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Pope Benedict XVI and the Great Reveal

I expect that Benedict XVI reigned as Pope for a great deal longer than his official tenure from 2005 - 2013 would suggest. Back in the day when the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith was seen as really very important indeed (has anybody heard anything from Archbishop Ladaria recently or has he gone on an extended holiday?) the then Cardinal Ratzinger was Pope John Paul II's right-hand man and right-hand men are significant. As John Paul II's illness deepened in the 1990s and his ability to govern effectively became limited, I expect that the competences Joseph Ratzinger took on became more papal. Perhaps his experiences under John Paul II even gave the then Cardinal Ratzinger his novel and hugely problematic idea of a bifurcated papacy with an active and contemplative ministry.

St John Paul II still today has his critics in traditional circles, Koran-kissing, Assisi gathering Popes do somewhat give the impression of a tarnished papacy, but at no stage in either Bened…


It's a weepy!
The whole of Michael Davies's 'Timebombs in Vatican II', more relevant than ever, is available at this website.

Michael Davies's statistics are from 2002. That was 15 years ago! Things are much worse now. Here in the UK, more and more people are becoming more and more familiar with Bishops announcing that there will be 'difficult decisions' at a local level with parishes 'merging'. I am certian this is a nationwide phenomenon. The whole issue of parish mergers becomes the most wonderful form of Newspeak, with Bishops announcing 'mergers' which amount to a near shutdown of ordinary parish life  - with, you know, no resident priest - for existing parishes. This is predicted to become more and more common, never less. What many Catholics are seeing at a local level is a reorganisation and restructuring that almost imitates what is happening to British libraries. I'm told many British libraries are closing with a central one bei…

Meddling Catholics...

Hilarious! Meddling Catholics have a You Tube channel you can subscribe here.

Love Changes Everything...

Just realised this morning I am being 'followed' on Twitter by Archbishop Paglia.

I have no idea how long he's been following me.
Does he like my songs? 
With a little vocational training I am sure I could do murals as well, Your Grace!

Though I'd have to do a little sanding at first, I think.

A lot of sanding, in fact...

Say a prayer for the Archbishop and all those in Rome who fancy the odd fag here or there. The Holy Father is really clamping down on vice since Cocco's party!

May Pope St Leo the Great intercede for Holy Mother Church 
and for the occupant of the Chair of Peter in this hour of grave crisis.

Priorities are Priorities


The Clear Sign from God...

Image that we got ourselves a ropey Popey.
That much is clear!
May God bless Fr. Thomas G. Weinandy (O.F.M) for writing to the Pope and for speaking out publicly.

May many more come forward to make the defence of the Holy Catholic Church, Her doctrines and yes, to defend the Office of the Papacy itself at this most critical time.

Poor Cardinal Nichols, usually such an astute media representative of the Church, is himself finding it difficult to answer questions about Pope Francis at the moment.

Even the media are waking up to the reality that 2 + 2 does not equal five and are asking uncomfortable questions.



Chaos and confusion over doctrines reigns supreme but... least there are hugs!

Still, I suppose that Francis is not making it easy for Cardinal Nichols...

“There is no doubt there is tension within the Catholic Church, but one of its great strengths is that we have a Pope – and we have a Pope who can say yes or no and then give you a hug.”
Hugs! How did the Church m…