Thursday, 10 December 2009

Barry Wins Goebbels Piss Prize

"Thanks for the award guys. Boy, you guys are so good at kissing my ass, I'm tempted to sack Biden and employ you. Obviously, I'd like to stay and chat some more, but heck, I can't stay too long as I've got a war in Afghanistan to get back to, after I've graced Copenhagen with my semi-divine presence and saved the World from global snowboarding. I mean warming.. . By the way, cheers for the light show last night. That was cute! Boy, that HAARP Project is coming on a dream!"

The headline on the Times website is hilarious: 'Barack Obama accepts Nobel Peace Prize with stern defence of war'!!! Ah, man. That is comedy!

1 comment:

pelerin said...

What a headline in the Times! How on earth can you receive an award for Peace while encouraging War is beyond me.

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