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Te Deum Laudamus

Te Deum Laudamus. Now, this is my favourite hymn. Apparently if we recite it or sing it tomorrow 1st January 2014 free from attachment to all venial sin (I think we're meant to go to Confession!) then we receive a Plenary Indulgence. EWTN has a good explanation of Indulgences here.
As well as all blessings and graces received, I am particularly thankful to the Lord our God (and to those in Heaven and on Earth who have prayed for them) that George and Diane have been told where they will be living from 3rd January, in Hove. Also, I am grateful to the Lord our God that Jason has been housed also, in Brighton. God is Good and does not abandon the poor (even if the vast majority who house them are only after their housing benefits cheques).
The Buenos Aires Herald says that Pope Francis will be celebrating his first year-end Vespers and Te Deum prayers as Pope, so we trust His Holiness will be receiving a Plenary Indulgence as well. Splendid! I don't know whether its two plenary in…

Wishing Readers a Very Happy New Year

This is a really heartwarming scene of Pope Francis greeting Pope Emeritus Benedict and the two Popes wishing each other a Merry Christmas. Where's the freestanding Altar?
Wishing readers a happy new year and blessed 2014.

Why Have The Media Not 'Done the Dirty' on Pope Francis?

Happy Christmastide, everyone. We live in interesting times, no? Christmastide has permitted me to take a break from blogging and to do some much needed reflection. I won't bore you with my personal reflections on life - or my life (it's a disaster as usual!) - but the pontificate of Pope Francis continues to confuse me utterly. One large reason is his continued popularity with the media and this will be the focus of this blog post.

A New York Times columnist has today written the followingconcerning the papacy and the sexual abuse crisisthat dominated coverage of the Church under Benedict XVI.

'’s troubling, and telling, that the media would give a more liberal-seeming pope a pass on an issue they hammered his predecessor on at every opportunity.' 
I am deeply disconcerted by our Pope's continued popularity with media organs usually emphatically opposed to the Catholic Church. His continued popularity with the Press is just weird and unprecedented in its sc…

Just Before Our Christmas Celebrations...

While in the US, you can't be in the army and say 'Happy Christmas', in Russia, the schools' curriculum makes the learning of Orthodox Christianity mandatory.

Have a very happy Christmas.

Last thing. I dream of a day when you walk into Sainsbury's and they are playing this on a loop instead of pop-pap. I'm sure the decline of Faith is correlated to awful Christmas music.

People Who Believe in a Creator but Who Cannot Believe in the Virgin Birth...

There remain in the World and in the Church people who believe in God, a Creator, Who created all things that came to be, but who cannot bring themselves to believe in the Virgin Birth or the perpetual virginity of Our Lady before, during and after childbirth.

These people, presumably believe that the God who willed that from out of absolutely nothing there should form billions of stars, planets, the entire Universe, creating all living beings, trees, rivers, oceans, water, and crowned Creation with man, all out of nothing and Who instituted all the laws which sustain the continuation of everything as we know it, would find preserving the virginity of one woman, the Blessed Virgin Mary, 'a bit tricky'.

Surely if we accept that all that exists comes from nothing, but that God simple spoke and it all came to be, and there was afterwards something, then we must accept that there is nothing that is impossible for God, or remotely 'tricky'. For those who claim to believe i…

Last Minute Christmas Shopping Ideas

This film is available now on DVD.

You can see a trailer here.

I expect the sequel will be called 'Neo-Prometheus: The Return of the Pelagian' in a special collectors edition 'self-absorbed' packaging.

Social Gospel

Every now and then you hear something about the 'social Gospel'.

Can someone explain to me an aspect of the Gospel that is not social?

Christ's Teaching on divorce and remarriage for example. I'd say that was pretty 'social'.

A Little Bit of Joy of the Gospel

Because I feel rather overwhelmed just now by the latent, and in some cases blatant, "We don't like your type around these parts," noises and "You're not from round here, are you?" murmurings coming from Rome, I feel it slightly incumbent upon me, as a Catholic parishioner of a parish Church in which both Rites of the Church are celebrated to defend those priests and parishioners who hold as sacred, that which has been passed down and held as sacred for previous generations. I guess you could say I am feeling 'tetchy'.

We have a homeless man, young, vulnerable, with mental health problems, constantly neglected by the local authority, but who accepts with meekness his situation as a rough sleeper. He sleeps in a Brighton cemetery, his sleeping bag often battered by high wind and rain. He has family in the area, but things are difficult with family - though I do not know the details. He has been imprisoned for shoplifting sandwiches from local superm…

Ne Timeas, Maria

Courtesy of Eponymous Flower

The Best Pope Francis Moment of 2013

My Lord and my God!

Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen on Antichrist

When I read on Protect the Pope, the thoughts of Cardinal Kasper on the Church of the future abandoning the teaching of Our Lord Jesus Christ one wonders not only what on Earth is coming next, but how men of the Church can possibly think that when they contradict the Son of God, they could possibly be acting in His Name.

Do men like Cardinal Kasper not have any sense that at the Head of the One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church reigns Our Lord Jesus Christ? Can the Body really tell the Head what to think?

The Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen's quote springs to mind, as well as the prophecies of Our Lady of La Salette ('the apostasy will start at the top'). Of course I am not suggesting that either Cardinal Kasper or Pope Francis are the Antichrist. No...we all know that's Archbishop Marini...

'The Antichrist will not be so called; otherwise he would have no followers. He will not wear red tights, nor vomit sulphur, nor carry a trident nor wave an arrowed tail as…

What Star Wars is Saying About These Times

Results of the Papal Conclave as peace flows like a river across the Church

Benedict XVI resigns

Reforming the curia and granting doctrinal authority to Bishops

One of the Sisters of the Immaculate makes an appeal for mercy

'Cooperation' is greeted with stubborn refusal from visibly upset traditional Catholic

What Liberals Are Saying About These Times

A Huffington Post article appeared today on our beloved Holy Father, which among other atrocious slurs, suggested the following. Calm yourselves readers, on Francis and 'same-sex marriage' and LGBT issues, this is going to be offensive but in the end you'll laugh.

'Now, I honestly don't think Francis really believes the ugly statements he made in Argentina, as he actually tried to broker a deal on civil unions in Argentina at one point, trying to get the government to back off gay marriage. 'I believe he made those horribly anti-gay statements (in Argentina) just to keep his job, as Argentina was embarking upon gay marriage and he was expected to rail against it, and it was the only way to advance in Benedict's Vatican. And it worked. But what does that actually say about Francis? That he's a pretty shrewd politician who says what he has to, even if it means horribly attacking a minority, in order to win -- not much different from some in the cu…

An Honour and a Privilege

This post has been amended. Apparently, Austen Ivereigh sent a Twitter message as appears below. I have been to Confession to ask forgiveness for my rather vindictive riposte to Mr Ivereigh's Twitter message concerning my last post on ongoings in Rome. All I shall say is, Mr Ivereigh, it is a great honour and privilege that someone with so many media contacts, TV appearances and friends in high places should be so kind as to promote my blog on Twitter. Thank you.

 'Paranoid and sarcastic: a glimpse inside the world of anti-Francis traddie pushback'
Wherein he then links to my post.

You're welcome to your opinion Mr Ivereigh, but if loyalty to the Successor of St Peter means looking away while a perfectly healthy, vibrant and attractive Franciscan Order gets devastated by those who claim to act on behalf of the Pope, then I ask only if that is true loyalty, or a cowardly refusal to state the truth in charity and to ignore and indeed be complicit in, by silence, the tra…

What Catholics are Saying About these Times

I understand that we Catholics should be out on the peripheries serving the poor 24/7, but occasionally Catholics get time to go for a pint and have a chat. If the Holy Father wants to know what some are saying or at least thinking, the video above is a pretty good example. The most troubling aspect of this papacy with regard to the FFI and the message that it is sending around the World to Catholics is that we are now entering into a period of thoughtcrime. That's the 'Francis Effect' currently being felt by many Catholics who are the Holy Father's natural supporters.

That's a most troubling aspect of the Franciscan oath, but so too, equally, is the pseudo-revival of the index of banned books for all publications from the FFI. I still own a copy of 'Jesus: Our Eucharistic Love' by Fr Stefano Manelli. It's brilliant and inspiring. Maybe you can still pick up a copy second hand but hide it at home in case it is seized by Fr Volpi.

Yet, no heretical Bish…

Dear God, help me, St Jason pray for us

'And when they had passed through Amphipolis and Apollonia, they came to Thessalonica, where there was a synagogue of the Jews. And Paul, according to his custom, went in unto them; and for three sabbath days he reasoned with them out of the scriptures: Declaring and insinuating that the Christ was to suffer, and to rise again from the dead; and that this is Jesus Christ, whom I preach to you. And some of them believed, and were associated to Paul and Silas; and of those that served God, and of the Gentiles a great multitude, and of noble women not a few. But the Jews, moved with envy, and taking unto them some wicked men of the vulgar sort, and making a tumult, set the city in an uproar; and besetting Jason' s house, sought to bring them out unto the people.

And not finding them, they drew Jason and certain brethren to the rulers of the city, crying: They that set the city in an uproar, are come hither also; Whom Jason hath received; and these all do contrary to the decrees of…

All Change at the Congregation for Bishops

Life Site News drew attention to an interview Cardinal Raymond Burke gave to EWTN recently. It's a good and clear interview. It is so inspiring to see a Prince of the Church valiantly speaking out in defence of unborn life and in defending the Most Holy Eucharist from sacrilege and desecration.

I'm disappointed that Cardinal Burke has not been renamed to the Congregation for Bishops, but as Thomas Peters makes plain today, Cardinal Raymond Burke has various roles which are very important in Vatican affairs, not least at the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura*. It is not as if he has to take up golf because he'll have nothing to do in Rome. While always maintaining loyalty to Pope Francis, one cannot help wonder how stricken Cardinal Raymond Burke, like so many of us feel, for the plight of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, who found in Cardinal Burke so much practical support in Rome.

Cardinal Burke's 'dropping' from the Congregation of Bishops,…

The Great Catholic Apocalypse Quiz

In this great liturgical season of Advent, we look forward with yearning to the Great Day when Christ will come to Judge the living and dead and pray earnestly that upon His coming in Glory that we be found to be worthy to stand among His elect to inherit the Kingdom for His Bride, the Church, prepared since before the foundation of the World.

With this in mind, then, I have devised a quiz so that we may remind ourselves of the promises and prophecies to be found in that most clear, decipherable and concise book in the Bible, the Book of the Apocalypse.

Are you ready? Grand!

So let us begin as we refresh our knowledge of this sacred and most beloved of books in Sacred Scripture...

Question 1: For how long is the first beast of the Book of Revelation permitted to utter its boasts and blasmphemies against God, against his name, his heavenly Tent and all those who are sheltered there? Is it:

a) forty two thousand years?
b) 42 months?
c) Whenever Countdown is on?
Question 2: Does the fals…