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Who Lit the Blue Touch Paper?

The Vatican has today released stunning photography of the moment of the Big Bang, a theory expounded by irreligious and religious folk alike to offer an explanation of the origins of the Universe. Catholic commentators, taken somewhat aback by the papal endorsement of the Big Bang and evolutionary theories are today looking over one of the most controversial photographs released by the Vatican in Church history.

The stunning image shows the reigning Supreme Pontiff present at the moment of the huge explosion, the precise date of which is awfully difficult for historians to pin down. Some have been asking whether the image shows the Vicar of Christ actually doing the lighting of the blue touch paper, but the Vatican has assured Catholics through spokesperson Fr Frederico Lombardi, that it is clear there is no lighter in Pope Francis's hand, therefore, "while it cannot be ruled out that Pope Francis lit the blue touch paper, it cannot be said that he did."

Asked whether …

Pope Francis's First Angelus

It is worthwhile reminding ourselves of the First Angelus of Pope Francis in March 2013.

'Dear brothers and sisters, good morning! After our first meeting last Wednesday, today I again give my greetings to you all! And I am happy to do it on Sunday, the Lord's Day! This is beautiful and important for us Christians: to meet on Sunday, to greet one another, to talk as we are doing now, in the square. This square that, thanks to the media, takes on worldly dimensions. In this Fifth Sunday of Lent, the Gospel presents us with the story of the adulterous woman whom Jesus saves from being condemned to death. It captures Jesus' attitude: we do not hear words of contempt, we do not hear words of condemnation, but only words of love, of mercy, that invite us to conversion. 'Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more!' Well, brothers and sisters! God's face is that of a merciful father who is always patient. Have you thought about God's patience, the patience that…

When the Saints Go Marching Out

One of the stranger, but mostly unnoticed aspects of papal homilies, is the infrequency with which Pope Francis talks of the Saint commemorated on that particular day in the Church's calendar. It is as if the lives of the Saints are being airbrushed from the Pope's catechesis. I am sure you can find some exceptions and I'm not sure whether this is a Jesuit thing, but I would have thought that the Feast of St Simon and St Jude, glorious Apostles and Martyrs of the Church, would be good opportunities to talk of these heroic men who can help us by their powerful prayers.

On such a happy day, such as the Feast of the patron of cases despaired of, the Pope could easily encourage devotion to this Saint. Instead, his hearers received a homily about Catholic citizenship and how Christians should not be on the 'threshold' but in the Church. In general, I think I'm right in saying that in papal homilies, the Saint of the day does not really get much of a look in.  What …

At What Point Can Catholics Question the 'Soundness of Mind' of the Supreme Pontiff?

Is Pope Francis okay? I mean, is he okay? I know that we can all quite happily overlook our own sins and bothersome personality traits. We can all be a bit hypocritical and recognise in others more quickly those faults that are our own, but I agree with Veneremur Cernui that there is something about Pope Francis's homilies and speeches that almost demands some call for a papal 'reality check'.

Perhaps His Holiness is receiving some kind of 'reality check' from the crowds in Rome who, I am told by a priest who returned from Rome recently, received somewhat lukewarm applause from the Roman crowd, who saved their biggest cheer for the moment when the Pope Emeritus was brought out for the day. I must say I was a little alarmed when the Pope Emeritus says he only goes out when the Pope invites him but I guess we shouldn't read too much into whether that's a 'self-imposed' 24-hour curfew from the retired Pope or something else entirely. Let's face it…

When Popes Talk Science...

It annoys me, even if the one saying it is a trained chemist.
There are things we can say with certainty as Catholics, that is with the certainty that God is trustworthy in what He has revealed.
Interesting as they are, the Faith of the Catholic Church does not rest on theories but upon a Person, Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word and so it annoys me when the Pope entertains theories, or places the Papal Seal of Approval upon theories which, when given a prominence and status they do not necessarily deserve, become so called 'facts' spoken of by a Pope.
I find it a little inconsistent to maintain that certain truths revealed and handed down to us from the most trustworthy of Sources can be challenged, or 'debated' but certain theories are given infallible status, first by the scientific community and now by the Pope. That which has been revealed by God (Who is Perfect), for many Jesuits, for example, simply 'cannot be known' but that which is revealed by man (wh…

The House the Masons Built

Readers will be amused to hear there is a really nice part for a xylophone in this song. 
Unfortunately, not only do I not have a xylophone, but I can't play the xylophone and guitar at the same time.

To those readers who are irritated by my songs, normal service will be resumed today.

The House the Masons Built
This is the house that the masons are building
A derelict chapel falling into ruins
You’ll wake up wonderin’
‘What are they doing?’
But this is the house that the masons are building

You open up a newspaper and lo and behold
A new language emanates from Rome
The old certainties are being buried beneath
The place you knew as home

“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid”
You were told a Saint,
A prophet and beloved Pope
But now “don’t be afraid in a changing age,
A new programme has been installed”

But you’ll say…
“This is the house that the masons are building
A derelict chapel falling into ruins!”
“What in Heaven’s name do they think they are doing?”
Ah but this is the house tha…

God of Surprises

I can only imagine this is what Pope Francis means.

Don't be afraid of the God of Surprises.

He is trustworthy and faithful to His promises.

So when He comes again, many may be surprised, but you believed.

Let us be found ready and waiting for Him upon His Appearance.

For neither our private, nor the General Judgment, Lordlet us be taken by surprise.

That must be what His Holiness means.

Catholics to Attend Lewes Bonfire

Lewes, East Sussex: The annual Guy Fawkes parade in Lewes has ran into a procedural problem regarding the usual 'effigy burning' of the Pope. Organisers say that among Protestants and the local community Pope Francis is too popular to burn and with the Pope Emeritus no longer reigning, the centre-piece effigy to be burnt will have to be an irritating celebrity like Russell Brand.

However, a group of traditional Catholics from as far away as Eastbourne - in a move that is attracting international attention - have protested that, in the words of one their spokespersons, "If they don't do it, we will."

Those close to the Holy Father expressed surprised delight at the news, welcoming the 'refreshing change', attributing it to the 'God of Surprises' and the persuasive, serene theology of Cardinal Kasper. Cardinal Kasper is said, this year, to be attending the Lewes Bonfire, a traditionally ant-Catholic affair but which in the light of a 'revolution…

Exclusive: Photographic Dossier of Charges Against Investigated Bishop Made Public

This image was taken by a Vatican investigator into the dark and sinister ministry of Bishop Oliveri of the Albenga-Imperia Diocese in Italy. Note the Bishop's left arm and his hand clasped as if in a fist. Though the investigation has no photograph of the shocking left hook being planted on the innocent man dressed in a white t-shirt, be assured he was knocked out cold by the Bishop after the individual pleaded for the cessation of the Mass in the Extraordinary Form. That man is in a coma and is yet to awake from it. Does the Bishop care? Not a bit!

The Bishop walks around in lace, followed by other sinister men wearing lace. In this photograph it can be clearly seen that the Bishop point blank refuses a pauper (out of camera shot) any of his lace garments which he needed for some net curtains for his humble abode. "No!" cried the Bishop out loud, "Lace is for God, find your own lace you filthy vermin! If you're poor and want lace, go and see Pope Francis. He&…

Because Changing the 'Man at the Top' Always Removes Scandal from a Diocese

Read the report at Rorate. It's all so simple, isn't it? I mean, 'a change at the top' always leads to the amendment of the ways of those over whom he is given authority in a Diocese. Before Pope Francis tries to tackle scandal in another Italian Diocese, you might think he would want to tackle scandal in his own Diocese, or maybe even his own living quarters. 
Is it possible that there is an 'ideological' agenda driving who Pope Francis targets for 'special measures' and the visit of a 'Commissioner', that might just have something to do with the Latin Mass and Catholic tradition?

Are we really to believe that if a 'Francis-agenda friendly' Bishop is appointed to this Diocese, suddenly all seminarians and clergy will start behaving and the 'gossip' (which Pope Francis cannot abide as we know) concerning the Diocese will stop?

Prayer Request

Readers, please pray for EF Pastor Emerituswho has just recently updated his blog as follows:

'Just over a month ago I was rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack. It was a false alarm, for which I was truly grateful as I have had more than enough illnesses, , I thought, during past six years!However during the four days I was an in-patient other tests, including CT scan and cardiogram, were performed. Result: – lung cancer and 3 blocked arteries. After long discussion with consultant I decided against targetted deep radium treatment, though I agreed to have work done on arteries. That latter job is due tomorrow, Thursday. So a prayer would be appreciated. I received Sacrament of the sick yesterday.Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini Tuo da gloriam.'
Pray for this kind and faithful blogging priest of Jesus Christ Our Lord. Continue to pray, too, for Richard Collins (RIP), whose funeral it was yesterday and for his bereaved wife and family.

How to Welcome 'the Gays'

Fr Dwight Longnecker is asking how it is that priests are meant to 'welcome' gays. Other priests may also be wondering how this should be done sensitively, pastorally and without making any 'gays' in the congregation feel like they are in some way different to everybody else.

"Dear brothers and sisters, welcome to St. __________ Church for this the __ nd/st/rd Sunday of Ordinary Time/week of Advent/Lent. Before we examine our consciences and ask the Lord for His mercy, I would like to welcome everyone to St. _________'s Church and particularly any gays who may be in the congregation."
This sensitive and helpful template guide will help priests in any possible welcoming situation. The word, 'gays' can also be replaced or exchanged with 'lesbians', 'transgenders', 'transvestites', 'bi-sexuals', 'unsures', 'asexuals' or 'questioning' as well as a multitude of other fabricated sexualities now dom…

New CD to Hit the Stores in Rome Next Monday

All your favourite hits on one CD to help you read relax as you read through the interventions.
Just £8.99 from all good Vatican retailers.

The Non-Judgmental Era of Francis


God of Surprises II

God of Surprises

“And since it is a journey of human beings, with the consolations there were also moments of desolation, of tensions and temptations, of which a few possibilities could be mentioned: One, a temptation to hostile inflexibility, that is, wanting to close oneself within the written word, (the letter) and not allowing oneself to be surprised by God, by the God of surprises, (the spirit); within the law, within the certitude of what we know and not of what we still need to learn and to achieve.  From the time of Christ, it is the temptation of the zealous, of the scrupulous, of the solicitous and of the so-called – today – “traditionalists” and also of the intellectuals.”
In his speech at the close of the Synod it is true that Francis talked of other temptations, but it is noteworthy that 'traditionalists' were first in the line of fire. So I guess that before the 'liberals and progressives' (Cardinals Kasper, Madriaga, Schoenborn etc) are punished, we can assume Cardinals…

It is not 'Francis Vs the Church'

A Daily Telegraph article - and there will be many like this - attempts to pit Pope Francis against the Catholic Church. In these analyses, Francis is the great 'enlightened one', the great 'moderniser' (think Tony Blair, the Labour Party and Clause 4 or David Cameron, the Tories and 'gay marriage') and the Church is out-dated, unfair, unenlightened, even evil. Even Catholics - perhaps even Cardinals and Popes - continue to believe the Church is a political entity or Party.

It is not. Let's be clear about this. If Pope Francis desires to tamper with, dilute, modify, edit or remove the doctrine of the Church for the sake of 'pastoral necessity', or even wishes to ignore the Church's teachings then the situation is not merely one of Francis Vs Church. The Church and Christ are one. If Francis is attempting to do any of the above then he isn't 'taking on' merely the Church as an institution, but is seeking confrontation with - rather t…

Cardinal Vincent Nichols Orders Anti-Gay Security Guards to be Removed from Entrance to all Churches

London's Catholic Churches are already undergoing a revolutionary change in the life of the Church in the era of Pope Francis. The long awaited message of mercy has filtered from Rome down to the pews.

Anti-gay security guards - a hitherto common sight outside Catholic Churches in London have today been told that their services will no longer be needed, as the Church in England and Wales takes on the new message of 'welcoming' and accepting people with same-sex attraction.

For the past two thousand years, anti-gay security guards have been employed by the Church in order to filter out from congregations anyone who may have homosexual tendencies or inclinations. In a revolutionary move, today Cardinal Vincent Nichols and Archbishop Peter Smith made it known that henceforth, the security guards will be placed inside the Churches in order to defend homosexuals from the lethal and unpredictable stoning and/or beating that has often taken place against homosexuals during Mass …

Let the Great Masonic Pope Francis Body Double Conspiracy Theories Begin!

Vatican City: Internet conspiracy theorists are today alleging - in the wake of an explosive Synod - that the real Pope Francis who stepped onto the balcony in St Peter's Square was hurried away in the same week as his election and remains imprisoned in the Vatican basements by Freemasons.

The Pope Francis we now see is more corpulent, repressive to traditional orders, incessantly breaking down Catholic doctrine, and is thorughly opposed to the liturgical, moral and spiritual vision of his beloved predecessor, who was admired by the real Pope Francis. The man elected wanted to continue the 'reform of the reform' of Benedict XVI in an effort to bring law, order and the restoration of the sacred to the Sanctuaries of the Church. The real Pope Francis, the day after his election, having paid his hotel bill was arrested and enchained because he was overheard by the inner sanctum of masonic infiltrators of the Vatican saying...

"Right, what a glorious day on which to offer …

Michael Voris Confirms that Cardinal Raymond Burke has Confirmed What We Already Knew

Prayers for Richard Collins

This evening I served at a Requiem for the soul of Richard Collins in the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. Please continue to pray for the repose of Richard's soul and for his family and friends.

Vacant Diocese in Angola

News just in: a Diocese in Angola has just become vacant. 
Rumour has it that the Pope is considering Cardinal Kasper for the exciting post.
Oh, he could learn so much.
Real news from Fr Z: The uprising has begun.

It would have made for a 'beautiful gesture'...

He was probably not expecting an invite to the Synod. It would have made for a beautiful gesture from Pope Francis, because we know that Francis appreciates Benedict's 'wisdom'.

His would have been a very interesting voice to hear at the Synod, not that we are honoured enough by the organisers to actually hear the views presented therein.

An opportunity missed perhaps for Francis to show the continuity that exists between him and his predecessor now that the carnival is over and the Vatican State circus has begun. Then again, if one of the chief protagonists in this Synod is someone who does not want the views of those representing an then entire continent, why would the views of a great Church theologian and former Supreme Pontiff be considered helpful?

Cardinal Kasper and 'Third World Countries'

Oh dear!
The car crash Synod has just produced a car crash interview. There must be a feeling somewhere in Rome that if Pope Francis 'stands by his man' then it might be something of a car crash for His Holiness as well. 'Who am I to judge?' I'm not sure that will pass this time!
Africans, eh? They're good at the Olympics but they're don't quite have the enlightened 'serene theology' necessary for the 21st century do they, Cardinal Kasper?
The Africans obviously haven't been 'civilized' by the West enough yet. While our suicidal birth rates, family and marital breakdown and encouragement of the 'gay community' in the West suggest the implosion of an entire culture, apparently it is the Africans who need 're-educating'. Their faith and experience has nothing to contribute to the Synod, apparently. What cheek!

What exactly is the difference between Kasper's view on the African bishops and the prevailing Western imp…

Richard Collins's Funeral

Details of Richard Collins's funeral are below have been sent to me by Sally Collins.

A Requiem Mass for Richard will be held on

Tuesday 21st October at 12 noon 

at St David's and St Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Dew Street, 9 Fountain Row, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA61 1SX.

Please could you let us know if you will be attending.

We were greatly supported by The Paul Sartori Foundation whilst Richard was ill. We received extraordinary compassionate care from wonderful hospice nurses in the nights leading up to Richard's death. As such, in lieu of flowers, we would request donations to be made to The Paul Sartori Foundation. Donations may be sent c/o The Treasurer, Paul Sartori Foundation, 31 Haven Road, Haverfordwest, SA61 1DU

Enquiries can be made to Roy Folland and Son Funeral Directors, 01437 763821.


I would like to add a comforting and very beautiful and inspiring story conce…