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It's official: The sensus fidelium maintains that He is a Catholic God

Yes. Of course He is.
  27 (60%)
No. He is entirely Other.
  4 (8%)
Yes. He was Jewish but, oh its complicated. At least He showed no interest in Mormonism. Deo gratias!
  2 (4%)
Yes, if Mary is Catholic, then her Son is, her Son is God, therefore God is Catholic.
Yes. If the visible Head of the Church is Catholic, then the Invisible Head is, since the visible head is Vicar of Christ.
  10 (22%)
Okay, now you've really spun me out. Your telling me God is a Jewish Convert to the Catholic Faith?
  0 (0%)
Christ is wedded to His Church. His Church is Catholic, Christ is God, therefore God is Catholic.
  11 (24%)
Just chill out. It's a Mystery.
  3 (6%)
No, I will not chill out. Jesus Christ is Lord, Second Person of the Trinity. He founded the Catholic Church. The Divine Founder is not indifferent to His Church. In fact, it is His Bride!
  11 (24%)
Yes, but does that answer whether God is 'a Catholic God'?
  1 (2%)
Jesus said, 'I am the Vine, you are the branches.' If the branches are Catholic, they come from a Catholic Vine. Jesus is God. Ergo, God is a Catholic God. He can never be separated from that Divine Institution which He has established.
  12 (26%)
To deny that God is a Catholic God would be to deny that God became Man.
  5 (11%)
Yes, but God is still Other, regardless that He founded the Catholic Church.
  4 (8%)
In Holy Communion, Jesus gives us His Body, Blood, Soul, Humanity and Divinity. Holy Communion unites me to Jesus. I am Catholic. Need I say more?
  10 (22%)
So you are saying you are Jewish?
  0 (0%)
Right, I'm off to the pub. This is doing my head in.
  3 (6%)
I cannot tell you what God is, but I can tell you what God is not and He is not a Freemason and He is certainly NOT a Protestant!
  4 (8%)
He is Lord of the Universe. He is Lord of the Catholic Church. He is THE LORD.
Yes...but He's still Catholic.
  11 (24%)


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