Friday, 9 July 2010

"No 'Cult of Personality' Pathology to Be Seen Here...Move Along Now..."

According to The Telegraph

'Tony Blair met nine boys named after him as he visited Kosovo. The group of young Tony Blairs sang Michael Jackson hit "We Are The World" against the backdrop of a huge billboard that said "a leader, a friend, a hero" referring to Blair.'

Pass me the bucket.

I sincerely hope that during the upcoming Papal Visit, Mr Blair does us  a favour and lays low for a while, following his long series of public statements against the Teaching of the Church, his public record as PM and prolongued failure to suggest he has changed his mind on any of those issues at which he was at odds with the Church, but I'm not holding my breath.

Who knows, maybe he Cherie and Chris Patten have got a liturgical dance routine up their sleeve that they're not telling us about?

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georgem said...

Mr Blair lying low? What a sense of irony you have, Bones.
Liturgical dancing. Hmmmm. That would be the soft shoe shuffle away from Catholic doctrine.

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