isn't the kind of thing you would expect to find in a journal for the British Medical Journal Group.

It is, of course, reassuring that readers of The Telegraph are overwhelmingly not in favour of new born baby killing, but we should not fall into the trap of believing that this ludicrous and repugnant idea ends today, once it has been trashed by the British public.

Neither should we be so naive as to think that this is just a case of medical philosophers d…

Gay Marriage: The Musical Test

I was thinking earlier today about music and romantic love and how, down the ages, the 'love song' or the 'wedding song' really doesn't fit with the whole appeal to 'love' made by proponents of 'gay marriage'.

Of course, I'll doubtless be called a 'bigoted homophobe' for saying this, even though I've been nothing but honest about my 'orientation' so best I say it now while there is a modicum of free speech in the country. What I was thinking is this: I can't, off the top of my head, think of any 'gay love' songs that say 'wedding' or even 'happy long term relationship of mutual love, happiness and respect'. I can't really think of any 'gay love' songs to be honest - I mean, not many that speak of the unbridled joy of same-sex attraction.

The only songs that I know which are either blatantly or obliquely about 'gay love' or gay attraction are either a) tortured, melancholic, con…

Puppy Love

In simpler days, teachers would tell children how to cope with 'puppy love'. Now, they don't bother. Now they just tell them how to do it 'doggie style'. And to 'wear a condom', naturally...

Advertisement: 150th Anniversary Mass for St Mary Magdalen Church

Just in case you missed it, there is a rather special Mass tomorrow at St Mary Magdalen's. If you're a Brightonian or in any way local, or happen to be in Brighton today, come to the 150th Anniversary Celebration Mass of St Mary Magdalen Church. For future events and news, see the 150 Years website.

Wake Up to the Reality of Hell

Bishop Mark Davies has issued a Lenten pastoral letter calling upon Catholics in the Diocese of Shrewsbury to wake up to the reality of Hell.

It is a sad reflection of the Church in England and Wales that a Bishop discussing the Church's teaching on the eternal fate of those who die separated from God by free will, should be newsworthy. All Bishops, surely, should be mentioning the Four Last Things to the Faithful at least once a year. This shouldn't really be Catholic news, but incredibly, it is.

It is better for us to wake up to reality of Hell in this life, rather than to wake up to the reality of Hell in the life of the next. Certainly, the Church's Doctrine on Hell puts paid to those arguments against us by those who posit that we hold God to be a cuddly 'sky fairy' figure who nods approvingly of human conduct whatever we believe or do, or indeed, what we do not do. Having said that, even the Church's Doctrine on Purgatory should inspire us to examine our…

Lynne Featherstone: Government Minister for the Promotion of Homosexuality

The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, is outshining both his successor and our own Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, in defending natural marriage against the State. He, at least, appears to be publicly conversant in the issues that are at stake if marriage should be redefined by the State. Unlike our own Catholic Archbishop, he appears to be in combatant mood when it comes to defending natural marriage. More power to his elbow.

He knows what is at stake. Let us remind ourselves once more of what, exactly, is at stake. For 'gay marriage' is not fundamentally a movement by the State recognising the inequality and injustice experienced by the lesbian and homosexual community. If that needed to be addressed, it surely already has been. It is only this on surface level. 'Gay marriage' is a radical departure from traditional morality so great, so culturally explosive, so antithetical to societal expectations and norms, so contradictory to objective morality, th…

Calthorpe Clinic is at the Heart of the Sex-Selective Abortions Scandal

Abortion is a scandal and a nationwide one at that. National concern has now been raised, at ministerial levels, and abortion has been again placed back into the spotlight in the light of The Telegraph'sinvestigation into sex-selective abortions taking place at clinics in the United Kingdom.

For years, over 40 years in fact, Britain's rather loose pro-life coalition has been saying that eugenic abortion would be the end result of the liberalisation of abortion law in the United Kingdom, to howls of derision from pro-abortion lobbyists who supposedly convinced parliamentarians that all such fears were grounded in suspicion and paranoia. Now, finally, the idea that these fears were grounded in paranoia can be put safely to bed. The Calthorpe Clinic in Edgbaston, Birmingham, now finds itself at the heart of the sex-selective abortion revelations exposed by The Telegraph.  How ironic that this should be the case. Historically, the Calthorpe Clinic has always been at the forefront …


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Sex-Selective Abortion in the United Kingdom

The Telegraph has produced an investigation that has led Health Minister, Andrew Lansley, to condemn the practice of sex-selective abortions in the United Kingdom. Obviously, its morally repugnant to abort for such arbitrary 'social reasons', but to commit genocide against Down's Syndrome babes in the womb is hunky dory. Of course, all those people arguing that hard cases make bad law in the run up to the passing of the Abortion Act, and who argued we may be placing our vaselined feet onto a steep slope towards an explicitly eugenic society were just barking, right-wing, pro-life nutters. Are The Guardian and the BBC covering this story, I wonder? Ah, I see the stories are covered, but, alas, and not surprisingly for these liberal institutions, this doesn't appear to be 'major headline news'.

Ken and Gay Marriage

From Dystopia

Here is a question for you. What do IVF and gay marriage have in common? Answer: They are both methods by which children are acquired by those who cannot have them naturally, by means divorced from procreation. Both are morally evil and run contrary to the natural law, just in case you were wondering.

Ken Livingstone has been quoted as defending to the hilt the 'Gospel according to Stonewall'.

He is somewhat predictable because obviously he is 'playing to the gallery' but then part of our problem is that marriage has, in a real sense, gone from being a sacred institution knitting society together to a rather flimsy legal arrangement that can be unmade as quickly as it is made. Marriage hasn't yet been redefined but in the public consciousness it has lost allmeaning. Successive governments have egged on the erosion of the institution of marriage, for reasons known only to them (though we can make plausible suggestions as to those reasons).

As an instit…

Petition to Save Marriage from Being Redefined

If you haven't already done so, sign the Petition to protect natural marriage.

See a list of over 21,000 signatories here.

Has the Archbishop of Westminster signed yet?

You Can't Make An Omelette Without Breaking a Few Eggs

From Dystopia...

In one sense you could say the social experiment of liberalism lacks vision, since tearing down the structures that bind society, such as family and natural marriage is borne out of the desire to see new personal freedoms glorified. For most liberals, I suspect this is the case. A lot of liberals just ‘go along’ with the liberal social project because it meets their personal desires. However, there are some liberals for whom the destruction of the old order is imperative because they have a vision of a new society and as every historian will tell you, you cannot build a new society unless you first destroy the old one.

There must be some liberals who have a vision of a new society, you see, because new laws are seldom created for no reason whatsoever. Less seldom are they made because its citizens want them. Sad as it is, that simply is not how democracy works. People in power make new laws because they know that this will have some kind of an impact on society. Ever…


I am in the process of writing an essay entitled Dystopia for The Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsmathat may turn into a book. Have a read, let me know of what you think of it so far and most of all, pray for me that I may be inspired by the Holy Spirit.

It concerns such issues as artificial contraception, 'gay marriage' and the huge threat to both the liberty of the Catholic Church and human freedom that is posed by the State's expanding role over human affairs. In the essay I suggest that true Christian sexual morality, as taught by the Catholic Church, is far more subversive to the present political, social and moral order of the United Kingdom, far more subversive to the State, than is any other human ideology or, indeed, any terrorist.

The Catholic Church's religious liberty is the only defense against the power of the State to dictate to every generation of children that they should live according to the teachings not of the Church, but of the State. The essay takes…