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Remember When the BBC Was Good?

Even the theme tunes were good for their heartfelt, poignant sitcoms.

Oh BBC! Whatever happened to you? Is the World so bad you want to encourage people to be childless?!

If Contraception is the Best Way to Combat STIs and Teen Pregnancy...

...then why does the NHS Direct website suggest that contraception fails very regularly indeed?

The website home page has a link to 'contraception enquiries', which, if you follow it will bring you to the webpage above. Other 'Symptom Checkers', which appear on the NHS Direct site every time you visit it are 'male sexual health' and 'female sexual health'. In fact, given that these are the only 'Symptom Checkers' that appear on the home page of the site, one could be forgiven for thinking that the NHS only exists to provide advice about 'emergency contraception', the most pernicious phrase ever invented, since the 'emergency' only becomes apparant once you are worried that you have already conceived.

Breaking News: Pro-Lifers Arrested Outside Wiston Clinic

For one reason and another, I did not attend the pro-life display outside the Wiston Clinic off Dyke Road, Brighton today. By the way, I don't know why it is not called 'Wiston BPAS Abortion Clinic', but I suppose that abortion clinics would rather keep their practises available and legal, post-the Abortion Act (1967), but retain the 'backstreet' secrecy and shadowy vagueness of their operations pre-the Abortion Act (1967).

Why aren't they honest? They need to sell themselves more. "Wiston BPAS Abortion Clinic: Premium Providers of Abortions to the Community of Brighton and Hove".

Anyway, the Abort67 representatives in Brighton today went back to the same place they did last week, with the same placards as they did last week, when they were confronted by a policeman who told them that he could "see no problem" with what they, or rather, we, were doing. For those who do not follow this blog, basically the Abort67 representatives turned up out…

Why Emmaus UK is Nothing But a Modern Day Workhouse

I've just paid a visit to Emmaus Portslade. After a sudden 'recall' by Fiat, my car was at a garage in the area having the ABS fixed because, apparently, due to the problem of "salt and water getting in to the ABS system", my car could have exploded at any time during the last five years. Sobering stuff, eh?

Nearby was an Emmaus Community so I popped in and took a look around at the furniture store which used to be a consecrated chapel and had some beans on toast in their unconsecrated cafe. If you don't know anything about Emmaus a charity supporting homeless people, I'll give you a general introduction lifted from the Emmaus website.

'The first Emmaus Community was founded in Paris in 1949 by Father Henri-Antoine Groues, better known as the Abbé Pierre, a Catholic priest, MP and former member of the French Resistance during the Second World War. As an MP, he fought to provide homes for those who lived on the streets of Paris'
'Emmaus Communit…

Be Persistent!

"Lord, I am dust and ashes but allow me, if You will, to be bold with You.

If I can find only ten just Bishops, will You spare us from liturgical innovations and 'Shine Jesus Shine'?


A Rough Deal for Rough Sleepers

Paul is a regular recipient of soup and sandwiches on the St Mary Magdalen Soup Run. He's been in Brighton for 6 months having left Nottingham and is concerned about what he will do when winter comes.

I managed to talk with him on Sunday after Mass at St Mary Magdalen Church, having recognised him from the Soup Run. He sleeps at various points along the seafront of Brighton, in a tent with another homeless man.

We talked at length about homelessness and in particular the efforts, or lack thereof, of the Council to provide assistance to them. Paul's experience of the services offered by the Council have been less than satisfactory.

Paul says, "The big problems I am facing at the moment in my dealings with the Council is the local connection policy and in particular I have problems with the Rough Sleepers Team."

The Rough Sleepers Team's full name is the Rough Sleepers, Street Services & Relocation Team (RSSSRT). They do attempt to facilitate hostel accommodati…

Some Thoughts on Abortion and the Pro-Life Movement

On Tuesday I attended a pro-life vigil outside Wiston's Clinic. The vigil passed off peacefully. The police had been alerted by the organiser of the display and came to see us, telling us that it was all okay and above board and that they wouldn't be bothering us.

It is the first time I have ever stood outside an abortion clinic bearing witness to the victims of abortion. As the day progressed, it became more and more obvious that the victims of abortion included the women who entered in those clinic doors.

I must say that the pro-life movement has a fine line to tread. We held a large banner showing what an abortion at 8 weeks actually looks like, and obviously, it looks as horrific as it is. It is the terrible truth about abortion shown in its true graphic light. I couldn't help thinking, though, that although the image itself is powerful, thought-provoking and hard-hitting, that it would serve better to be displayed on the other side of the building, where cars lined th…

A Guide to Penitential Gardening

Someone clever once said you are never so close to God as when gardening. This is, of course, patently untrue, because we are closest to God when we receive Him in Holy Communion. Flippin' Protestants!

Still, how much closer are we to God when suffering, especially when we suffer willingly for the sake of the God who loved us unto death, even death on a Cross? We can suffer gladly in reparation for our sins, in union with Christ Crucified and offer up these pains for the conversion of sinners, the Church Suffering in Purgatory and perhaps most importantly of all, in these times when a Papal Visit to the UK is starting to resemble a drive in Helmund Province, the liberty and exaltation of our Holy Mother, the Church.

Gardening is a perfect way to mortify the flesh. Are you finding it hard to overcome your fragile, fallen, human nature? Well, aren't we all, but, see, help is at hand. Let nature conquer nature! Let nature herself overpower you! Gardening, if done totally reckless…

State Cover Up of Child Abuse?

Courtesy of Daily Mail Online...

'Disturbing' secret manual reveals brutal methods used on youths held in child prisons
A government manual instructing prison staff on how to inflict pain on teenage inmates was today labelled 'state authorised child abuse'.

The Ministry of Justice was forced to release details of its approved 'restraint and (Was it like some kind of a journalistic headlock, do you think?) self-defence techniques' for children in secure training centres after a lengthy freedom of information battle.

The secret manual, Physical Control In Care, authorises staff to 'use an inverted knuckle into the trainee's sternum and drive inward and upward.' It adds: 'Continue to carry alternate elbow strikes to the young person's ribs until a release is achieved.'

The document, written in 2005 but classified as secret, also tells staff to 'drive straight fingers into the young person's face, and then quickly drive the straighten…

Important Women in the Church

There are so many aspects to the 'women priests' argument that are at odds with the Church that it is difficult to know where to begin. Theologically speaking, on so many grounds, those who seek a change in Church teaching on this subject (or indeed any subject) are all at sea.

It strikes me that those who campaign for 'women priests' in the Church really misunderstand what the Church understands by 'vocation', as well as the Church's mission as a whole. St Therese of Lisieux joyfully exclaimed that she had found her vocation within the Church. She was, as the large majority of Catholics know, a nun. Surely, anyone who has become a nun, one would have thought, has already discovered their vocation? However, St Therese, because of her great sanctity and profound friendship with Our Lord, suggests that she only discovered her true vocation after she had made her profession to enter a convent. Her vocation was to be 'Love in the Heart of the Church'. …

Pro-Life Display Outside Wistons Clinic

Callings all people in Brighton.

I have received an email from the local SPUCgroup.

'I wanted to make you aware of a display we are planning to do next Tuesday outside Wistons "clinic". Would you be interested in joining us at some point in the day? We would like to stay as long as we can but need more people to help hold banners. We are aware of one child being led to the slaughter that day but suspect there are more.'
If you are a Brightonian who would like to be present at the display and vigil outside Wiston's Abortuary on Dyke Road in Brighton, please contact Andy at

Andy has asked that I draw your attention to the Abort 67 website, but be prepared for some 'graphic' images which you may find very disturbing and profoundly distressing.

More information to come as soon as I get it.

If you cannot make it to the display...pray!

"This Time Next Year..."

I discovered with great joy yesterday that the Open Market off London Road is running car boot sales every Saturday 8am - 3pm throughout July and possibly every Wednesday in August.

I managed to cram a load of tat (remember Gerald Ratner's big mistake?) from the garage of St Mary Magdalen's today into my car and flog some. It's really incredible what crap people will buy if its a bargain!

Someone offered to buy my car. I said £5,000 minimum. He took my number! If I got that I'd get a half-decent van and start doing this buying/selling scam bigtime. We didn't do half-badly, not that great, but a weekly thing would be a regular source of income for the Building Fund. Who knows, maybe I can begin collecting stuff and make some money myself.

I do love a good car boot sale. Friends have been encouraging me to go to auctions and sell stuff to try and make a living. I've also got the pickles and chutney recipe book waiting if I should get a regular stall somewhere. Amo…

Exclusive: Bishops Conference 'Working Closely' with Apache Indian

Catholics in the United Kingdom, living in anticipation of the Papal Visit in September, have been bhoyed by the latest news sweeping across parishes concerning planned proceedings at Hyde Park.

Individual parishes with parties of parishioners eager to sign up to see the Holy Father at Hyde Park had already been informed that 'liturgical entertainment' would be an exciting part of the day when Pope Benedict XVI arrives to give his blessing the faithful in London.

It can now be exclusively revealed exactly what the Bishops Conference of England and Wales meant by 'liturgical entertainment'. Sources close to the Bishops had already mentioned that an exciting asian musical artist named may be involved in the planning and 'execution' of liturgical entertainment.

We can now exclusively reveal that the name of that artist is Apache Indian. The musician, whose hit record, 'Boom-Shak-Alak' reached number 5 in the charts in 1993 and featured in the Hollywood co…

Don't Cry for Me, Argentina...

In the increasingly heated battle between the liberalism of the secular world and the Catholic Church, the culture of death has claimed an unlikely and surprising victim.

Now that Europe has largely thrown in the towel in defending Christianity, it looks very much as if Latin America, yes even Latin America, is going to fall, with Argentina the first country to cave in and 'legalise gay marriage'.

Both Europe and Latin America has been given so much, especially by Our Blessed Lady down the ages. How terribly, terribly sad that nations so highly favoured should reject Heaven's Messengers and embrace new ideas about love and marriage which run totally contrary to the Gospel!

Requiescat in Pace

Neil McCormick of The Telegraph has written about Mark Linkous, lead singer and songwriter of Sparklehorse, one of the few original songwriters in this age of terrible music. The singer/songwriter, who had a small but very ardent and loyal fanbase, committed suicide after years of depression, shooting himself in the heart in an alley in Knoxville, aged 47. The world has lost a tender musician out of whose sufferings came much beautiful music. Pray for the eternal rest of his soul.

All round, it has been a sad time. I lost my Godmother, Joan Sparks. She was a neighbour when I was growing up in Letchworth and was quite literally one of my favourite people growing up. She was very kind and I always remember that.

She was widowed many years ago but even death could not end her devotion to her beloved husband. On one of the very few occasions I went to see her in Norfolk, before her move to a nursing home in Swanage, a town she loved, I saw a massive photograph portrait of him in her room.…

Royal Society Embraces Population Crackpots

Planet Earth. Isn't it beautiful? Earth. A planet on which tigers are a protected species but human beings in the womb are not. Who says there was no Fall?

Still, for all of our crimes and misdemeanours which spring therefrom there is something essentially wonderful about mankind, the pinnacle of all creation. It is just a shame that this view is not held by Royal Society.

I can't quite put my finger on why the Royal Society perturbs me. Perhaps its because there's too many people in it.

No, its not that. Perhaps its because there's too many people in it espousing Hitlerian solutions to the 'thorny' issue of population. Yes, I think that's it, though it has to be said that the population issue appears only to be 'thorny' to those who hate people.

According to the latest BBC report, who report some pretty controversial, highly contentious ideas more or less as articles of faith, they don't exactly say, "It's time for a massive cull of h…

Catholic Priest Spotted at Car Wash

I saw Fr Taddeusz, Brighton's Priest to the Polish Community yesterday, by sheer chance, at the Texaco Car Wash in Hove.

We had both decided to take advantage of the petrol station's 'budget' offer of a car wash for just £2 - an absolute bargain, I think you'll agree.

He was having trouble working the machine. The staff came out and sorted it out for him. What I found surprising was that he got out of the car just before the car wash started! He walked out and said, "I can't bear to be in the car when the car wash is going on. It frightens me."

This after years of Communist persecution in Poland! He's an Oratorian and when he came over here went straight to the Brompton Oratory and was then sent to Brighton to serve the Poles.

He was glad that there were three Polish players in the German team including Klose and Podolski. He's been busy with weddings, baptisms and the like and I had to inform him that the Germans had been knocked out 1-0 by t…

Anglican Church Stocks CTS Leaflets?

I was shown a CTS (Catholic Truth Society) leaflet the other day by someone who went into the CofE Church, St Bartholomew's, near London Road. It appears that the church have CTS leaflets about The Blessed Sacrament at the back of the Church.

It's one of those 'high Anglican' churches. One of those 'Anglo-Catholic' churches. That's right, a Protestant church.

They like traditional liturgy and having sacred music performed in their church every day and now it appears that they retain a healthy belief in the Real Presence, even though last I heard 99.9% of Anglican Orders are declared to be invalid.

The questions I had in my mind when I looked at the leaflet were; 'Why believe in one doctrine of Catholic Truth? Or indeed, why believe in a few? Is it just the doctrine of Papal Infallibility and Teaching Authority they don't get along with? Why have one leaflet at the back of the Church and not the full range, so to speak? Why protest at the Catholic C…

"You're Making Us Feel Uncomfortable"

On Thursday, George, Diane, Mister Paul and I went to Under the Bridge Studio, now under the Station, since they moved from under the viaduct in Beaconsfield Road and hired it for a couple of hours to rehearse a few songs.

Paul was on drums, George was on vocals, I was on guitar and Diane on tambourine.

One hour had elapsed before we were all thrown out. Ted, who readers of this blog will remember I caught on camera singing 'Flaming Star' by Elvis outside the Unemployed Centre, was waiting in the hall way with Ross, asking to come in. Ross is a very talented harmonica player, who I had asked to come and jam. By chance he brought with him Ted, who fancied a bit of singing.

Several of the impromptu band smelt of alcohol, but, still, none were causing any trouble nor I believe, would have. Some looked a bit rough around the edges, a couple are in hostels with a history of addiction (who doesn't have that history) and homelessness. Nobody was legless. Everyone was compus ment…

"No 'Cult of Personality' Pathology to Be Seen Here...Move Along Now..."

According to The Telegraph

'Tony Blair met nine boys named after him as he visited Kosovo. The group of young Tony Blairs sang Michael Jackson hit "We Are The World" against the backdrop of a huge billboard that said "a leader, a friend, a hero" referring to Blair.'
Pass me the bucket.

I sincerely hope that during the upcoming Papal Visit, Mr Blair does us  a favour and lays low for a while, following his long series of public statements against the Teaching of the Church, his public record as PM and prolongued failure to suggest he has changed his mind on any of those issues at which he was at odds with the Church, but I'm not holding my breath.

Who knows, maybe he Cherie and Chris Patten have got a liturgical dance routine up their sleeve that they're not telling us about?

Guess Who?

“I’m like a lot of other Catholics,” he says. “I don’t agree with everything that the Vatican says. But I admire this Pope intellectually and suspect he’s rather more open to dialogue with the 21st century than one or two of those who advise him.”
Guess who said it?

The answer will appear in small writing below...

Chris Patten, Emergency Diplomatic Golden Boy Following Gross Church Hierarchical Incompetence and Smoother Overer of Massive Cracks in the Organisation, Planning, Funding and Stewardship of the Papal Visit to the UK.

We all know that Pope Benedict XVI is clever, learned, scholarly, intellectual, wise, highly intelligent and in possession of an IQ so high that he could beat the entire Tablet editorial team at 'Scrabble', 'Cluedo' or even 'Guess Who?' within minutes.

Even more importantly than all of this, however, he is the Successor of St Peter, in whom Christ invested His Authority to teach the Faithful, or in His own words, to "feed My sheep&q…

Our Lady of Guadaloupe's Miraculous Image on UK Soil

The miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadaloupe is in the UK. It is touring. Here are the dates, with thanks to Maria Stops Abortion to whom I give a tip of the cap:

24th/25th July: Cathedral, Birmingham, Day for Life
7th September: Our Lady of Guadalupe Bedford Guardians Group, Knights of St Columba, full programme, Northampton 7:30pm, Service of Reception, Exposition, Prayer Vigil and Watching until midnight.8th September: Northampton, 7:30pm, Penitential Service10th September: Northampton Family/individual testimony and Prayer Service, Rosary12th September: Through Bedford main streets. Priests, parishioners and members from Catholic Churches and organisations in the Pastoral Area. Northampton, 2pm, Procession of Faith to celebrate the Visit of the Image, solidarity/support for Holy Father’s Visit to England. Ends with Liturgy and Musical Celebration (venue TBA)13th September: Holy Child and St Joseph, Bedford Northampton 7:30pm Diocesan Solemn Mass of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Bishop P…