Ken and Gay Marriage

From Dystopia

Here is a question for you. What do IVF and gay marriage have in common? Answer: They are both methods by which children are acquired by those who cannot have them naturally, by means divorced from procreation. Both are morally evil and run contrary to the natural law, just in case you were wondering.

Ken Livingstone has been quoted as defending to the hilt the 'Gospel according to Stonewall'.

He is somewhat predictable because obviously he is 'playing to the gallery' but then part of our problem is that marriage has, in a real sense, gone from being a sacred institution knitting society together to a rather flimsy legal arrangement that can be unmade as quickly as it is made. Marriage hasn't yet been redefined but in the public consciousness it has lost all meaning. Successive governments have egged on the erosion of the institution of marriage, for reasons known only to them (though we can make plausible suggestions as to those reasons).

As an institution, marriage has done seven rounds in the ring with Mike Tyson and was already severely on the ropes. Gay marriage is merely the knockout blow. Take Ken, for example. He has, according to the Mail, had 'two marriages, one long-term relationship, five children, as well as donating his sperm to a couple of female friends so they could have kids.' It sounds to me like Ken doesn't really take marriage particularly seriously and that's why he's able to support gay marriage - because he doesn't take marriage seriously and neither, of course, do our friends at Stonewall and the overwhelming majority of our parliamentarians. You see, in order to take marriage seriously, it helps rather to take your marriage seriously. Given the donation of his sperm to his female friends, he doesn't seem to take children very seriously either. To Ken, getting someone a child is like getting someone an I-Pad for their birthday. 'Here you go! I knew you didn't have one of these - enjoy it!'

Who knows, perhaps Ken is angling for a gay marriage himself as he doesn't seem to have tied the noose with his current 'partner'. Obviously, there's nothing wrong with suggesting someone might be a homosexual today, because there's nothing wrong or 'unnatural' or 'abnormal' about homosexuality. It's perfectly 'natural' and 'healthy'. So Ken can't sue because if homosexuality is as normal as fish on Ash Wednesday for Catholics, nobody can be offended if someone tells Ken they think he is a homosexual. For the record, I don't think Ken is a homosexual. No, I think he's a womaniser. I'm just making a point.

The proponents of same-sex marriage have to keep us talking about 'equality' because it stops people from talking about anything else. It's become a media buzz word forming the language of irreproachable LGBT dogma. Who could argue with a group of people arguing for 'equality'? Anyone who would argue against 'equality' must be some raving fascist, naturally, and questioning the dogma of 'equality' or the foundations upon which it is built - i.e, the promotion of buggery, mutual masturbation and the sterile lust that a person can share for another member of the same sex - is inherently fascistic and has no part to play in a pluralistic society in which all views are welcome bar those that do not chime in harmony with 'equality'.

In the modern view, men are equal to women, despite their vastly different biology, and so the male-male sexual relationship and the female-female sexual relationship are equal to the male-female relationship. Therefore, heterosexual couples have, for all of these centuries, been 'keeping' and 'hogging' marriage to themselves, greedily, while keeping their eyes out for any gays who might be lurking around who may desire to steal this joyful, if now secular institution, so that it should never pass into the hands of those who are not heterosexual. "Why have heterosexuals got this right!" cries the homosexual movement. "We want the same rights as you! We want marriage rights!"

But who on earth said that marriage is a 'right' in the first place? Even so called 'straight marriage'? The genius of the vociferous, narcissistic gay lobby is that they have created a 'right' where before there never was such a thing. There was no 'marriage right' before the LGBT juggernaut came along. There were 'conjugal rights' certainly, but no 'right to marriage'. And if such a 'right' did exist, people seldom heard about it because in simpler days marriage was, in fact, a solemn responsibility, or even a duty which heralded the end of a man's batchelorhood, the end of a woman's single status and the beginning of a new journey together in matrimony, raising children together. Marriage only becomes a 'right' at the exact point that you decide to change its meaning. Funny that, isn't it?

Sure, the heterosexual couple might have been very much in love - it certainly helps - the day may have been filled with song, celebration, nice dresses, booze and a few tears of joy, but marriage wasn't primarily about a one-off day of celebration. It was about a man and a woman 'pairing off' to live together, to raise children and love one another until the scary man with the big scythe separates them. That'll be Death, by the way, not Trevor Phillips. Marriage was all of these things yet it was never promoted in society as a right. When it had societal or moral value it was less as a right than as a duty. And when the first roaring fires of love died down, this couple would stay together 'in sickness and in health' for 'richer or poorer' because of the sense of duty to their vows. Without a sense of duty, for instance, you could not raise the children who bonded your marriage together even further, crowning your marriage with new life. Without duty, you couldn't forgive habits that become more irritating after the rose-tinted glasses have fallen off after a few years.

Now, the reason that I mentioned IVF at the beginning is that in simpler days while marriage was not thought of as a 'right', so too, neither were children. Though in modern times people insist that they are, neither marriage nor children are 'rights'. You do not have the 'right to marriage'. Marriage is a solemn duty, a public oath, too, involving well known vows, in which a man and a woman voluntarily accept an exclusive and binding, lifelong union in the hope of offspring. The couple have children, hopefully. Those children have children and the parents become grandparents or even great grandparents. That is what makes a family and that is what society is made up of - families - lots and lots and lots of them - not lots of different kinds of them. That is the basis of every human society.  The family. The great problem is that the LGBT society do not care about society. They care only about the LGBT society. Corporately, a more selfish and self-serving group of people, you could not possibly meet. They care about their society. Society itself, on the other hand, can go hang, especially if it does not acquiesce with their increasingly fantastical demands.

The idea of children being a 'right' is another act of 'rights' conjury that lends itself to the LGBT community and, in particular, its relentless desire for homosexuality to be uncritically accepted into the mainstream of human society. It can only be the culture of IVF that has given society this warped view of children. Gay and lesbian couples do not merely believe that they have a 'right' to marriage, but a 'right' to children. In particular, they believe they have a right to other people's children since by virtue of their sorry condition they cannot have 'their own'. You do not have a 'right' to children. In fact, nobody does. Every child is a gift, and a gift from Almighty God at that. It is the duty of parents to raise those children and, we would say, to raise them 'in the fear of the Lord'.

What astonishes me is the sneering contempt that Stonewall and the LGBT community have for those who support natural marriage, yet they fail to appreciate that while they may believe that anyone who doesn't recognise their claims to marriage is 'bigoted', that gay and lesbian couples can only obtain children from one kind of sexual relationship and that is a heterosexual one. Whether its through adoption, surrogacy or even in the morally bankrupt world of IVF, a sperm must meet an egg and yet two men only have sperm and two women only have eggs. Whatever homosexuals think of marriage, when it comes to children it will always be a threesome for them, at least. Whatever the method, somehow the union of the male and female reproductive vitals that enable new life to be born are required for their same-sex 'love' to be 'blessed' by children and there is no way, not a screaming tomcat in Hades's chance that homosexuals or lesbians can obtain children without male and female in some way being united. More worryingly, it involves the commodification of children and sex.

In same-sex relationships and marriages, for children to come along, another person of the opposite sex has to be used for their reproductive gift, be it man or woman, perhaps for money. In gay marriage, either the State gives children to you or you have to buy them. How very Brave New World. Whatever it is about, it is not about love. It wouldn't surprise me if one day all men and women are required by the Government to hand over their sperm and eggs so that gays and lesbians can have society's children. After all, not to do so would be 'bigoted', 'homophobic' and 'unequal', so either you masturbate into this vial now, or agree to having your eggs removed now, or I'm sorry, but you'll face either prison or a huge fine. No conscience clause for the religious, obviously, because religious people are just being 'homophobic' if they refuse.

The militant homosexual activist lobby has spent a great deal of time and energy persuading Parliament and society that it must be given 'rights' when, in fact, these 'rights' are non-existent in society. Marriage exists for men and women so that they may, in stability, bring forth children, who then have children and so on and so forth, in order that human society may flourish and so that human society may in fact, continue. That is why marriage - and there is only one kind that is fruitful - is the bedrock of society. I might add, if marriage is such a tremendous and urgent 'right' then how come it is a 'right' that fewer and fewer heterosexuals are taking up now more than any time in the history of the United Kingdom. Perhaps heterosexual couples have taken it for granted and are happier living in sin and fornicating. Meanwhile, those homosexuals want to show them how great marriage really can be when its done in a very alternative manner. Not Christian marriage, but marriage nonetheless, in their eyes.

Anyway, about those children, those children who are society's future. Children are at risk from gay marriage if, for no other reason, they are to be educated in its ways. Why would a State, even a State that has divorced itself from its Christian roots, desire that children be educated about homosexuality in the context of the new respect which will be conferred upon it in the light of the homosexual union's new and glorified position in society, once it has raised to the status and dignity of marriage? Why would the State want to confuse children about down which avenue to walk in their lives, when they are so young and still possibly (they'll be lucky) innocent of the adult world?

Since, in future, both 'gay marriage' and 'straight marriage' will be presented like for like, it seems to me to be obvious that true and natural marriage will be undermined and fatally weakened. Obviously, in this dystopian vision of British life, the teacher will not be able to present one form of marriage as better than another because that would just be 'homophobic' and 'unequal'. If gay marriage and relationships and heterosexual relationships (because actually, natural marriage hasn't been taught in schools for years) are to be treated equally, then the teacher should not be surprised if children experiment first to see which sex feels better. Remember, you have to teach children how to 'do sex' too, on their own, with members of the same and opposite sex too, because that's what modern sex education is. It isn't about marriage and it isn't about children. It's about sex being as recreational as kicking the ball around at break-time.

After all, feelings are what sex and love are all about as far as today's class of children are taught, right? Then, once they've had sex education so amoral that gay marriage (and relationships) and straight marriage (and relationships) are equal in value then the children can take it from there and see how they get along in the exciting world of experimental sex with members of the same sex and members of the opposite sex. Wow! What a candy store the classroom is, eh?! Then, Ms O'Reilly can just go home, put her feet up and know she's done a good day's work, while all the kids are experimenting over whether to be homosexuals or heterosexuals, have straight marriage or gay marriage. If the Catholic Church tried this, it would be child abuse, but when Stonewall campaign for it, its 'equality'.

Yes, I can see the future is bright for natural marriage in this country if gay marriage becomes law. The future's very rosy, indeed. Maybe when the children get past their 30s or 40s, if by some Miracle they haven't got HIV, HPV, or some other horrendous new STI, many of the girls having had multiple abortions each and ending up sticking with other girls instead because they'll know they can't get pregnant with them, there might, might just be a very small minority who will consider natural marriage. But there will be even less then than there are now who realise relatively early in life that natural marriage is ordered towards human happiness as well as procreation and the continuation of the species.

You think I'm being alarmist? I think that that vision is actually rather optimistic. Children need boundaries. You give them moral boundaries when they are young because they will also need them as they get older. If you tell children there are no boundaries whatsoever in childhood or adulthood, you can expect more riots and a seriously, seriously messed up youth that makes even today's appear mild and sensible. In fact, you might just as well go around your neighbourhood with cans of petrol and set fire to it yourselves now.

You may not want the Church's view on marriage now, but you'll doubtless want the Church's help in the clean-up operation when society implodes because children grow up into adults with no moral boundaries whatsoever, because if sex, which goes to the heart of our very humanity, is a game, and marriage is a game, then so is theft and so is setting fire to buildings. You have taught them there are no objective moral values and so they will behave as such. You may as well forget about a future in Britain built on families. Oh, of course, you'll want the Church to help feed the increased homeless population caused by a sex-addicted, psychologically scarred, narcissistic, drug-addled, abused and abusive society full of children and adults from predominantly one-parent families fracturing wider and deeper than Broken Britain already is. Oh well, its your funeral, United Kingdom. Maybe you have to destroy society first before you realise that Britain is more Broken than even Cameron says it is now, because marriage is no longer seen as sacred or something to be treasured.

Or maybe that's all part of the plan, because by that time, of course, not just the Church's liberty will have gone because She can no longer speak out against 'gay marriage', but yours will have gone also, since the only way you can govern a country in anarchic meltdown is by martial law. Then, whether you wanted to be, or indeed not, your life, your very personhood and your marriage and your children really will belong to the State, as well as your sperm and your eggs. See, until it is ready to worship the State as the answer to all its woes all society must be in flux. The forces of liberalism in the State want society to degenerate until it collapses from its own internal contradictions. Society must be brought to its knees by its own internal moral, spiritual and economic collapse. Then you'll hand your very self over to the State. Then and only then will you wish you had listened to the Church, Whose liberty alone acts as guarantor of your freedom against the power of the State.


Patricius said…
"...tied the noose..."

Freudian slip? I like it!
klaus said…
Meanwhile, Boris has procured an abortion.
Paulinus said…
I wonder what his Muslim chums make of his shenaningans and his support for gay marriage?
Anonymous said…
I've bumped into Ken and he is a seriously creepy guy. I was down by Trafalgar Square about 18 months ago and there must have been a demo on and he just walked past me with a couple of people in his entourage. He had 'presence' alright but the wrong type of 'presence' if you know what I mean - creepy. He just oozed it. I wouldn't trust him as far as I could sling him.

Anonymous said…
This will wind you up Laurence. It certainly wound me up. Look at this:

+Vin isn't being directly quoted here a lot of the time but...I wonder where his full answers can be found.


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