Thursday, 10 December 2009

And So It Begins...Time to Call on St Michael, Archangel!

The second most hit article on The Telegraph website concerns this strange revolving light in the sky over Norway, which looks like its going to put Medjugorje into the shade. Norwegian scientists have stated that this is not the northern lights in action.

Do aliens exist? No, most probably not.
Does NASA exist? Yes, it definitely does.
How do you create this illusion?
You spend years layering the atmosphere with sodium and barium using chemtrails and then you use the stratosphere as a film on which to project images and patterns of your choosing.

Or, if you're looking for another explanation, factor into this 'strange light'occurence, which has baffled the Norwegians, the fact that the United States HAARP Project has 'a premier world class ionospheric heating research facility located in northern Norway near Tromsø. Ironically, Tromsō Geophysical Observatory researcher Truls Lynne Hansen agreed with the theory that it was a stray Russian missile, saying 'the missile had likely veered out of control and exploded, and the spiral was light reflecting on the leaking fuel.' The Russian embassy at first denied this and now the Russian military have confirmed it, so, this is odd.

They're up to no good I tells ya! And if they aren't, then we know who is, Lucifer, the light-bearer, the deceiver and father of lies. I'm sorry to go into one, but its late...Anyway, this kind of crap might become more common, so check out Operation Bluebeam. It is not for the faint of heart. If you thought 'global warming' was the greatest hoax of all time, gird yourselves for what is said by many to come. Our Blessed Lord warned of the 'lying wonders' which would deceive many in the last days, let us be comforted by His first coming and pray we may stand before Him and be shown mercy at His Second.

I might add that the number of hits I have had on my blog concerning Benjamin Creme, a man who claims to be on good terms with a new 'World Teacher' who is most certainly not the Christ but is a very naughty boy is, to say the least, highly alarming. For more on the occult world's long-awaited emergence of the Antichrist click here.

One commenter, on the Mail Online astutely observed, "Deep space 9 wormhole Haldron Collider has been fired and it works fine."

Another said, "It's obviously a swirling Obama Campaign logo. O' Great One, welcome to Norway, come get your Peace Prize."

"It's Obama's spiraling ego," said another commenter. Hilarious!

Thank God not everyone will be so easily taken in. The man who is so monumentally narcisstic that he has to literally be begged by Copenhagen to come to the Global Summit on Climate Change before he condescends to come to them to 'save the day' is to arrive in Norway tomorrow to get the 'Man of Sin, sorry, Peace' prize. Pass me the bucket.


Crux Fidelis said...

I haven't heard of Benjamin Creme and his old mate the Maitreya for a while. Is he still living down Brick Lane? Is his manifestation still as imminent as it was twenty years ago?

His followers certainly get around. A few years ago I was coming out of Maastricht railway station when I was approached by one of them trying to flog me a newspaper. When I said I didn't speak Dutch she immediately produced an English version from her bag.

Crux Fidelis said...
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