I just watched the BBC's programme on Comet ISON. I'm not a science boffin, but I like this Comet from the start because it reminded me of Our Lady - all that blue and white. I also like the fact that after so much investigation scientists cannot work out this Comet. It's 'unpredictable'. Not too unpredictable I hope!

If it has survived, which is seems to have in some shape or form, it might be perfect timing for the procession St Mary Magdalen Church is having on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception in Brighton. Do come if you are in the region. If I can remember, I'm going to try and invite some Coptic newsagents and Kebab shop owners. They love Our Lady even though most of these newsagents still sell porn and condoms in their shops.

The latest news on it is here. It seems to have scientists baffled. That's good. I love the fact they still aren't sure how water got here. We Catholics, we love a bit of mystery. Wow. That's pretty amazing footage. I'm a medievalist, so I'll be counting my beads...


jeremiah said…
Ennnnnd tiiiiiiimes!

Comets mark pestilence, doom and cataclysm - nothing good can come of it!
They are Promethean!
Physiocrat said…
I thought science could explain EVERYTHING.

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