Boozy, Greedy, Generous Santa Risk to Public Health!

Dr Nathan Grills from Monash University in Australia said the idea of a fat Father Christmas gorging on brandy and mince pies as he drove his sleigh around the world delivering presents was not the best way to promote a healthy and safe lifestyle among the young. Writing on, Dr Grills said: "Santa only needs to affect health by 0.1 per cent to damage millions of lives."

That is hilarious...But Dr Grills...How much more dangerous is Christ Himself? I mean, you don't have to look too far back in history, nor look around other parts of the World to see that to follow Him could see you end up with your head chopped off, imprisonment or the kind of 'sack' you think should be given to Santa who apparently also promotes, wait for it...'drink-driving'!


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