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The Catholic's Guide to Gay Pride

Today is Gay Pride Day in Brighton, a day when homosexuality, lesbianism, transvesticism, transexuality and bisexuality, but mostly homosexuality, are celebrated openly in broad daylight in front of the public, including small children. Scandalous! Every good Catholic knows that this kind of thing is meant to be kept behind closed doors, if it is to be kept anywhere. Preferably, the doors are closed tight on a closet in the attic which has been sealed under lock, key and reams of gaffa tape. Of course, we've got Oscar Wilde and his Bosie who died having embraced the Holy Faith and we honour them, because even if they had a steamy love affair, they wouldn't have been seen dead at a Gay Pride march and thanks be to God for that! They had class and a sense of decency!

O Christian soul! You have been called from Darkness into the Light of Christ. Armed with the weapons of Faith, Hope and Charity you must fight the good fight and do battle with the roaring lions of London Road, in o…

Holy Father Signed to Geffen Label

Courtesy of The Times

He is a debut artist with an established global following, a strong sense of style and a unique selling point that could make him a contender for the Christmas Number One album: he is the Pope.

Geffen, the record label that brought you Nirvana, Guns N’ Roses and the disco shimmer of Donna Summer announced yesterday that it will release an album of litanies and popular chants in November with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI on lead vocals.

The project apparently has the full weight of the Pope’s personal support and the proceeds will be used to provide music education for underprivileged children around the world.

If it connects to even a small percentage of the world’s billion Catholics it should blow the likes of Jay-Z, Robbie Williams and Susan Boyle from Britain’s Got Talent out of the water in the race for end of year here for more...

IVF and 'Screening'

I was in the car driving to do some gardening today listening to Radio 4. You can listen to it in BBC IPlayer here. It was an interesting piece on IVF and 'Screening' in a programme called the 'Inside the Ethics Committee'. I understand that as Catholics we do not necessarily agree with IVF anyway. Leaving this to one side, however the programme raised some important issues. It ended up as a focus of the case as it should really be presented. An examination of eugenics in IVF and the medical profession as a whole.As the BBC IPlayer website notes it is a series in which Joan Bakewell is joined by a panel of experts to tackle the ethics involved in a real hospital case.
They examine the case of Ayesha and her bid to receive fertility treatment. Ayesha has a genetic condition which causes muscle weakness and curvature of the spine. She is in a wheelchair and heavily reliant on her husband and others for day-to-day tasks such as getting out of bed, having a shower and going…

Neglect? Or Poverty?

The Daily Mail today highlights the story of how a mother-of-four who 'let her children live in appalling conditions' who has been 'spared' jail. How kind of the court not to imprison a mother who has in all likelihood just lost all her children!
'The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was handed a suspended jail sentence after she admitted four counts of child cruelty at Hull Crown Court. The children, aged two, four, six and eight, were discovered dirty and lice-infested in their home after teachers at their school became concerned for their welfare.An investigation by Social Services found that living conditions on the first floor of the Hull house were 'appalling'. The children's bedding was soaked with urine and the beds broken, with springs sticking out of the mattresses. They were forced to sleep without covers as no proper bedding was provided, and there was excrement on the floor and in open trays on the landing. In addition, the flo…

Congrats to Fr Tim Finigan on Your Jubilee

Yes! I was there too and in esteemed company! Mulier Fortis, Fr Ray Blake, Fr John Zuhlsdorf of WTDPRS fame and many other Catho-bloggers turned up to Fr Tim's Jubilee Mass. It was superb, a beautiful Mass and incredible grub with a choir singing polyphony. I sneaked a desert into Fr Richard Biggerstaff's car on the way home and had to have a peppermint tea when I returned to Brighton to soothe the stomach ache. It was a night of indulgence on two counts since I believe I was in receipt of a plenary indulgence by merit of the fact I attended Mass at this Jubilee. Thanks be to God! I don't know why, but it has something, I think, to do with the fact it is the Year for Priests. What a year it is for some of these wonderful priests God has given us who are celebrating 25 years since their ordination! We are truly blessed to have these Priests.

I was glad to see there were more gladioli than you could shake a stick at in the splendidly large, white tent erected to house all the…

The Government's 'Sin Bins'

The Telegraph reports that tens of thousands of the 'worst families in England' are to be put in "sin bins" to improve their behaviour, under a government scheme.

The Government, still mired in corruption allegations following the expenses scandal, a Government so morally impeccable that they vote for abortion on demand, embryonic experimentation, gay civil partnerships and adoptions, dish out condoms to kids and a Government that is doubtless paving the way for euthansia laws to be implemented soon, have suddenly decided to believe in sin.

But the only sinners in the UK, as far as the Government is concerned, are 'problem families' who suffer poverty, exclusion and suffer from the associated drug and alcohol problems so often present in 'sink estates'. Oh, and people who put chewing gum on the pavement...these are the worst sinners of all. This Government only believe in any kind of morality when it suits them and they are far more shameless than any o…

Gonorrhoea Down, Herpes Up!

The BBC Reports...
'The number of gonorrhoea and syphilis infections has fallen, latest figures for the UK show, although diagnoses of genital warts and herpes are up. Statistics from the Health Protection Agency (HPA) showed the number of new gonorrhoea (goneinyourear!) infections was the lowest in nearly a decade.

Overall sexually transmitted infections was up last year by 0.5%, mostly due to the increase in herpes and warts. Those aged between 16 to 24 are still disproportionately affected by STIs. While just 12% of the UK population falls into this age group, they account for more than half of all new STIs diagnosed in the UK.

They saw 65% of new diagnoses of chlamydia (nice name for a daughter), which remains the most common STI - with a total of 123,018 cases. However the rise in the number of infections with this disease, which can cause infertility if not treated, has slowed markedly.

The HPA suggested the significant rise in the number of herpes and warps diagnoses was probab…

Polish Franciscan Monks Singing Vespers

Andrew, another altar server who serves at the Latin Mass on Fridays and the third Sunday of every month at St Mary Magdalen's, and I, are very keen to start a Sunday Vespers at St Mary Magdalen's with Fr Ray. Listen to these Polish Franciscans singing it. Very beautiful and quite hypnotic.

Soup Run Queue is Growing

Everybody knows times are hard, work is growing more scarce and the cost of living is high. For the past few weeks I have noticed that the soup run queue on the seafront has been getting steadily longer. Yesterday, for the first time, I noticed a family in the queue for the sandwiches and coffee including two little girls aged around 7 to 9 years of age.

When a mother and father are struggling to feed their children, you know that times are very hard. This is the reality of poverty in the UK. For fathers, poverty and unemployment is humiliating, for couples poverty is a source of conflict and arguments, for parents poverty can mean going without to feed your children. For children, poverty can mean social exclusion and bullying at school.

Ed West of the Catholic Herald is coming to St Mary Magdalen's today to talk about poverty and the Faith with me. I feel slightly uncomfortable about it. I think that the experts on poverty are people who are truly poor or at least have experience …

Hold Your Unborn Child

See The Telegraph, here, for a picture gallery which details a new scanning technique allows expectant mothers to hold a life-size model of their unborn child. Jorge Lopes, a Brazilian designer, developed the ground-breaking technique for his PhD at London's Royal College of Art. "It's amazing to see the faces of the mothers. They can see the full scale of their baby, really understand the size of it," said Dr Lopes.

"I'm Not a Saint"

"I'm too sexy for this job, too sexy for this job..."

Silvio Berlusconi, under mounting allegations, no pun intended, has come out in the press and said, 'I'm not a Saint' in his defense.

It's an interesting phrase and one that I've used myself quite a few times when a friend or two has been shocked by something I have done. "I'm only human!" or "I'm no Saint!" are jolly good a point. Yet, there is something rather defeatist about the statement. Our private falls are humbling and remind us of our need for God's mercy. When someone in public life, 'falls from Grace', it must be very humbling indeed, perhaps a little humiliating, because its all over the papers. To be frank I feel sorry for anyone who has their private life turned over in public. It's pretty grim, I'd imagine. Wake up in the morning, look at The Times, 'Oh, my sex life is all over the front page again. Darling, have you se…

Franciscan Knights: An Order for True Romantics!

Keep praying sisters! Sterling job! We brothers are going down the pub...I mean to feed the poor!

Inspiring article on Catholic Online

In medieval days, knights were men who were elevated by their king and consecrated to a position of trust. These noble and faithful men would pledge to give their very lives to the service and protection of their lord and his kingdom.

Today, members of the Knights of the Holy Eucharist, a vibrant community of consecrated young men deeply committed to the Catholic faith, provide that very service for their Lord and King, Jesus Christ, through their work at the magnificent Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament and Our Lady of Angels Monastery in rural Hanceville, Ala. Situated on 400 acres of lush farmland along a remote country road some 45 miles north of Birmingham, the Shrine receives thousands of pilgrims each year who seek to nourish their faith amid this sacred and peaceful environment.

The Shrine and monastery, home to a cloistered community of Poor Cl…


Check out Fr Ray's blog for a picture St Mary Magdalen dressed to the hilt in gold, purple and white. She looks fantastic!

World's Elderly to Overtake Number of Infants

Could the answer to this trend lay in a decrease in the number of these?

Courtesy of The Telegraph
The world's population is becoming steadily greyer with the number of people aged over 65 on course to overtake the number of infants for the first time in history, a study has found.

With every passing month, another 870,000 people turn 65 and the world's cohort of pensioners becomes larger still. Thanks to rising life expectancy, their ranks will soon be growing by almost two million a month and, by 2040, their numbers will have doubled to 1.3 billion.

This will reduce the size of the working population and impose huge new pension costs, threatening to reduce the overall growth of the world economy.
The US Census Bureau predicts pensioners will soon overtake the number of infants under the age of five because old people are now increasing faster than the very youngest human beings. The lines on the graph will cross within a decade, marking a decisive moment in the greying of the glo…

St Anthony: The Saint With A Finger in Every Pie

When he is this close to God is it any wonder He hears him?

I sometimes wonder whether Heaven gets irritated by St Anthony of Padua. As patron of lost items, he is often called upon by the Faithful at times when keys are missing, mobile phones are under couches or when people are looking for stuff in general. He has a broad CV of miracles to present before the Throne of God and God is notoriously fond of him and enjoys glorifying him on Earth and in Heaven, for his great virtues. Yesterday, my friend asked me to open his can of spam which he was having difficulty opening. I asked jokingly who the patron saint of can opening was and he didn't know.

I think, in these areas of confusion over which saint intercedes for which necessity, St Anthony seems to be a good and reliable fall back saint. If I don't know who intercedes for something I go with St Anthony because he is a safe bet. He tends not to disappoint.

So, in my heart I said a quick prayer to St Anthony and hey presto the c…

Fr Z is in Town!

Fr Zuhlsdorf, priestly starlet of 'What Does The Prayer Really Say?' blogging fame is in Brighton! Look! To prove it, he has even posted a picture of a chinese meal which he ate in Seven Dials! Yes, I'd recognise that chinese anywhere! I hope he drops by for a slavishly accurate interpretation of the liturgy at St Mary Magdalen's over the next few days!

Correction: This was Seven Dials in London. However, I can report Fr Z is to be in Brighton very soon!

Correction: He's not coming to Brighton, he's off to Eastbourne!

Masses of Masses

Missa Cum Jubilo

Missa Orbis Factor

Missa De Angelis

On the third Sunday of every Month, St Mary Magdalen's has a Tridentine Mass. My friend and fellow parishioner, John, and I, yesterday 'had a bash' at singing the Missa Orbis Factor, as well as singing psalm tones to propers. Our choir leader, Clare is away at the moment, but we thought we would have a go while the choir takes a break.

Unfortunately, we made a dogs dinner of the Gloria and the Sicut in holocausto. Once we had lost our footing in the Gloria we panicked and this only made it worse. Apologies to the congregation and Heaven that had to listen to it! For the time being we are being encouraged to stick with the Missa de Angelis until we feel confident enough to sing the Orbis Factor, or possibly the Cum Jubilo one day. It is great that there are so many resources on the web on singing the Mass. The trick is to rehearse and to do it prayerfully so that one day we can sound as sweet as the monks in these videos...No…

Social Services: The Hounds of the Family

The way in which Social Services judge families is often based upon prejudice and is often marked by unfair and unjust judgmentalism.I knew so many poor families at ATD Fourth World who had experienced this at the hands of Social Services.Social Services are on the front line of the erosion of the second most fundamental right after the right to life - the right to live as a family...

Article by Christopher Booker courtesy of The Telegraph
Two weeks ago I reported as shocking a story as this column has ever covered. It described how a loving family was torn apart when the parents were arrested by police on what turned out to be wholly spurious charges, so that their three children could be taken into care by social workers. As reported on another page, it now seems this awful episode has come to a happy ending. However a new case has lately been surfacing, if anything even more shocking. This also involved the arrest of two parents and the abduction of their child by …

Vatican Says 'Wilde Was on Our Side'

Oscar Wilde, an example of a proper 'gay marriage', even if, like so many fathers, he made errors and mistakes and gave into his temptations. I am quite sure that if Wilde were alive and well and living in Brighton today, he wouldn't be seen dead at a Gay Pride march. He'd be attending Mass at his local parish Church...

Courtesy of The Times

In life, he was about as likely to get an audience with the Pope as Pontius Pilate. Now, more than a century after his death, Oscar Wilde has been claimed by The Vatican as one of its own.

Wilde, who died in 1900 after finding God and converting to Roman Catholocism on his deathbed, has long been regarded by the Vatican as a dissolute homosexual who was sentenced and imprisoned for acts of gross indecency over his relationship with Lord Alfred Douglas.

However in a review of a new study, The Portrait of Oscar Wilde by the Italian writer Paolo Gulisano, L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper, said that Wilde was much more than “an…

Fame At Last!

I've been asked by someone from the Catholic Herald if I would like an interview. Bizarre! I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact my parish priest offered the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for my intentions yesterday. Hoping against hope that I was just about to be rescued from financial ruin by someone other than my ever-forgiving parents, I assumed it was an offer of a job interview, rather than an interview with me for the paper itself, because, aside from updating a blog along with a veritable army of other Catholic lay bloggers, being a book-keeper for St Mary Magdalen's Church and a rather shambolic amateur busker in Brighton, I'm really not much of a story...Hmm...this Polish beer is nice. I could get used to this! Anyway, I digress. What I enjoy about blogging is that I can preach the Gospel, rather than my Gospel. I can defend the Church, rather than my Church. I can proclaim the Faith rather than discuss my Catholic faith. I say that not because I be…

Dignitas Membership Card

In light of the news that famous conductor, Sir Edward Downes, 85, and his wife Joan, 74, tragically opted to travel to the Dignitas clinic to have themselves put down, I discovered on The Times website that almost 800 people are now members of Dignitas. The clinic charges €4,000 for assisted suicide. That is, they take your cash and then they kill you. Dignitas are the kind of clinic who describe killing people in the same way a gangster might describe 'taking out' a rival gangster. They 'help you along'.

Above is a possible membership card for the organisation. I was also wondering what other perks and benefits being a member of Dignitas can bring. I don't know, perhaps a monthly magazine containing interviews with now dead people who only have good things to say about their imminent date with their Maker at the hands of the clinic. Perhaps a death roll of all the people who have been killed this month with the Star Employee award for the nurse who has helped kn…

Man Dies in Bin Outrage

A body found at a Newhaven industrial waste site was crushed to death, a post-mortem has revealed. One would have thought that two Brighton men having very recently narrowly escaped death by crushing in one of the town's refuse lorries would have served as ample warning to bin men to check each communal bin for human life. It would seem the warnings went unheeded.Outrageous and scandalous!

Courtesy of The Argus
Union bosses have renewed their calls for urgent action over the safety of Brighton and Hove’s new communal bins following the death of Scott Williams. The GMB raised concerns earlier this year following two cases in which rough sleepers escaped death after sleeping in communal or business wheelie bins.

Now, it appears Mr Williams, 35, was not so lucky, being crushed to death after having been in a communal bin when it was loaded onto a refuse lorry. It is calling for investment in safety checks and condemning cuts to the refuse budget which mean no loader is now employed to c…

I Knew She Was Faking It!

As soon as you leave the room, this is what cats do. This is a couple dancing to Prince's 1980s hit 'Purple Rain' album. Just out of camera shot are the empty bottles of wine and overflowing ash trays. Parasites! We think they're cute just because they purr, as if they love us, but all the while they're thinking, 'Ha-ha! Suckers!' Expect a backlash against the cat community in the wake of this shocking news...

Courtesy of BBC News

Cat owners may have suspected as much, but it seems our feline friends have found a way to manipulate us humans. Researchers at the University of Sussex have discovered that cats use a "soliciting purr" to overpower their owners and garner attention and food.

Unlike regular purring, this sound incorporates a "cry", with a similar frequency to a human baby's. The team said cats have "tapped into" a human bias - producing a sound that humans find very difficult to ignore.

Dr Karen McComb, the lead autho…

Equality?! My Arse!

I managed to talk with two different couples this weekend in Brighton who have experienced at first hand the full force of secular 'equality' recently. One heterosexual couple complained of having been to a seafront gay club in Brighton and having got down and partied on the dance floor, having being told, in no uncertain terms, that they were not welcome in the club, by a severe looking security guard.

When I told another couple that I had heard this story over the weekend they told me that they had experienced similar reactions to their heterosexuality in a gay club and were given unwanted attention by the security guards.

I think, in gay clubs, for I have a little 'experience', you are welcome to enter if you are a woman, but only if you go as a 'fag hag', or perhaps, if you make it clear you are a lesbian, or perhaps if you are with your platonic girlfriends on a girly night out. It appears that as soon as you give away the fact that you are in a heterosexual…

National Hell Service More Like!

So remember kids, sex is just like football, netball and hockey. It's a sport that keeps you fit and healthy! You should orgasm twice a week for a healthy heart either on your own or with someone else. Now run along and don't go getting anyone pregnant or contracting STDs!

Courtesy of The Telegraph

NHS guidance is advising school pupils that they have a "right" to an enjoyable sex life and that regular sex can be good for their cardiovascular health.

The advice appears in leaflets circulated to parents, teachers and youth workers and is meant to update sex education by telling students about the benefits of enjoyable sex.

The authors of the guidance say that for too long, experts have concentrated on the need for "safe sex" and committed relationships while ignoring the principle reason that many people have sex.

Entitled Pleasure, the leaflet has been drawn up by NHS Sheffield, but it also being circulated outside the city.

The leaflet carries the slogan "a…

Obama's 'Science Czar' Even More Scary than Obama

'Forced abortions. Mass sterilization. A "Planetary Regime" with the power of life and death over American citizens. The tyrannical fantasies of a madman? Or merely the opinions of the person now in control of science policy in the United States? Or both?' - Zombietime

Creative Minority Report has taken up a story on John Holdren, the 'Science Czar' in the Obama administration and co-author of the 1977 book, EcoScience. Prison Planet appear to have taken up the story as well as Zombietime, the website linked by Creative Minority Report. This is the kind of ideological dogma that leads to not only mass sterilisation, forced abortion and absolute Govenmental control of populations but death camps.

Of course, people change and hopefully John Holdren will distance himself publicly from some of the more 'radical' ideas expounded upon in EcoScience:

• Women could be forced to abort their pregnancies, whether they wanted to or not;
• The population at large coul…

Papal 'Hint! Hint!' to Obama

Obama: ", in conclusion then, that is why you can now see that all of those Old Testament prophecies about the Messiah, were in fact referring to me. I know its hard to believe, but, heck, when I realised I could hardly believe it myself! Also, do us a favour and cover up that image of the Resurrection will you?"

Pope Benedict XVI: "May I give you some light reading?"

Pope Benedict XVI gave a warm and charitable reception to the Obama couple on Friday. Obama, who has courted the most controversy in US political history in the context of abortion and life issues, was given Dignitas Personae as a Papal gift which reaffirms clearly the fundamental right to life of every human being.

The Holy See released the following statement:
“This afternoon, Friday 10 July 2009, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI received in Audience the President of the United States of America, His Excellency Mr. Barack H. Obama. Prior to the Audience, the President met His Eminence Cardinal Tarcis…

60 Years Anniversary of Kind Hearts and Coronets

40 Years since Humanae Vitae last year. This year, 60 years since Kind Hearts and Coronets. Sir Alec Guinness was a good Catholic chap you know. He wrote beautifully about his conversion in his biography. Enjoy!

Abuse! Call Liturgical Services!

"Yeah, we got a case of Eucharistic abuse in East Sussex. It's serious, get me all the squadrons you have."

Yesterday I got into a fight with both a Berberis and a gigantic Ilex with only a pair of shears and a ladder as weapons and managed to come out on top. In the evening I headed back to base. I stopped in at a Church on the way as the doors were open. I was delighted when I looked at the weekly newsletter and discovered that if I waited for a little while, there would be Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

I must point out to anyone reading this who is not a Catholic (unlikely I know) that Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is when the Eucharist, which we Catholics believe is the Real Presence of God, the Body of Christ, the Blessed Host, is placed in a Monstrance, and we give Him praise, reverence and worship, knowing that we are in the Presence of God Himself.

Whenever I have been at Adoration before, it has always been a Priest, dressed in the Sacred Vestments of t…