Wednesday, 1 November 2017

The Clear Sign from God...

That much is clear!

May God bless Fr. Thomas G. Weinandy (O.F.M) for writing to the Pope and for speaking out publicly.

May many more come forward to make the defence of the Holy Catholic Church, Her doctrines and yes, to defend the Office of the Papacy itself at this most critical time.

Poor Cardinal Nichols, usually such an astute media representative of the Church, is himself finding it difficult to answer questions about Pope Francis at the moment.

Even the media are waking up to the reality that 2 + 2 does not equal five and are asking uncomfortable questions.



Chaos and confusion over doctrines reigns supreme but... least there are hugs!

Still, I suppose that Francis is not making it easy for Cardinal Nichols...

“There is no doubt there is tension within the Catholic Church, but one of its great strengths is that we have a Pope – and we have a Pope who can say yes or no and then give you a hug.”

Hugs! How did the Church manage for so long without them?

Ironically, 'yes' or 'no' answers are what the remaining Dubia cardinals are seeking. So far, for them at least, no answers and not even...hugs!

Happy Feast of All Saints to all readers. May all the Saints intercede for the Church on Earth, so that the Lord may deliver His Bride from anarchy and bring Her to the restoration of Faith, doctrine and sanity!


Pelerin said...

I see that the American priest you mention has been asked to resign from his post as consultant to the US Bishops' Conference and he has agreed. It does seem a pity as it seems to indicate that none of the American bishops agree with him. said...

Thank you for informing me about this true priest who has spoken out.
I have just read 'Father Thomas Weinandy Explains Critical Letter to Pope Francis' on the Catholic Report blog.
From one of the comments: 'Those of us who have been in religious life are familiar with the vindictiveness of the heterodox whose ire knows no shame. It is being brazenly displayed during this pontificate.'
Brazen is the word.
How else do you explain having an American Jesuit within the Vatican's communications office who sounds like a camp charlatan in 'Sex in the City'?
A Jesuit who defends the Gay Agenda, a Jesuit who blesses what Pope John Paul called a profound moral disorder.
Heterodox Protestants have the same vindictiveness when it comes to attacking those who question their agenda.
A couple of years ago I was savaged by American Progressives on the Patheos blog for saying that it is verging on the morally evil to allow two homosexual men to adopt a baby.
But it is happening here in the UK, and all with the support of Parliament, the local authorities and wishy-washy churchmen.
A decent Reformed Baptist minister I know said in his sermon:
'What was once regarded as an evil (homosexuality) is now being promoted as a positive good, and anyone who speaks out can be be arrested and charged with hate crime'
A grandfather in his seventies, the minister pointed out that the so-called 'gender debate' has mixed up young people about their identity.
Gender is the hot topic in academia, the media and trendy journalism - shrewd careerists are making their reputations (and fortunes) by promoting 'gender diversity'.
Read 'Girls Will Be Girls' by Emer O'Toole (professor of Irish Performance Studies at Concordia University) and you will see that the young are being indoctrinated in an evil agenda that will reduce our Christian foundations to rubble and dust.
Pope Francis and every Catholic bishop ought to read this book.
Needless to say, Ms O'Toole is a very clever promoter of the new agenda.
If such people triumph the 21st Century will make Babylon look like Sunday school.
Pope Francis has only a limited time in which to wage war on this new Dark Age.
It takes a man to admit that he was wrong.
(Peter Berger admitted he was wrong in saying Christianity was only a marginal force in society. He recanted in public before his peers.)
We need young disciples of Jesus Christ who are not ashamed of the Gospel.
'The faith is Europe, Europe is the faith,' as Hilaire Belloc (a veteran of the First World War) once said.

J Haggerty said...

Readers of this blog, please watch 'Michael Matt kicks off Catholic Identity Conference' (YouTube) in which Mr. Matt prays that Our Lady of Fatima blesses the meeting.

J Haggerty

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