Saturday, 19 December 2009


She's a lady and she wants to be a Priest. If you don't let her be a Priest she'll be very angry! Seems friendly enough, mind, bless her.

I'm snowed in, iced in, even. I had wanted to go up to London in the car today but I can't get my car out of its space. I fell flat on my behind on the way to the car and fell over twice on the way to the Latin Mass last night. Clearly the icy pavements had put off quite a few Latin Mass devotees as I was one of two parishioners who made it to Mass. Anyone else who tried to make it but didn't show, I can only assume, is in intensive care with broken hip bones and wrists. How humbling are snow and icy pavements! Mortal men suddenly have to watch their step and delicately negotiate each layer and bump of ice, no longer relying on their own efforts but resigning themselves to their utter dependence on their Maker! They fall down and are ashamed at their humiliation! They dust themselves down and acknowledge their frailty and weakness! The proud of heart are humbled but the lowly rejoice. Men fall on their rear ends and then praise God for His mercy and Providence!

Anyway, after Latin Mass I found a leaflet which a lady parishioner had given to Fr Ray Blake as she was horrified by an overt women's priests campaign. She had found the leaflet in a Church in East Grinstead. I read it and found it a little disturbing, if rather amusing. The campaign for women priests in the Catholic Church is a small and eccentric group of left-wing ladies. What is striking about their website is their unorthodox beliefs, confined not just to their desire to be ladypriestz but also their strange views on the Church all round from sexuality to the nature of God. While reading it I wondered whether they are not singularly funded by Cherie Blair. Basically, it appears that their view of God Himself, as well as His Church, is shaped by their feminism. How sad that the Faith can be so warped by the deceit of human ideology!

Ideologies, be it Feminism or Marxism see life in terms of a struggle. There must be opposing forces and one must win out. It is entwined with notions of 'progress' and views modernity as the height of man's achievements. 'Liberation' is concerned with the self and the satisfaction of the self. 'Liberation' is concerned only with 'rising up', rather than humbly accepting God's decrees in obedience. The same spirit running through the 'women's priests' movement motivates the Marxist liberation theologians so dangerous to the Church. It is no longer about God, or Salvation, it is about us, what we can do, not what God does. Same with the environ-mentalists. They go about crying out, 'We can save the Planet! We can do it! Yes, we can!' as if mankind can affect the climate with a dial on the Copenhagen conference hall wall. All we have to do is get an global agreement on turning down the thermostat a couple of digits and hey presto, World is saved! The same goes for every political movement aimed at changing Church teaching, like the LGBT group. There's an hilarious one in the US at the moment called Horny Young Catholics for Threesomes or something.

Time and time again these heretics see the Church as a human institution like any other. They see the Holy Father as the CEO of a large multi-national, and the Bishops as a kind of committee Board of Directors (though they could be forgiven for thinking that!) and the personal vocation to teach, to motherhood, to family life, to consecrated life or just being a layperson (how awful!) as a glass ceiling of injustice, while the Priesthood is withheld from them because of the power of men who wish to deny it arrogantly to women. Nasty men! Let's get em' girls! This is, of course, rubbish. Were such people to be ordained as Priestsesses they would continue taking their ideological struggle into Church ministry and preach their words of gender emnity to their congregations, warping the true message of the Gospel in every town and city and making a mockery of the words of Our Lord, the One True Faith and the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. These ladies yearn to be Priests to 'answer a call' from God, profess to love God and the Church, but then spout vile heresy everytime they speak. There is nothing Catholic in what they say. They probably haven't been to Confession in 25 years.

Here they point us to a website entitled The Body is Sacred, which is illustrative of their 'modern theology'.

View of modern Catholic theology - we say: YES! (Ah but what does the man from Del Monte say?)

Sex is sacred because it is created by God and sanctified by our rebirth in Christ. (Rebirthing...Not to be confused with Baptism)

Sex helps us to grow ourselves and to create bonds of love. (Bonds? How many bonds?! Sounds like multiple partners to me...)

Sex is only sinful if we cause harm to ourselves or to others. (Ah, that old chestnut. "Right. We're all single and a bit lonely...Dum, de, dum...Who's up for an orgy, then?")

Traditional views - THEY ARE NOT RIGHT!

"Pleasure during intercourse is the carrier of original sin"
St. Augustine

"Virginity belongs to paradise. Marriage began after the fall."
St. Jerome

"Every form of sex not directly open to conception is sinful." - Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

"The use of contraceptives, masturbation and homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered." - Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Crackin'! One big sex party all round then! Go on, Sisters, the kids are going to lap this up!

Can you imagine it at Mass? "A reading from the misogynist, Paul..."

Clearly from their website and their campaign leaflet they do not believe the Church is:

a) One
b) Holy
c) Catholic
d) Apostolic

For if they believed the Church was truly Holy, founded by God Himself on the Rock of St Peter and guided by the Holy Spirit then they would accept quickly the Church teaching on this issue and all issues. They should not bother to profess even the Credo! Holy Mother Church cannot err on matters of Faith and Morals. In their eyes, it will only become Holy when it is how they wish it to be. They cannot accept that though She is full of poor sinners and many Saints, She is already Perfect and resplendent in Her beauty, majestic and crowned despite the faults of Her members!

One lawyer lady working on behalf of this group wrote on the back of the leaflet that if Christ truly wanted the Priesthood to be male and for women to be excluded that she could not believe in His Divinity. What an odd thing to say! 'The Lord says something which offends me, therefore I won't believe in Him and I'll go off in a huff and show Him my middle finger. "Screw You, Lord! If I can't be a Priestess You can stick Your Gospel!"' If we all behaved like that none of us would believe. One has to ask whether, if these ladies cannot believe in a Christ who wishes for a male Priesthood, then what chance they could believe any articles or tenets of Faith and teach them, like a Christ who believes in the Sacrament of Marriage? Bizarre! If you fancy a laugh, check out their website.


Richard Collins said...

I visited their website (briefly) and noted that they are asking for donations. I am happy to subscribe two fingers!

pelerin said...

I visited their website too - I suppose it is just as well they don't have a comments section as I would be very tempted to write something rude! Why oh why can't these women just go and join another church which already ordains women. I cannot understand their insistance that they wish to reform the Church from inside according to their own ideas.

Sorry you could not get to London today Laurence. Yes many of us are well and truly marooned here! You mention broken bones - I have just heard from a friend who met someone today coming away from the RSCH where there have been 185 people treated for broken bones so far since the snow arrived. If only they would grit the pavements here surely it would save the NHS money in the long run?

Intrigued by your comment that men fall on their 'rear ends.' Never thought about this before but strangely looking back to my last few breakages I remember that each time I fell forward, and on one occasion straight into a pile of leaves! I had to wait an hour for an ambulance as it was a Friday night in Brighton and they are a bit scarce then!! You are right in that being a very humiliating experience!

Natasa said...

I just want to comment on the last paragraph. Yes, many people don't like what they hear and on the grounds of that decide they don't believe in God. I could never understand that logic. But it is very common.

On the side of the angels said...

please don't be misled into believing this is merely a minority group skirting around the extreme quarters of already-lost 'catholicism'...
It isn't !
My old seminary [now defunct by a deliberate futurechurch agenda] holds regular conferences where the queen of the damned - Joanie Chittister - holds her sway and Iamwomenchurch-hearmeroar is the centring meditation-mantra...

The Bones said...

God help us!

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