Love Changes Everything...

Just realised this morning I am being 'followed' on Twitter by Archbishop Paglia.

I have no idea how long he's been following me.

Does he like my songs? 

With a little vocational training I am sure I could do murals as well, Your Grace!

Though I'd have to do a little sanding at first, I think.

A lot of sanding, in fact...

Say a prayer for the Archbishop and all those in Rome who fancy the odd fag here or there. The Holy Father is really clamping down on vice since Cocco's party!

May Pope St Leo the Great intercede for Holy Mother Church 
and for the occupant of the Chair of Peter in this hour of grave crisis.


Mary Kay said…
I hope +Paglia followed your lovely song. It hit quite a few nails on the head. BTW, I was holding my breath for your last note. I should have known you would get it!
The Bones said…
Took two takes, first take was terrible falsetto. Second time I prayed and got the final note.
The Bones said…
Hope His Grace enjoys it! said…
I see from your video that the Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy expressed his pleasure at the election of Pope Francis.
My late Catholic father bequeathed me his old Catholic Book Club selections from the 1950s.
One of his books is an expose of the false teachings of Grand Orient Freemasonry written by a Catholic priest and theologian.
Grand Orient Freemasonry is a product of the Enlightenment.
Even Protestant theologians saw the spiritual legacy of the Enlightenment for what it was - 'a darkening' in Samuel Rutherford's words.
I wonder if a book like my father's on Grand Orient Freemasonry could even be published today?
Freemasonry is more than just a friendship club that brings men of different faiths together as my father would have been the first to say.
Masonic rituals lead men to believe that they can be reconciled to God the Father without the forgiveness of sins made possible by God the Son.
There is no Christianity without Calvary.
There is no Catholicity without the Mass.
How can any professing Catholic (or Protestant for that matter) take part in solemn and occult religious rituals from which the Gospel of Jesus Christ is excluded?
All the popes of modernity including Saint Pope Pius X condemned Freemasonry in the strongest terms.
In any discussion with a Freemason my father would always say: 'I must tell you that I am a Roman Catholic and I am bound by Catholic doctrine.'
He was shocked beyond words to learn that the Catholic ban on Freemasonry has been lifted.
In pagan Europe 'anything goes'.
Only the Gospel is condemned.
Only the Gospel is feared.
'Men will hate you for my sake.'

John Haggerty

Anonymous said…
To the Archbishop -
Repent! Go and make a good confession according to the Truth and Faith of 2.000 years, amend your life and you will have no enemies here to keep an eye on. And you could very well go to Heaven! We pray for you, Bergoglio and all your wayward friends in high places. We want you in Heaven as does the One you claim to serve.
Kathleen1031 said…
My husband just started humming your melody...pretty catchy stuff!
Yes that last note was anxiety producing, would you make it? You did! :)
Well done, very well done. said…
In my comment on the spiritual 'darkening' of the Enlightenment I wish to make it clear that I do not support any of the ideas of the so-called Dark Enlightenment movement.
(See Wiki and an article in The Atlantic online.)
Nor do I agree in any way with Curtis Yarvin, Steve Bannon (the White House's chief strategist) or Nick Land.
The Neo-Reactionary movement with its anti-democratic roots and its attachment to corporate elites represents everything I abhor.
Adam Gopnik has a perceptive essay in The New Yorker ('The Patriot' November 13) on novelist Philip Roth in which he writes of Roth's attachment to the city of Newark in his youth.

'Roth's patriotic proposal invests not in the arc of history,' Mr. Gopnik writes, 'but in a more fully realized sense of simple belonging. He proposes a patriotism of place and person rather than of class and cause. His patriotism recognizes how helplessly dependent we are on a network of associations and communal energy, of which we become fully aware only as it disappears. Not only can you go home again, Roth insists. You can ONLY go home again. You get America right by remembering Newark as it really was.'

I read these words while reflecting on a globalised Britain where homelessness, beggary and Food Banks are now a bitter way of life; where the very rich and powerful feel no social responsibility towards the common good; and where those who govern us have abandoned any pretence of that Christian social vision that inspired Clem Atlee's great 1945 government.
A Britain in which I feel a stranger.
That you can ONLY go home again is the best news I have read in a long time.

John Haggerty

Anonymous said…
Yeah, bones, why doesn't fran ban sodomy at the vatican and prosecute someone for pedophilia?

The New York Post reports Vatican Gendarmerie arrested the monsignor for drugs, but not sodomy, because as they so delicately put it, "gay sex isn't illegal in Vatican City."

"In fact, another scandal broke when a revealing TV documentary produced by the Italian network LA 7 was broadcast June 25, 2013.

"This broadcast revealed new evidence of young immigrants and refugees in the Termini train station in Rome, eventually ended up as child prostitutes at the Vatican. Even so, most media outlets remained silent about these new allegations.

"Even CNN which broadcast a special on this child prostitution ring operating from Termini Station didn't mention that the Vatican was and probably still is, one of their main clients.

"Amongst them Don Dino, left, was arrested in May 2015 for producing pornographic material, and wrote about his encounters with boys between 14 and 15 in a book confiscated from his house by the police entitled, "I loved you all and I will never forget you: fifty years of sex 1956- 2006." said…
I am a third of the way through Peter Kreeft's book, 'Catholics and Protestants - What Can We Learn From Each Another?' (Ignatius Press 2017) which I purchased in St. Paul's Media Centre, St. Enoch's Square, Glasgow.
Highly recommended.
A professor of philosophy at Boston University, Mr. Kreeft is a Catholic convert. He can be seen on YouTube.

John Haggerty
As John Haggerty says

“Grand Orient Freemasonry is a product of the Enlightenment. ..Even Protestant theologians saw the spiritual legacy of the Enlightenment for what it was”
“Freemasonry is more than just a friendship club that brings men of different faiths together..” - The latter is what many British people still think of it. One still sometimes sees nice old buffers in smarter than usual suits carrying their special attaché cases..
I think this can be argued, in the British Isles sort of. Among protestants.

The state had already separated itself and the people from the Christian Church. Freemasonry didn’t need to
The continental variety, the Grand Orient and others, is not what Britons would place in the same category. Many Anglo-Saxons don’t get what is meant and think the Church is being peculiar.
I would put it like this.

It is not that there is a freemasonry that teaches these funny political ideas.
Continental masonry, where they don’t dress up in funny outfits and so are harder to spot, is the locale where the people who already HOLD those ideas go to discuss implementing them

john haggerty said…
In fairness, PseudonymousposterJohn:
Hitler and every other evil dictator brutally suppressed Freemasonry.
Lodges do raise much cash for charities, both local and international.
My father pointed out that the Masons he worked with were all good-living men.
One of my father's sisters married an active Mason, who died when I was a baby.
My father said of him: 'He was a man of very high character; he was always wanting to do things for you; he even wanted me to join his lodge which of course I would not do.'
My critique is a theological one as I am sure you see, Pseudonymous.
I cannot see how Masonic philosophy can be reconciled to Christian revelation.
But I am all for bringing people of different faiths together, socially.
I spent several hours in my local mosque on Saturday and found the Iman good company.
Of course we differ on the most important question in all of life: Who was Jesus Christ and why did Jesus come?
I hope to see the Iman again and explore Christianity with him.
My father left me two books, 'Darkness Visible' and 'Christian by Degrees' which examine Freemasonry from a Christocentric viewpoint.
The priest-author, Mr. Hannah, discovered that his Anglican church was being used as a Masonic temple without his consent.
In the 1950s he emigrated to Canada to escape the controversy his books aroused.

John Haggerty
I too read the first of the Walton Hannah books.
Friends and relations certainly WERE masons. Many of non-anglican background or practice. And indeed I knew none who were vicious, many hard-working men who did their best. All certainly harmless and older men. Parents and grandparents’ generations. Then, one friend read Darkness Visible and JOINED. He was unusual.

I think the best depiction of continental, esp French freemasonry, in the media has been in the fourth series of the policier/legal procedural 'Engrenages'.

Judge Roban – curiously looking EXACTLY LIKE Andy Warhol - has come up against the conservative half of the establishment by criticising a fellow judge’s wrong doing. He appears to be finished in the drama. He likes to be independent and has never courted political patronage. But he receives help from the OTHER half of the establishment that he has not sought and thinks he does not want.
A review site gives a fair description:
"Roban [examining magistrate] is disbarred for damaging the ‘equanimity’ of the justice system –an example of how whistleblowers are punished for exposing the bad guy. But Roban appeals, and after a quick excursion to visit the Sophocles-quoting Freemasons, whom his new friend the frog-faced procurator would like him to join, manages to demonstrate that judge Garnier was taking bribes to exonerate clients of a particular law firm. His judgehood restored, Roban celebrates, only to discover that he still would never have been restored to his job without the help of the Freemasons."
“his new friend the frog-faced procurator” is a nice description. He is the chairman of the bench and they never got on. But once Roban – Andy Warhol – takes down the conservative, the political Left like him. He also NEEDS them so as not to lose his job. So like it or not, the independent Roban has to have friends, and it is implied that he has little choice but to join and stay on their good side. He needs them and to some extent that is never specified, he has become their boy.
It is a political matter. The conservative wing more or less identifies with the Church, even if not practicing, and the Left, if not members, are for causes and candidates that are opposed to Christian values.
The most extreme ideologues of the Left use the Lodge to meet and plan. Pretty much open and above board with none of the cod secrecy that Angloshpere masonry affects
And the mosque thing:
Good of you to spend time talking
Wonder where it will lead

Anonymous said…
"We, Catholics and Protestants, can only be good neighbours", said a Bavarian Cardinal many years ago, still the same. Good song and delightful falsetto, congrats, Mr. Bones. P.S. About the GoI, cardinal Martini and Card. Tonini were Great Brothers, now there's Ravasi, always good fellas.
john haggerty said…
To PseudonymousJohn:
The 19th Century preacher Robert Murray McCheyne said that when the Gospel is preached the devil appears and says, 'Peace, peace.'
The counterfeit gospel is everywhere now.
And its dark disciples all say, 'Peace, peace.'
I don't doubt what you say about masonic temples being places of intrigue.
The kingdoms of earth like a bit of Babylonian religion.
Occult magic flourishes.
Who knows what 33rd degree masons are up to?
The intriguers will believe anything except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.
In Edinburgh, street preachers are routinely arrested for saying that your sins will lead you to hell unless you are in Christ's saving covenant.
But a statue of the 'guru' Chinmoy Ghose was unveiled last summer in an Edinburgh park.
Ghose was a rascal and a rogue, but New Age Scotland wants that squishy feel-good factor which Satan serves up like the master magician he is.
Bookshops are full of titles such as 'Light Warrior - Connecting with the Spiritual Power of Fierce Love' (getting in touch with your spirit guides) and 'Walking the Tiger - Healing Traumas' (using shamanistic techniques for inner healing).
Women who get into New Age will raise their children in this way.
I asked a bookshop manager if she would consider stocking Puritan books such as John Owen's 'Communion with God' or 'The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment' by Jeremiah Burroughs.
She looked at these books warily and said: 'They wouldn't be right for our customer base.'
As Jeremiah Burroughs wrote:
'Jesus Christ had dishonour put upon him: he was called Beelzebub and they said he had a devil in him.'
Pagan Scotland now dishonours Christ and worships Satan.

John Haggerty

Physiocrat said…
MURDER ON THE GRAND ORIENT EXPRESS should be an exiting film.
Stephen Lowe said…
One can not serve two masters and freemasonry and democracy expect one to serve thousands. It is not only of the world, it makes the world more worldly ....not a good place for faithful Catholics. Many strong Popes have spoken clearly about this, is this news to you?

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