More 'Signs and Wonders'

Brother Sun is about to flip and a Comet is hurtling towards the Sun
Within weeks of each other, two cosmic events are to take place in close succession. The Sun's magnetic fields are about to flip, according to scientists. While the Sun's poles do this every 11 years, apparently, according to scientists, coronal mass ejections are said to be likely. That could be bad news for bloggers and everyone else if electrical power grids are shafted.

The other event is a Comet, ISON, that will shine as bright as the moon to onlookers, which is hurtling towards the direction of the Sun. Perhaps both of these events will pass of peacefully and we'll just see a spectacular light show, but I think these events may fall under the bracket, 'Fearful the heavens'.

In the 'bad old days' people considered such things to be omens, portents, warnings and were filled with foreboding. In the Middle Ages people would flock to Churches to repent and to pray. These days, we've 'moved on' from that kind of thing. Perhaps we have, but it appears that Almighty God, Who holds and sustains the entire Universe according to His will, has not.

Whatever happens, I think we can be assured that neither climate change nor fracking will be to blame. So, be you in Margate or Medjugorje, I guess we'll all be looking up when these stars collide wondering, 'Does this mean my redemption is near at hand?'


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