Tuesday, 15 December 2009

New Climate Change Ad to Roll Out Next Week...

Narrator: “Thinking of having a baby?”


Narrator: “Have you considered the environmental impact?”

Lady: “No.”

Narrator: “Well you should. If you have a baby, that will be one more person breathing out carbon. Don’t have a baby. Play your part in reducing carbon emissions.”

Lady: “But I’m pregnant.”

Narrator: “That’s okay. Here’s a number for your local abortion clinic and remember to use contraception from now on.”

Lady: “You’re right. Thank you kind narrator! Should I top myself? I don’t want to be a burden.”

Narrator: “It is worth thinking about. Here’s the number of your local Dignitas clinic.”

Lady: “Oh thank you, kind narrator!”

“Global warming. Its real, so think about your carbon emissions. Be bold. Do us a favour. Save the Planet.”

1 comment:

Physiocrat said...

Save the planet. Become a Catholic nun!

How's that for a slogan? Must make a poster up

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