Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Global Warming and the 'New Religion'

The 'climategate' scandal took the wind out of the sails of the 'good ship' Copenhagen, suddenly making it look like the 'bad ship' Global power-grab. Yet, whatever the truth of the matter regarding global warming/cooling, it does appear that those who feel passionately about the environment take the environmental issue as something of a religion in itself. I hadn't realised until the debate really started 'hotting up' with Copenhagen and the temperature began soaring in the light of 'climategate'.

Young people especially appear to feel most passionate about the global warming threat and, having received an education from schools and the mass media, which is, let's face it, a useful tool of propaganda in times of both war and peace (What peace?!), they are politically active and motivated. They feel passionately in the issue, almost religiously, zealously. Yet it is not confined to young people.

Older people also share these concerns in a misty-eyed 'think about the future generations' way, which is bizarre given the rate of divorce, contraception, homosexual culture and abortion in the modern Western world. The sense of impending doom about the global warming issue, I expect, makes more than a few people think, "Well, if the World is going down the sh*tter then I don't want to bring kids into it." This fear plays directly into the hands of those who are hyping the threat up to the max - powerful, rich men, women and organisations, who some would say have a direct interest in doing so, in order to set about reducing the World's population.

The sense of fear, anxiety and confusion about the environmental situation also creates the hope among men and women for a 'saviour' who can 'save' the World from 'sea-level rises', economic desolation, poverty in Africa and general angst. There is a definite 'Live Aid' feel about this time, which is totally overblown and terribly tiresome. Celebrities are involved and even politicians who lost their reputations years ago are in on it, and probably aim to make more cash out of it.

Unfortunately, all these are reasons why we are now living in dangerous times. It is true that 'climategate' has certainly knocked the man-made global warming off course a little, but to many who have been indoctrinated with the 'Together we can save the Planet!' propagdanda, telling people to calm down about the environment because, "Look, it might not be entirely man-made, here are the figures," is a bit like going up to a Catholic with photographic evidence of Our Blessed Lord at a cocaine and sex party on the outskirts of Cana. Thank God, that evidence will never appear since, though Our Lord 'ate and drank with sinners', He didn't 'get it on' with anyone. That's right, not even St Mary Magdalen, for He was like us in all ways but sin! But for those who 'believe' so ardently in 'man-made global warming', the poor lambs who have been spoon-fed this media-fuelled gruel since they were little, it has the same effect. It would be to shatter their 'faith'.

The problem for the Church comes when someone rears their head and says, "I've got the answer!", only for both the person and the answer to have nothing to do with Salvation whatsoever. We have to acknowledge that it is not only the Islamics, the Jews, Hindus and other religions who await their 'messiah', but it is now the Environmentalists as well. These, therefore, are dangerous, if interesting times. For proof of the devotion of the poor lambs, or wolves, see these little Environmental tearaways hounding Lord Christopher Monckton. Boy! I'll bet he's fuming! "Oi, you little brats! Come out from them there recycling bins!"

Whatever, the truth of global warming, these little ones will be breakfast for the Antichrist. Let it therefore be shouted from the hilltops. There is only one Man who can save humanity! The name of that Man is Jesus Christ, our Blessed Lord and Saviour. Meanwhile, I am due to marry next year, so if there is anyone, and I mean Anyone who can find me some work, I'd be very much in their debt, more debt, than I am currently in. I've had one idea, but I have to be obedient to Holy Mother Church, to my Priest, the Bishop and the Pope!

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