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Felix sit annus novus

2010 looks set to be interesting! Happy new year peeps!

St Mary Magdalen Soup Run Blog

I've set up a blog for the St Mary Magdalen Soup Run to try and raise awareness of the soup run and see if it can generate some new volunteers. Only one post so far, but over time I hope to be able to interview volunteers and men and women who rely on the soup run as I would imagine they have some interesting life stories. Click here to see the progress.

Crisp or Tatchell? I know who I'd rather have round for tea!

Tim Walker of The Telegraph writes in his column of Peter Tatchell's anger that Quentin Crisp's personality has been "sanitised" for ITV in a new film of his life. I guess that means there aren't enough gay sex scenes and that Crisp didn't ever publicly give a ringing endorsement to homosexuality, so therefore he should be castigated. While he never denied his sexual orientation and played to the gallery with his flamboyance and eccentricity, he was never on the 'liberation' bandwagon and for Peter Tatchell, that just isn't good enough. Walker writes...

The homosexual rights campaigner tells me that the film – a sequel to The Naked Civil Servant, dealing with Crisp's later years as a "resident alien" in America – "sanitised" him, which he considered "ill-advised" as the man himself encouraged hatred of homosexuals.

"Although astonishingly brave and defiant as an 'out' gay man in the 1930s and 40s, he wa…

"Dear Mr Dawkins, I thank God for you everyday..."

H/T Valle Adurni

Richard is a 'clear thinking oasis' or perhaps rather more of a mirage of cool fresh water in the spiritual desert that is the poor British Isles. Bathed in celestial hues of blue and white, the official Dawkins webpage is a 'site' to behold. A seemingly new addition to the website has been explored by Valle Adurni who senses a spirit of the evangelical 'testimony' about the site, where born-again non-believers stand up and proclaim their new found faith to all and sundry, while the online congregation claps and says, "Amen, brother! There ain't no Creator! Praise Dawkins!"

Strikingly anti-Catholic, rather than being merely anti-religion, the 'Converts' Corner' has stories of former Christians, who it appears are ignorant of their own Faith, who have finally allowed the pure bright light of reason to dawn upon them like a shaft of sunshine streaming into a gothic Cathedral...The experience of the discovery of…

BBC 'Ethical Man' Muses on Population and Climate Change

"Who will deliver babies if all the storks die due to global warming?"

Check out the BBC's 'having children is bad for the environment' column! Blasted BBC! Shamelessly promoting the Optimum Population Trust and their brand of neo-Nazism! I hope people can see through this garbage. The BBC's 'Ethical Man' is Justin Rowlatt...

'Normally the birth of a child is a moment of pure celebration. Not for me. When my lovely daughter Elsa was born (our third child) I had to justify her very existence. Her birth came half-way through my year of carbon cutting as the BBC's Ethical Man so my family life was under intense scrutiny.

I discovered that lots of people (who I am sure are very pleasant in their everyday lives) believe very strongly that the world is already full, and new Elsas are simply not welcome. So is the burgeoning human population really the cause of our climate crisis?(...)The distinctly lacklustre deal at Copenhagen suggests that the world …

Brighton Pavillion

Royal Pavillion, Brighton by 'Mister P', my friend. Very atmospheric!

Silent Night, with Susan Boyle

I'm a bit late on the Susan Boyle phenomenom...

Happy St Stephen's Day!


Peter's Fence

Thanks be to God, the Holy Father emerged unscathed and unharmed.

The 82-year-old pontiff was knocked to the floor as he proceeded down the main aisle for the Christmas Eve Mass. Although shaken, the Pope got to his feet and continued with the late night service. French Cardinal Roger Etchegaray, 87, fractured his hip as he tried to stop the woman reaching the Pope.
So say a prayer for him and for the Holy Father! There are growing concerns that the female attacker, described as an 'unbalanced individual' tried the same stunt last Midnight Mass. Looks like a case of forgiving seven times seventy-seven times. Still, while those of us who love the Holy Father might wish security could be better, in as much as it was the same lady as last time, there is quite some merit in that! Who knows!? Maybe they'll let her into Midnight Mass next year and it'll be third time lucky and she won't lunge at His Holiness! The Holy Father lives to fight another day and we pray, year…

"Happy Holidays" from Google!

Christmas is snowmen, CND-style-lefty-peace, space exploration, fireworks and a happy holiday. Funny that, I could have sworn it was commemorating the birth of Our Lord...Must have missed something there!

There...that's more like it.

Happy Christmas...Deo Gratias!

No more blogging for a couple of days...Happy Christmas, all!

Marriage Becoming Preserve of Middle Class, Says Tory

I'm not in the habit of quoting Tories but this Guardian article is quite interesting...

Marriage in Britain is in danger of becoming an exclusive middle-class institution unless action is taken to bolster it, David Willetts, the shadow cabinet member responsible for the family, says today.

Speaking to the Guardian, Willetts said it would be "extremely dangerous if marriage became something only for the affluent elite" and that the rate of family break-ups was a disaster for children.

The Conservatives are due to publish their ideas on the family in a discussion paper arguing the state and the voluntary sector can do more to help fathers in relationships, especially at the birth of the first child, frequently a point where couples drift apart and separate.

The party will also back recognition of marriage in the tax system, as well as providing relationship advice at civil marriage ceremonies.

The green paper will propose changes in the law to make it easier for grandparents a…

The Nativity: Would It Be Any Different Today?

Giotto's The Flight Into Egypt

This is going to sound a little heretical so gird your loins. I was wondering the other evening whether a modern Nativity scene would be much different to the Gospel and came to the conclusion that, although the West believes itself to have moved out of 'biblical times', the 'dark ages' and into a bright post-enlightenment modernity, the same conditions of the Nativity story apply, even in the UK. You don't have to go to Africa to witness extreme poverty, misery, hunger, destitution and refugees.

In the Gospel we are told that the Holy Family, our Blessed Lord having just been born, were in the gravest danger. We are told that they experience at first hand, poverty and hardship. The Christ Child is under threat from Herod who orders the massacre of the Holy Innocents. The Holy Family become refugees, seeking asylum. When they return to Bethlehem, the Blessed Virgin and St Joseph become as beggars looking for somewhere, anywhere for …

Our Heavenly Mother and Queen, the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Mother of the Earth, the Mother of God, the Mother of all Christians is cloaked in blue and white just like the Earth. She is patroness and protectress of all who dwell here. It is she who is the great source of grace to the Church and the Faithful. Through her, the World is redeemed by Her Divine Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. By merit of her holy and Immaculate Conception, having been spared from the stain of the sin of our first parents, she inherits the World and all of its children who now belong to her. She intercedes for us, for the World and draws us to her Son. If World leaders truly want to 'save the planet' then they should turn to her.

Do They Know Its Christmas?

Obligatory Christmas songs...Go on, Georgie-baby!

Was Shakespeare a Secret Catholic?

In Shakespeares's time you had to be a 'closet' Catholic, otherwise you 'd get your head lopped off...

The Telegraph reports that...

The Venerable English College has claimed that England's leading playwright was a secret Catholic who spent "lost years" in Rome.

Father Andrew Headon, the vice-rector of the college, said that college records correspond with a previously undocumented period in Shakespeare's life after he left Stratford in 1585 and before he emerged as a playwright in London in 1592. "There are several years which are unaccounted for in Shakespeare's life," said Father Headon.

A leather parchment kept by the college is signed by "Arthurus Stratfordus Wigomniensis" in 1585, "Shfordus Cestriensis" in 1587 and "Gulielmus Clerkue Stratfordiensis" in 1589.

The college believes these signatures are: "(King) Arthur's (compatriot) from Stratford (in the diocese) of Worcester," "Sh(akespe…

Pope Says Nope to Flagrant Use of Image for Brands

Buy Daz 'Divine' Washing Powder...It gets your vestments holy and white...everytime!
Courtesy of The Telegraph
The Holy See has declared that anyone wishing to use the face or name of the Holy Father must gain approval from the Vatican. In recent years, several attempts have been made to use the Pope’s name on products and include it in the name of buildings or universities. To try and prevent this, the Vatican said: “Recent years have witnessed a great increase of affection and esteem for the person of the Holy Father.

“There has also been a desire to use the Pope’s name in the title of universities, schools or cultural institutions, as well as associations, foundations and other groups.

“In light of this fact, the Holy See hereby declares that it alone has the right to ensure the respect due to the Successors of Peter, and, therefore, to protect the figure and personal identify of the Pope from the unauthorised use of his name and/or the papal coat of arms for ends and act…

More Monumental Marxist Miliband Madness...

More Stone Roses...'How Do You Sleep?'

Ed Miliband, Climate Change Secretary, is brother of David Miliband, Foreign Secretary, another Labour apparatchick intent on dissolving UK sovereignty like crumbly disprin in a glass of water. So, Ed, Sudan rejected it and compared the deal to the Holocaust! Oh well! Carry on regardless, eh?! What do they know?! A Telegraph blogger says Ed Miliband didn't sleep well at all at the Copenhagen Summit...With an attitute like that to the concerns of Sudan, I'm not surprised!

The UK's climate change secretary has said the UN Copenhagen summit was the "most chaotic show on earth" and arguments "strangled" negotiations [or is that impositions]. Ed Miliband said he was disappointed China and India did not want legally binding targets, and Sudan and Venezuela almost overturned the accord. Delegates largely backed a US-led climate deal which included limiting temperature rises to less than 2C. But the 193-nation summit…

Holy Elephants Stampede Upon Orisson Persecutors!

You can't say they didn't have it coming...Go on Holy Elephants and smite them! That'll learn 'em! I mean, let us pray for the victims of the elephant stampede in Orissa...

I'm Dreaming of... Anthropogenic Global Warming Sceptics' Christmas? 15 inches of snow in NYC!

Thalidomide and the Abortion Act (1967)

The thalidomide scandal rocked the UK and bolstered the pro-abortion arguments in the abortion debate in the 1960s. Was it really an 'accident'?

The Telegraph today reports that...

Under a deal to be announced soon, the Department of Health will pay a grant of £20 million over three years to the Thalidomide Trust, which dispenses aid to people disabled by the drug. The deal follows a campaign backed by the Sunday Times to secure financial support for the UK's 463 surviving "thalidomiders", many of whom are unable to work and require adapted homes and cars.

Pregnant women were prescribed thalidomide in the 1950s and 1960s to treat morning sickness or insomnia, but it was withdrawn from sale in 1961 after babies were born with limb deformities and other damage.

The drug's UK manufacturer, Distillers Biochemicals, paid around £28 million compensation in the 1970s following a legal battle by the families of those affected. Under the new settlement, the grant will be …

UK Christmas Number 1 Outrage

Come back, Cliff! All is forgiven! If you don't like swearing, don't listen. What's happened to this country?! Tenuously, it could be a pro-life song, or an anti-government song, or both, but it doesn't exactly say, 'Merry Christmas one un' all'. Neither does this, but it should have got to number 1 at some stage. I don't know! Where is the justice!?

Drive-Thru Sainthoods

To those who are concerned that the road to Sainthood appears to fast-track some men and women who only relatively recently passed from this life to the next, it is worthwhile remembering that both St Francis and St Anthony were canonised thefollowingyear after their holy deaths had ended their holy lives! May God be praised for all of His Saints! Even St John of the Cross, one of thirty-three Doctors of the Church had to wait a full 135 years. Ironic, really, because 33 is a perfect number of Doctors, since this was the age at which our Blessed Lord died. To have any more Doctors would be a bit rubbish now since the number of them is perfect, so if any more come along, they should be ignored. If they are genuinely interested in the good of Holy Mother Church, they will understand and keep schtum, so if there are any Doctors out there, shhhh...


To which warmongering former British Prime Minister turned pathologically power-crazed millionaire philanthropist is the following quote attributable?

“I’m a social engineer now. I can engineer social change on my own terms, outside of a big government buraucracy.”
Answers in the comments box...I know it is the season of goodwill and all, but...Anyway, since when did 'social engineering' become acceptable again?

Politicians Christmas Cards...Where is Christmas?

Gordon and Sarah Brown's Number 10 Downing Street Card...So surreal that only gnostics understand the hidden meaning. Maybe Gordon's saying, '...and narrow is the door to Number 10 and few be those who find it. But broad is the road out of Number 10 and and the majority of people hope I find it soon...'

Boris Johnson's mayoral card...dangerously Christmassy, depicting a star and 'wise men'.

Liberal Democrat Cleggy Christmas card...cute and festive if more than a little cheesy, having shamelessly exploited their own child to design it.

Tony and Cherie Blair's card...So scandalously narcisstic, they can't even bring themselves to say 'Merry Christmas' nor bear for their divine image not to be replaced, just for one day, by that of the Holy Family. Worthy only of burning. The only Christmas card that makes you want to punch strangers while saying, "Someone will answer for this atrocity!".

Speaker John Bercow card...Festive family based ja…

Rome is Where the Heart Is

The Catholic should, while remaining conscious of his own unworthiness, stand in opposition to the moral vicissitudes of his time. He should be a sign of contradiction to the World. He should astonish unbelievers not in the performance of great works but by his simplicity of heart. He should delight in the truth. His life should bear witness to truths Eternal, Timeless and Divine. He should expose the errors of the World cheerfully and with charity, knowing that in Christ alone is true joy, that man's vocation without Him is bereft of true meaning and that without Him the foundations on which stand even the loftiest of human principles will whither, decay and fall, built as they have been, upon falsehood.

Conscious of his weakness and his dependence on God alone, he should take comfort in the knowledge that nothing is impossible for God. In discovering that God is Truth and Love, he should proclaim it in word and deed and lead others to know that only in the fiery abyss of love, dw…

Huge-Hearted Holy Popes Declared Venerable

As if Christmas were not enough, more news of great joy for the People of God...

Courtesy of Asia News

Pius XII, the pope who led the Church during the Second World War, and John Paul II, who died in 2005, are now "Venerable" because Benedict XVI signed the decree by which he acknowledges their "heroic virtues".

The Congregation for the Causes of Saints today published a series of decrees in which the pontiff recognizes 5 miracles attributed to several people (including the venerable Mary McKillop, Australia) and also recognizes the "heroic virtues" of a further 10 people between among them the two popes.

These decrees pave the way for their beatification, as soon as there is the recognition of a miracle attributed to them. Another decree recognizes the martyrdom of the Polish priest, Fr Jerzy Popieluszko, killed by the communist police in 1984.

Also today, Benedict XVI met with all the members of the Congregation for the Cause of Saints for celebration mark…

Science Corner: Whats missing from this picture?

Apparently its sun spots. We're not getting any. I don't like science much. Its a bit dull and it makes me fall asleep.

An international panel of solar scientists now predicts that the next solar storm season, which should peak in 4 years, will be the weakest since 1928. The most common measure of a solar cycle's intensity is the number of sunspots, the more spots, the more solar storms. Earlier predictions allowed for a higher number of sunspots.

The panel predicts that the upcoming solar cycle 24 (which keeps getting delayed) will peak in May of 2013, with a maximum of 90 sun spots per day on average.

If this new prediction is correct, it would make solar cycle 24 the weakest since 1928, when it peaked out with 78 sunspots. Solar cycle 24 would also be the 9th weakest season since the 1750's, when numbered cycles began.

Also, solar cycle 23, which is ending, could end up being the longest cycle since 1823.

An unusually long, deep lull in sunspots led the panel to revise i…

Another Christian Pays the Price of Faith

Ah the English...full of festive spirit and cheer...Just don't mention God, okay!

The Daily Mail reports that...

A devout Christian teacher has lost her job after discussing her faith with a mother and her sick child and offering to pray for them.

Olive Jones, a 54-year-old mother of two, who taught maths to children too ill to attend school, was dismissed following a complaint from the girl’s mother. She was visiting the home of the child when she spoke about her belief in miracles and asked whether she could say a prayer, but when the mother indicated they were not believers she did not go ahead.

Mrs Jones was then called in by her managers who, she says, told her that sharing her faith with a child could be deemed to be bullying and informed her that her services were no longer required...[Full article here.]

'Mother Earth' In 11th Hour Copenbargain Plea

Mother Earth has made an 11th hour attempt to persuade the leaders of the World to rethink on climate change and push for a better agreement...with her! But, the UN claim that she will only do it for a fee. This fax (pictured above) has been sent anonymously to the UN, and it is being claimed by the UN that it was from Mother Earth. Sir James Lovelock, the 'Healing Gaia, human-population-is-a-cancer crackpot' said, "This is wonderful news! I know that Mother Earth will not let us down. She says she wants money to stop the global warming. I trust her, let's do it!"

Johnathan Porrit too confirmed the news with excitement. "This is the first time Mother Earth has actually spoken to us and she is our friend! I say, even though it looks like, once we give her £500,000,000,000,000 , she will be kind to us and sort out the climate, we should still get people to have one child families at the max so that we never get ourselves into this mess again. Actually, if we c…


She's a lady and she wants to be a Priest. If you don't let her be a Priest she'll be very angry!Seems friendly enough, mind, bless her.

I'm snowed in, iced in, even. I had wanted to go up to London in the car today but I can't get my car out of its space. I fell flat on my behind on the way to the car and fell over twice on the way to the Latin Mass last night. Clearly the icy pavements had put off quite a few Latin Mass devotees as I was one of two parishioners who made it to Mass. Anyone else who tried to make it but didn't show, I can only assume, is in intensive care with broken hip bones and wrists. How humbling are snow and icy pavements! Mortal men suddenly have to watch their step and delicately negotiate each layer and bump of ice, no longer relying on their own efforts but resigning themselves to their utter dependence on their Maker! They fall down and are ashamed at their humiliation! They dust themselves down and acknowledge their frailty and weakn…

Can I Get a Witness?

I hope so!

Blessed Virgin Mary Appearing to Strengthen Coptics, Egypt?

Some background information...

Egypt's Copts are an endangered minority. Exposed to continuous and subtle pressures, their numbers are dwindling. Thousands have emigrated; no official figures are available as to their numbers in the diaspora today, but reliable sources count two million living in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and other countries of Europe. Thousands of those who are left behind convert to Islam every year to escape persecution; for example, between 1988 and 1990, 50,000 Coptic university graduates did so. Those who stay faithful to their religion in Egypt find themselves increasingly marginalized and alienated in their own country.

The Copts are so noisy! I mean, if they had just kept quiet for a moment maybe Our Lady might have said something!

Snowy Brighton!


Boozy, Greedy, Generous Santa Risk to Public Health!

Dr Nathan Grills from Monash University in Australia said the idea of a fat Father Christmas gorging on brandy and mince pies as he drove his sleigh around the world delivering presents was not the best way to promote a healthy and safe lifestyle among the young. Writing on, Dr Grills said: "Santa only needs to affect health by 0.1 per cent to damage millions of lives."

That is hilarious...But Dr Grills...How much more dangerous is Christ Himself? I mean, you don't have to look too far back in history, nor look around other parts of the World to see that to follow Him could see you end up with your head chopped off, imprisonment or the kind of 'sack' you think should be given to Santa who apparently also promotes, wait for it...'drink-driving'!

Semi-Nude Mary and Joseph Sparks Catholic Outrage

The awful billboard image will not grace my blog...

Courtesy of The Guardian

A New Zealand church has sparked outrage by erecting a billboard depicting Mary and Joseph lying semi-nude beneath the sheets. In an unorthodox take on the Christmas tale, the billboard depicts a forlorn Joseph and Mary looking to the sky with a caption which reads: "Poor Joseph. God is a hard act to follow."

The St Matthew-in-the-City church said it wanted to inspire people to talk about the Christmas story. But within five hours of the billboard going up in downtown Auckland a man was standing on his car roof painting over the raunchy image.

Archdeacon Glynn Cardy said the church meant to challenge a fundamentalist interpretation of Christ's birth. "What we're trying to do is to get people to think more about what Christmas is all about. Is it about a spiritual male God sending down sperm so a child would be born, or is it about the power of love in our midst as seen in Jesus?" (Err,…

BBC's Bizarre 'Have Your Say' on Ugandan Gay Law

Courtesy of The Guardian
The BBC today asked users of its news website "Should homosexuals face execution?" on a talkboard discussion for a World Service programme for African listeners. Posted on a BBC News premoderated talkboard, the thread was designed to provoke discussion ahead of the latest edition of interactive World Service programme 'Africa Have Your Say'. The headline now reads, 'Should Uganda debate gay execution?'

I listened to the said World Service programme last night and I felt awful for the Ugandan man who they interviewed, who basically said that it was a terrifying country to live in as a man with the homosexual condition. He thought he was the only man in the World with this condition and lived in fear for his life, because of the police and the fact that neighbour turns on neighbour. I'm surprised he hadn't topped himself years ago. Poor lamb. We Catholics believe the act of homosexuality is a very serious, mortal sin. However, we …

Professor Steve Jones: Has the Galton Institute Changed?

Richard Dawkins reviewed Professor Steve Jone's 'The Language of the Genes' as follows...

“I've enjoyed Steve Jones' recent book The Language of the Genes. He's a little bit too eager to bend over backwards to be politically respectable, because of the unsavory history of genetics, and he rather goes out of his way to disown those aspects of genetics that are politically disrespectable. I feel that that's over and done with now, and we can forget about it and get on, and I feel he's still a little bit unnecessarily eager to distance himself from the bad aspects of the history of genetics. But I have a lot of time for him; I greatly respect him.”
These two supporters of the British Humanist Assoication are mutual friends and admirers. Yet the President of the Galton Institute has, in the charity - that's right, its a registered charity - much of which to be ashamed in Galton's notorious membership. Yet, as one might suspect, the Galton Institute is…

The Eugenics Society & the Abortion Society

Click here for a new movie, Maafa 21, which is hopefully taking grassroots USA by storm. Clearly, even a black President thinks eugenics against blacks is good, otherwise he'd have stood up to the World's largest abortion provider. The founding of Birmingham's 'The Cathorpe Clinic' and Planned Parenthood International is not as far removed as one would have thought. At the heart of abortion, is eugenics.

If you have a relatively strong constitution, I would recommend a browse through the membership of the Eugenics Society, now known as The Galton Institute. As well as more infamous members such as Margaret Sanger and lefties we thought were nice like John Maynard Keynes, it gives surprising detail on the employment trends of some of its less notorious members. Pro-life campaigners who have been in the thick of the pro-life movement for years will be familiar with the name of one Dr Martin John Cole. In fact, a friend of mine who grew up in Birmingham knew the name w…

Abortion: Women's 'Health and Rights?'

Courtesy of The Times Women-Relationships Section. A harrowing real life story in the 'Dear Tanya' problem page. This must constitute a very common reason for abortions in the UK. Many women feel bullied into abortion by men. The ease with which it is procurable only makes the problem worse. There are so many facets to this letter with regard to sex, relationships, marriage, commitment, love and all of this without considering the unheard voice of the baby, that I thought it worth posting. The real life stories of abortion are most certainly not what the abortion industry wants people to know about. They would rather it be sanitised and cleansed from pain or guilt. Meanwhile, women have to pick up the pieces and carry that pain.

Dear Tanya

I’ve been feeling really messed up recently. I can’t put my finger on any one cause but I had an abortion earlier this year, on the same day that my sister gave birth to her second child. This was my second abortion, but unlike the first one,…

Prince Charles Touches Down at Global Warming Summit

"B*gger me, its freezing! I can't wait to get into the warm!"

Speaking at the Copenhagen summit on climate change HRH the Prince of Wales said...
“I know that so very many of you here today have been negotiating the unbelievably complex details of a potential agreement for a very, very long time, and you must be profoundly weary,” he said. “But this is an historic moment. I can only appeal to you to listen to the cries of those who are already suffering from the impact of climate change. Just as mankind had the power to push the world to the brink so, too, do we have the power to bring it back into balance. You have been called to positions of responsibility at this critical time. The eyes of the world are upon you and it is no understatement to say that, with your signatures, you can write our future.”Indeed. That's...

'I...................................(Western Leader signature here), promise to shaft you................................(African leader signature …

The Equality & Human Rights Commission Hotline

The Equality and Human Rights Commission begins working in earnest, stamping upon inequality, unfairness and discrimination like a deranged elephant playing Twister. Wherever it puts its foot, someone's going to get hurt and opening moves suggest that someone will be the Church.

Conversation #147

[Ring, ring...ring, ring]

Operator: “Hello, ‘Equality Commission’, Gordon speaking, how can I help?”

Member of public: “Oh yes, hello. Is that the ‘National Hotline for the Persecution of Christians’?”

Operator: “No, this is the ‘Department for Equality’ but I am sure we can help. What seems to be the matter?”

Member of public: “Oh, good. Well, I thought I’d best call. I was just on my to picking up some fish and chips for myself and the family when I was deeply offended. The chip shop owners had a Crucifix on the wall and and an image of the Infant of Prague. I’m an atheist and this has offended me deeply because it has upset my narrow world-view.”

Operator: “I see. Well, let us know the addres…