Speak Your Mind

How is your reply to the survey coming along?

I have answered two questions and am nearly ready to hand in the towel.

It's so arduous.

If you ever wanted to anonymously make plain your thoughts on the way in which the Faithful have been so poorly catechised by the Bishops of England and Wales, now is your opportunity. 

Say it now, you may never get another chance.
Question 2b: Is the idea of the natural law in the union between a man and a woman commonly accepted as such by the baptized in general? 

A. Probably not, but you have not really taught the idea effectively for decades so can you really blame them?


Tim said…
Off-topic but timely - St Anthony's relics visiting London this weekend:
The time and money (from our poor church for the poor) that has been spent on this amazingly well-elaborated worldwide survey could have been invested in catechesis for married and soon-to-be- married couples.

The German bishops haven´t been so quick. There is no German survey available online until now.
"Is cohabitation ad experimentum a pastoral reality in your particular Church?" ( Question 4a)

I wonder if our German bishops will also use such an elegant language to describe a mortal sin that is rampant for decades because of their complete "pastoral" failure.
Pelerin said…
I began to wonder whether I was growing senile as I progressed slowly through the questions. Talk about complicated. Surely they could have been simplified.

It must be so difficult for couples today preparing for marrriage and wishing to follow the teachings of the Church. When my future husband and I were preparing for marriage we were able to attend talks given locally on every aspect of marriage by the Catholic Marriage Advisory Council. Does this still exist? I have not heard it mentioned for many years.

As Martina Katholik writes - instead of putting out this survey the money should have been spent on catechising engaged couples as the CMAC once did.
Physiocrat said…
Are the people who devised this survey living on another planet?
Lynda said…
What the hell does "pastoral reality" mean? This is loaded with false premises. Cohabitation is occurring among baptised people in large numbers for decades. Would there be fewer engaging in this continuous grave sin if their respective priests, bishops and parents had done their pastoral duty towards them? Of course!!!
Lynda said…
The "complication" is a ploy to hide from addressing the truth and to disguise moral and faith issues in the pseudo-scientific language of sociology, etc. Modernistic relativism.
Celia said…
This was a nightmare to complete. It was surely not really intended for lay people. Still I used the opportunity to (constructively of course!)give my opinion of catechesis at the parish and diocesan level and the less than fervent evangelising of most of our hierarchy.

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