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Pray for England

I visited my family at the weekend, saw that Songs of Praise was about to come on telly when Aled Jones suddenly grabbed my attention by announcing that the episode would be dedicated to Pugin's Churches.

Fr Marcus Holden was interviewed on Pugin and came across very well on telly.

You can watch the episode here, it really is a beautiful exposition of some of Pugin's fine work. What a diamond Pugin was. Rightly the episode is called 'God's Architect'.

It's also wonderful news that the Church where Fr Marcus Holden is parish priest has become an official national Shrine to St Augustine and the monks who converted England following instruction to do so by Pope St Gregory I the Great all those moons ago.

All this marvellous news also presents us with an opportunity to promote this year's Evangelium Conference which will be taking place with a host of wonderful guest speakers as follows:

Neil Addison – Barrister and author on Religion and Law
Fr Jerome Bertam …

The Beatles Album Cover You Never Saw

Isn't it eerie that little longer than a year passed after The Beatles issued this album the Abortion Act of 1967 came to be passed in the United Kingdom?

If you want your head to be fried by a blog dedicated to The Beatles, the occult, masonry and numerology click here. I don't know whether the blog author may just be reading a little too much into The Beatles, but then they did put Aleistair Crowley on Sgt Pepper's, didn't they?

I just find this limited edition US release version album cover that got pulled a just a little bit weird and strangely prescient. Meanwhile, a Russian anti-narcotics official blames The Beatles for the explosion of recreational drug use after the 60s and which continues unabated today. Ah, The Beatles, those sweet Liverpool lads. Bless 'em and God rest them.

LGBT and Police Discrimination

I heard a fascinating account of a night out from someone who has in the past attended the Soup Run.

The man in question went out for a night out with his friend who is a lesbian. The two decided to go to a gay club in Brighton called 'Revenge'.

So, they both got dressed up for a night out. The man and woman arrived at Revenge, but, at the door, while the lady was accepted, the man was turned away.

I asked the gentleman in question whether any reason was cited for his not being allowed into Revenge. I asked whether he thought it was because he was black or because he has dreadlocks, or was not dressed appropriately or something.  No reason for his not being allowed into the club was given, just that 'he can't come in'.

"I don't understand it," he said, "I'm heterosexual but how can they tell that just by looking at you? It was like they had a profile and I didn't fit it or something. And even if I am heterosexual, why should that bar me…


From the Letter of St Jude, Apostle and Martyr...

'Now I desire to remind you, though you were once for all fully informed, that he who saved a people out of the land of Egypt, afterward destroyed those who did not believe. And the angels that did not keep their own position but left their proper dwelling have been kept by him in eternal chains in the nether gloom until the judgment of the great day; just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities, which likewise acted immorally and indulged in unnatural lust, served as an example by undergoing a punishment of eternal fire. Yet, in like manner these men in their dreamings defile the flesh, reject authority and revile the glorious ones.'
I've attracted some criticism from a Catholic priest for my previous post. I believe I should clarify what I said in the post as I can see how it could be construed as being offensive to Catholics struggling with the Cross of homosexuality. I happen to be one of those Catholics.


The Death of Love

From the new website of Dystopia 

There is no doubt, and few could question the assertion, that love is an incredible thing. Placed in its true and proper context, love is a beautiful thing, if, indeed, it can be described as a ‘thing’.
Of course, love is not actually a thing. If it were a thing, we should possess it. If love is not a thing and we cannot own it, then exactly what is it? What is love? It is important that we ask ourselves the question today because we are entering into a new age in which the very word ‘love’ is claimed by different parties and groups only to mean very different things.
The word, partly due to the emotive power behind the word, is being altered beyond recognition, given new constructions which previous generations have not considered. There are a couple of areas in which the word ‘love’ is being employed to advance a particular set of ideas or an agenda. Two areas in which it is being employed to advance an agenda are the areas in which naturally we as hum…

Advertisement: 40 Hours Brighton and Hove

40 Hours Brighton and Hove starts tomorrow at the 8am Mass at St Mary Magdalen Church, Brighton.

If you're in Brighton pop along to St Mary Magdalen Church to pray before the Blessed Sacrament.

See the website for further details.

I have to say I've seen all the guests and speakers at St Mary Magdalen's 150th Anniversaryevents.

The Lord Jesus is, however, the Main Event.

To learn more about the 40 Hours Devotion, click here.

GMC Threatening to Strike Off Doctors Who Claim Conscience Clause Rights

The Catholic Herald recently published an article concerning murmerings in the General Medical Council's latest consultation on ethical guidelines for its doctors.

The actual ethics held by doctors, however, do not seem to be esteemed enough to feature much in the consultation documents and it appears that those who do not want to perform abortions, refer patients to doctors willing to perform them or to perform sex change operations.

In the United Kingdom, it appears we're moving to a time when the GMC seek to recruit cold and calculating doctors in the mould of Dr Harold Shipman and kiss goodbye to those who went into the medical profession to save, protect and defend human life from conception to natural death.

Therefore, I urge readers to pray and to present your views to the General Medical Council. Please read the message below from a reader:

The General Medical Council (The UK doctors' regulatory body) are about to modify doctors' rights to conscientiously objec…

Your Signature Handed to Number 10 Downing Street...

...not necessarily to protest against or oppose 'gay marriage', since the institution has never before needed a prefix, but to defend Marriage as an institution that precedes both Church and State as a union between one man and one woman.

Education, Education, Edukayshun...

I'm currently studying (again) a course, one day a week, for teaching adults in the lifelong learning sector. On the course, I've learned some pretty staggering statistics about the percentages of British people who leave school unable to read or write.

It is worth noting that, according to one report, half of the arrested looters from last years riots were unable to read or write. Another report suggests that 1 in 4 children of schoolleaving age in London cannot read or write. Both of my course tutors claim that we are moving towards a society in which, much like a previous age (a dark age, perhaps) the ability to read and write will be the privilege of an elite.

The inability or incompetence of State schooling to provide children and teenagers with a basic ability to read and write has created, in turn, a whole voluntary sector industry of adult teachers in literacy and numeracy. The Government often throws its hands up in the air, acknowledging the truth of the matter and …

Breaking: Danish Government Overrides Church on Gay Marriage

An article on the Telegraph website puts paid to the notion that 'gay marriage' won't involve the Church doing something it doesn't feel comfortable with when 'gay couples' approach Priests asking for a same-sex marriage.

Oh, but that's in Denmark so its different. It would all be different in the United Kingdom because we've got this tradition of 'fair play'...

Denmark introduced gay and lesbian 'civil unions' in 1989. I expect that Churches who opposed the move received reassurances that the Church would never be forced to go against its teachings, just as they have been in the United Kingdom. 23 years later, however, the newspapers declare that the 'right to marry in Church' has been extended to homosexual and lesbian couples. One man's 'right' is, of course, another man's duty towards the State.

Jubilee Babies

God save the Queen. Long may she reign over us. I was thinking maybe this country needs a Monarchist revolution to remove all power from the State and return it to the Queen until Her Majesty finds a group of parliamentarians who will defend life, liberty and the Christian Faith of which she is Defender, because the current lot can't defend unborn babies or even marriage.

Not 'Anarchy in the UK', because that's already here, but 'Monarchy in the UK'. On day 2 of the Monarchist Revolution, first in the Tower, I hope, would be Polly Toynbee, Queen of the Fabian left in the United Kingdom.

In place of the Monarch, whose tradition and Christianity Toynbee despises, just what kind of State-ran tyrannical liberal-left, joyless, Godless storm-trooping 'Little China' would this country be?

I didn't watch much of the Diamond Jubilee today, but was a little surprised that the BBC were covering the births of 'Jubilee Babies' at St Thomas Hospital, Lo…

Language, Identity and the New Lexicon of the State

From Dystopia

Before I start this blogpost, I would just like to take this opportunity to tell you that I am a very important person. Does that sound a little haughty, a little un-English, a little immodest, a tad arrogant?

Well, it is none of those things to say that I am a very important person. In fact, every Catholic should acknowledge just what a terribly important person I am.

Why? Certainly not because of any merit of my own and most certainly not because I can sing and play the guitar at the same time (I didn't say well). No. In fact I am largely unemployed and prone to a degree of depression. But I am a very important person and I should like others to acknowledge it only because God clearly thought that I was such an important person that for me He became incarnate of the Virgin Mary and was made Man. For this reason, I know I am an important person and I should like even the State to acknowledge it.

You see. For me, did God assume flesh and blood. For me did the infin…


Where will you find the President of the World Bank Group, the Commander of the US Cyber Command, Peter Mandelson, Kenneth Clarke, the CEO of Royal Dutch Shell, the Executive Chairman of Google, the Director of the China Policy Program at George Washington University, a columnist at the Wall Street Journal, the Editor in Chief of the Economist, a Vice Presient of the European Commission and Commissioner for Digital Agenda, Henry Kissinger, the CEO of Le Monde, the Chairman and CEO of Lazard, the Co-founder and Executive Chairman of LinkedIn, the Group Chairman of HSBC Holdings plc, a National Security Advisor to the White House, the Group Chief Executive of BP, the Chairman of the Management Board and Group Executive Committee of Deutsche Bank plc, the Chairman of Barclays, the Governor of the Bank of Canada and Gary Kasparov, all under one roof among a host of other 'very influential people'?

The answer is: Chantilly,Virginia, USA, today.

Where will you find the minutes of t…

Death, Dignity and Dystopia

Rest in Peace: The band, Joy Division, took their name from the prostitute wing of a Nazi death camp mentioned in the 1955 novel, The House of Dolls. The singer, who suffered epilepsy, took his life in 1980 at the age of just 23 following a battle with depression. He is still dearly missed by his friends, his family and his many, many fans.
From Dystopia

To recap, then: we are all terrified of both suffering and death. Both are parts of our human experience that we wish to avoid and, to this end, doctors and nurses in the United Kingdom take seriously their vocation to bring medical relief to the suffering and to make death as painless as is medically and ethically possible.

And to recap once more, the attraction of 'assisted dying' or rather, 'assisted suicide', or even voluntary euthanasia, if we are to refuse modern Newspeak, is that we can obtain a measure of control over suffering and our fear of death by at least asserting control over our destiny then we feel m…