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Eulogy for Catalonia

There are fireworks here for the birthday of St John the Baptist. That will be nice. However, I have noticed one or two things about Catholic Spain which are more than worrying.

Firstly, on Sunday I went to Mass in a Church in Begur, lovely Church it was too. However, I was quite shocked by the almost total absence of any kneeling during the Mass. And I mean none. The priest did not seem to mind, but I assume that not that long ago, every lay person would be down on the knees at the sound of the bell. I have been to liberal parishes in England and seen nothing like it. The vast majority of the congregation did not kneel at any point. At the Eucharistic prayer, through the consecration and beyond the Agnus Dei. I have no idea what the priest preached other than the fact that he informed his flock that there would no longer be a midday Mass on Sundays, only one on Saturday night, because he serves too many churches in the region, so it has been moved to 9pm. No vocations you see. There…

Swift Justice for Magister

...but its all in a good cause, isn't it?
I am away for a while. God willing, I'll resume blogging in a week or two. Don't tell His Holiness, but I am going abroad for a while by plane, but that is okay, I guess, because like all climate warriors, he makes unnecessary flights too.
This is my first foreign trip in 4 years, so I guess my carbon footprint is considerably less than that of His Holiness. We all know, however, that being 'green' isn't about what you do, but what you believe and if you don't believe in it, its much-debated, falsified science and its human-hating, anti-life, anti-family agenda then you are a 'very bad person'.

Time and time again the elites show us that so long as you believe in this green ideology,  you can take as many flights as you want. You can be like David Rockefeller and own private jets, traverse the globe regularly while still advocating and funding the 'climate agenda'. You can be like Nathanial Rothschil…

Great Video on the Priesthood

Lord, bless this priest and give us more priests who desire to serve You in Your Church.

A Day With Mary

A parish newsletter today informed me that Bishop Richard Moth will preside at 'A Day with Mary' on Saturday June 27th at Arundel Cathedral. The Day With Mary is from 10am - 5pm.

The Day with Mary website doesn't seem to be working terribly well at the moment but I am greatly heartened that His Lordship is making a space for Mary, as did the Beloved Disciple who, having received the Lord's instruction from the Cross, henceforth took His Blessed Mother into his own home.

So should it be for every Christian. The Bishop's predecessor (perhaps someone can correct me if I am wrong) did not make Our Lady or her importance to the Christian greatly known so this is wonderful news.

May the Lord Jesus and His Blessed Mother bless the ministry of our Bishop, so that he may govern and teach People of God with charity, zeal and wisdom.

Deo gratias!

Praying with Potatoes...

...will be just one of the many devotions promoted at the AMEX stadium for the Golden Jubilee for the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton. In the glossy and expensively produced brochure for the 50th anniversary of the Diocese, this 'interactive prayer room' experience is given as much prominence as the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. Yes, the Lord God on the Altar is just as important as 'interactive prayer' with King Edwards and Jenga bricks. Yes, that's right, Jenga bricks. I kid you not.

I often pray with potatoes as a matter of fact. I go outside for five minutes when I am steaming my Vivaldis, have a cigarette and ask the Lord that they might be done soon. Perhaps miraculously - though I cannot say for sure until a Vatican investigation is completed - after these sacred five minutes, when I get back into the flat they are ready to be served up. Praying with potatoes: don't knock it until you've tried it. I might be praying with potatoes during the speeches by …