Swift Justice for Magister

I am away for a while. God willing, I'll resume blogging in a week or two. Don't tell His Holiness, but I am going abroad for a while by plane, but that is okay, I guess, because like all climate warriors, he makes unnecessary flights too.

This is my first foreign trip in 4 years, so I guess my carbon footprint is considerably
less than that of His Holiness. We all know, however, that being 'green' isn't about what you do, but what you believe and if you don't believe in it, its much-debated, falsified science and its human-hating, anti-life, anti-family agenda then you are a 'very bad person'.

Time and time again the elites show us that so long as you believe in this green ideology, 
you can take as many flights as you want. You can be like David Rockefeller and own private jets, traverse the globe regularly while still advocating and funding the 'climate agenda'. You can be like Nathanial Rothschild and support the 'eco-agenda' while owning the biggest coal-mining company in Indonesia.

I'd like to hope that this papacy - and its 'eco-encyclical' - does not publicly signify the capitulation of the Catholic Church to the forces of darkness but like the Catholic Church's credibility as a moral force upholding the immutable Truths of the Gospel, during this pontificate, that hope, like this world, is passing away.

The Catholic Church cannot work for Jacob Rothschild and David Rockefeller and their extensive mafia and claim to be serving Jesus Christ. You cannot serve God and mammon.

Mercy, mercy me.

Mercy, mercy, all of us.


umblepie said…
If you are going on holiday I hope that you have a very happy and enjoyable one.
If not I wish you a safe journey.
gracem said…
Have a wonderful trip, Mr. bones!
finally a good bonesman :-)
From Healing to Making a Killing said…
Seems one of the presenters (who went from Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business to CRS) is quite the millionaire too - and like Frances NEVER obsesses about murdering babies or sodomites termi(na)ting the Bride of Christ and society (of Jesus) -- just keeps worshiping mammon!

Salary at CRS:

Compensation % of Expenses Paid to Title
$397,216 0.06% Carolyn Y. Woo President

Compensation from Board memberships:
Salary and Bonus $237,927
Stock Awards$265,043

Insider Transactions Last 3 years
Stock Sold $946,215
New Equity Grants$792,558

Equity vested $53,846 (NiSource Inc.)05/14/2015
New grant $119,998 (NiSource Inc.)05/12/2015
Re-elected to the Board of Directors (NiSource Inc.)05/12/2015




Anonymous said…
Cannot work for the red shield? She can, she can, please, read the ecoclical after your holiday......have a nice trip and a good staying! God bless + .
Papal Defender said…
His Holiness is justified in making many flights since he is the person with the most important position in this world. For ordinary people to take many flights for recreation is not the same.

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