Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The Times Goes 'Overboard' on Climate

The brooding, eerie menace of the sea...Soon to be lapping at your feet...and don't think that just because you live on the top story of a high rise in Leicestershire that you'll be safe!

Driven by sudden concern that people are considerably less credulous about global warming than they were a week or two ago, The Times has allowed itself to be a vehicle for the Scientific Community on Anarctic Research (SCAR) with articles whose headlines are sober, considered and by no means emotive or frightening. Here are some of the headlines...

‘Nations will vanish and millions lose their homes to rising seas’

'Major cities at risk from rising sea level threat'

'Rising sea levels will make Great Flood seem like day out with kids at local paddling pool, says UN'

'Environment Agency issues EU flag-coloured rubber dinghy to every home in UK, civil partnership couples to get priority'

'Last polar bears 5 minutes from extinction so kill your babies and if you're feeling really generous, yourselves, to lower emissions', says IPCC'

Vatican causes outrage claiming, 'Condoms have tiny holes so don't try to build Arks from them'

'25th December renamed 'National Suck it 'n' Sea Day' as Government advises coastal-dwellers to "syphon off" sea level rises with buckets and straws

'Government building "ovens bigger than mansions" as correctional facilities for people who refuse eco-light bulbs, NASA considers sending serious offenders to Sun'

Okay, only the first two are real, but given that we know that the science is now far from settled because of the recent revelations, there is only one word for The Times articles. They are deliberate and preposterous scaremongering.


Anonymous said...

ARE there any tall hills in Leicestershire?? And it's completely your fault not mine that I spent so long last night watching conspiracy theory clips on youtube!

Seriously, I love your blog!

The Bones said...

I really don't know. They are seriously addictive those clips! At some point we have to just let it go and go to bed, but I find that hard...

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