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Pope of Surprises: Francis Celebrates Mass Versus Deum at Tomb of Blessed Pope John Paul II


Poll Results In

Results now coming in...A whopping 96% of readers who voted considered there was something 'not quite right' about the German Bishops Conference owning an erotic porno book company.

To that 3% who voted that they should own 100% of the company, well done you got the answer right. Only by owning the company outright can you turn it into a religious publishing company that sells paperback books about the lives of the Saints. This was of course the Bishops' orgynial plan. Sorry. Original plan. It didn't work out that way, but hey, at least no scandal was caused, like by Bishops who buy expensive bath tubs and the like. Now that was a scandal.

Catholics, Poverty, Clericalism and the Family

One thing that gets me just recently.

Pope Francis's emphasis on poverty is fine. It not only strikes a popular chord but does teach us dependence on God's providence. But, something nags me about it. If you want to live a Catholic family life and be 'open to life', you need money to have a large family. It's a bit like when the Holy Father keeps talking about 'clericalism'.

Fine, whatever it is, it sounds like its a great problem, but in reality the vast majority of the Church consists of lay people who will never be clerics. What is the great crisis, other than the crisis of faith in the West? It is the great crisis in the family. It is this that is under great attack and many, the children of divorced and separated parents now need faith like thunder in order to have happy marriages and family lives - especially in this age when 'everything goes' (to bits).

On both matters the Pope is avoiding things that go to the heart of the crisis …

Hearing Voices in Mill View Hospital

The Eye of a Needle

Pray for a friend of mine who has been sectioned.

I've known this individual since about 2003. He is a baptised Catholic, despite being unable to drag himself away from the Book of Mormon and retains a stubborn refusal to worship on Sundays.

It turns out he has been there for about five weeks. Like I say, I've known him quite some time and I've often thought he needs proper 'care'. I don't know whether that is something given at Mill View Hospital. The staff seemed relatively indifferent to the patients all in all.

I went to visit him with a friend whose other friend was sectioned two weeks ago. It can't be pleasant being sectioned. When you walk into a mental hospital you imagine that through the opening of the doors, you'll be confronted by something out of a zombie film, or at best 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' but it really isn't that way. They all seem 'normal' people - whatever that is in the modern…

Pray for Him and His Heartbroken Family to the Saint of Lost Causes

Sussex Police said the search for missing 14-year-old Dylan Alkins is continuing today. Dylan was swept away into the sea after playing near the waves with friends in Newhaven on Sunday afternoon.

Police, coastguard and RNLI crews were scambled at about 4.15pm yesterday after the incident at West Beach, Nehwaven.

After a six hour search, crews were stood down at about 10.30pm last night with the plan to resume this morning. A spokesman for the Marine and Coastguard Agency said the search has been stopped pending new information.

However the Newhaven in-shore lifeboat is carrying out a further search of the shoreline and a police helicopter has been checking the shoreline for several miles each side of Newhaven. Local police officers have also been searching along the beach and helping reassure the local community.

Chief Inspector Katy Woolford of Sussex Police said: "All agencies are continuing to do everything possible to find the boy, and our thoughts are very much with th…

The Music Industry and Catholics

Who go on to corrupt the morals of Catholic girls and others.

BBC: Don't Destroy Democracy with Your Whacko Ideas!

'Don't think.It could destroy everything!'
That was a message today by a propaganda arm of the British State, paid for by you, in order to keep you docile, manageable and always credulous of what the State tells you.
There are many threats to democracy (is that really what we have?) but I do not consider conspiracy theories to be among them.
Catholics: Unplug your Televisions!

And anyway, the BBC protects padeos!

In Honour of Lou Reed, RIP

May his soul rest in peace.
Incredibly, its still better than anything Paul Inwood ever wrote. 
My personal favourite was Pale Blue Eyes...
Also better than anything written by Paul Inwood.

May the blue eyes of the Blessed Virgin Mary look upon the soul of Lou Reed with pity and compassion and intercede for him so that he may enter into eternal rest.

May perpetual light shine upon him, O Lord, and may his soul and the souls of the Faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

Evangelising Through Weather

The Daily Mirror has a little piece on the Apostle and Martyr, St Jude Thaddeus, who has had the storm set to hit the UK in the early hours of tomorrow morning.

It is heartening that the meteorological experts still have enough respect for Christianity to name potential natural disasters after Saints. Good that Heaven can still evangelise through weather in these secular times.

We are due to be struck by gusts of up to 90 mph, so say a prayer for me and all us here in the UK and especially for St Mary Magdalen Church's roof in particular. Pray too for any homeless who could be in the storm tonight that they may find shelter and protection.

St Jude, patron saint of lost causes, protect us this night and tomorrow from storm, flood, fire, wind and all calamities produced through nature. Protect our Churches, friends, families, loved ones, relatives, benefactors and enemies.

Humanae Vitae: The Unpopular Revolution

This evening, I watched a mammoth2-hour interview with Alan Watt, a researcher into geopolitical affairs.

I find it very interesting that there are some figures (who are not courted by the mainstream media) who after research have deduced that the nations of the West and other nations too have been well and truly duped by the 'powers that be' with regard to the issues of abortion, sterilisation and artificial contraception.

Watt maintains that through the UN, which has ambitions of  'global governance' (that's slang for World Government) whole nations may yet be persuaded to sterilise, contracept and abort, even euthanise themselves to 'save the planet'.

His research into the works and writings of such people as Huxley, Darwin and a host of Royal Society fellows has led him to the conclusion that the sexual revolution, with its attending music and drug revolutions in the 20th century were well orchestrated affairs that came from the very top down. Seemingl…

Lace and Tradition

Little Prince George. A traddie in the making?

Not a renaissance prince, though!



Massive Storm Headed Our Way, Dedicated to Saint Jude

St Jude...not to be confused with Michael Fish.

After this weather report, Britain was hit by its biggest storm of the 20th century.

Seriously, though, this could be a big old storm. 
Perhaps we should pray to him to ask his intercession that its devastation be mitigated by his prayers.

St Jude, that is.

Not Michael Fish.

Spot the 'Luxury Bishop'

In one of these buildings has been recently living a 'Luxury Bishop'. Whoever gets the answer right wins a night in a lavish hotel in Rome. I know a lot of money has been spent on the residence of a Prince of the Church. But what happened to, 'Who am I to judge?' 
Exactly how much does it cost to maintain Vatican residences? What happened to 'mercy'and 'not casting the first stone'? Why don't German Bishops 'tell tales' on their brother Bishops to the Holy Father when one of their brother Bishops is spouting heretical nonsense, fostering dissent and rebellion against Church doctrine or when they are covering up some heinous clerical crimes?

And, honestly, what's going on with the media's treatment of this Pope? This was 'big news' on Sky News when I just walked through the station. Has Sky recently been taken over by Gloria.TV or something?
Why can the Holy Father be so swift and decisive in suspending a Bishop in Germany fo…

Our Lady of Fatima: Miraculous Statues

A statue of the Virgin Mary and the Infant Jesus is set at a makeshift altar before a pile of stones that was the 180-year-old Our Lady of Light Church in Loon, Bohol province, a day after a 7.2-magnitude quake destroyed the church.

Two statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary stand—without any blemish—amid the ruins of two churches in Maribojoc and Loon towns following Tuesday’s devastating earthquake. It was enough for residents to raise their hopes that life will get better. “It was a miracle,” Carol Ann Balansag said after residents of Barangay (village) Poblacion were surprised to find the 18th-century statue standing askew but without any scratch on the rubble of what used to be the Santa Cruz Parish Church.

The same feeling of amazement was felt by at least 600 people staying in makeshift tents on the church grounds of the Our Lady of Light Parish Church in Barangay Napu in Loon town. They were teary-eyed when they saw the grotto of the Birhen sa Kasilag (Our Lady of Lig…

Your Holiness Pope Francis, Remember The Powerful Forces That You Are Up Against!

If this video is a fake, some conspiracy nerd out there is very, very, exceedingly clever. Either way, it's just one of the most disturbing videos I have ever seen.

The Illuminati: Going public?

While I hope and pray sincerely that the above video is a very, very convincing fake, I also hope that the Official Illuminati website, too, is a fake. Otherwise, we are headed for some very, very troubling times. Another Illuminati website is to be found here. Do people owe 'conspiracy theorists' an apology or what? If these sites are for real then why are 'they' going public in the year 2013? Why are the 'Illumined Ones' coming out in public on the internet? If the sites belong to those who they claim to be from, their justification can be found here.

Remember, Your Holiness Pope Francis, just what it is that you are up against and be sure, confident that the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph in the end. Christ reigns! Christ conquers! Christ commands…

The Ultimate Humility Test

Readers will by now know that if I were to take a humility test, I would fail. I can say that because I'm humble, you see. Have you worked out whether I am genuinely humble yet? I'm becoming enigmatic, no?

So, now that the media has either fallen under/created the spell of The Most Humble Pope Ever in Christian HistoryTM, I have humbly devised The Ultimate Humility Test, so that readers can assess their meekness.

So...Let's begin and let us begin in all humility and simplicity.

Q1. Your company/place of work/organisation has a set of rules and regulations in place. You find yourself as an employee of this company in a very senior role. Do you,

a) Break the law? b) Abide by the law? c) Go with the 'spirit of the law' as interpreted by you no matter what your colleagues may think of it?
Q.2 Your job involves an element of public profile. You're naturally and even supernaturally shy and humble. Do you have a camera installed outside your house following you around…

Feast of St Ignatius of Antioch


Archbishop Marini: The Best is Yet to Come...


Mother Riccarda Showed Us the Reality of Mercy

Before you read this blogpost, scroll down to the update at the bottom. Apparently, I got my facts completely wrong. Bang goes that promising journalism career that never was...Still, I could yet get a job at The Argus.

Shhh...Remember to say it quietly, but...

Mother Riccarda, who has a cause for beatification with Rome and who was received as an infant into the Church at the parish in which I attend Mass, did not discriminate between the Jew and the Nazi when she was welcoming guests. This is less well-known than her kindly treatment of the Jews at risk of death.

It is a matter of historical fact now (UPDATE: It's not!) that as well as taking in persecuted Jews into her convent, Mother Riccarda also took in Nazis on the run seeking refuge.

Of course, that she took in Jews is something we can shout about, but no doubt we would rather be quieter about her kindness to Nazis as well. To those who would have commended her on her heroism in protecting Jews however, I am quite sure sh…

On Heaven and Earth

Today, I was reading some of the book on Pope Francis called, 'On Heaven and Earth'. I was struck by a passage within it which is detailed below on Zenit. It struck me as odd. You'll see why. I have read quite a bit of this book and would like to give some thoughts on it in a different blog post, but I disagree in principle with the idea that its bad to sell something flashy and expensive off for 'charidee'.

I always thought Our Lord told us not to sound a trumpet blast when we do a good deed and He slated the Pharisees for doing so. I guess that when you are the Pope, people are going to report on whether you sneezed, so secrecy in giving is near impossible.

Also, you might not want to give your money to Caritas, since they don't have a great reputation in terms of their Catholic identity, but that's another matter entirely. In his dialogue with same-sex marriage supporting Rabbi Abraham Skorka, the then Cardinal Bergoglio opined as below...


Dear Auntie

Dear BBC,

Watching Strictly Come Dancing, I am certain, falls under 'watching an immodest show', so as a Catholic I know this is an occasion of sin.

Still, I do wonder how the Biased Bastion of Corruption (BBC) manage to get away with running a TV programme for nearly ten years without a same-sex dancing couple.

How does it get away with this flagrant discrimination and refusal to acknowledge diversity? Is there something about same-sex dancing which somehow lacks complementarity? Are you saying same-sex dancing is unnatural? Is there something deficient in same-sex dancing? Or are you worried a same-sex dancing couple would cause viewers to turn off? Why do you insist that some activities require one man and one woman? I can't believe such bigotry existing in the 21st century. Are you a bunch of medievalists?

I do love Bruce Forsythe - so smooth - such a perennial pro - the consummate performer - but how is it that Bruce gets to become ancient and craggy, but his 'l…

A Weird Irony About Today's Consecration

Today Pope Francis consecrates the World to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

What is the chance of this consecration taking place on a day when in the Lectionary we are told of Naaman who is cured of leprosy by simply following Eliseus's instructions?

There's a weird irony about this, because those who argue that it is Russia in particular that the Pope and Catholic Bishops of the world need to consecrate to the Immaculate Heart of Mary say that, like Naaman, the Church's Popes and Hierarchy believe that 'minor details' like simply following the instructions given by Our Lady have been neglected. They also maintain that this neglect will have and already has had dreadful consequences for the World and the Church.

This is from one Fatima website:

Why should God place such importance on the Consecration of Russia? 

The answer, of course, is that God’s ways are not our ways, and it is not for us to question God’s ordinances as given through His prophets, no matter how s…

Approval Ratings Soar for Pope Francis

Lifesitenews has an interesting report on the fallout from some of the Holy Father's interviews.  Strange times.

Whoever thought of carrying out a poll to see how popular the Pope is among Catholics, non-Catholics etc?

What next? 'With a mandate like this, backed by a majority of his party, the Pope can instigate wide-reaching reforms in the Church, his new policies are set to include...'

Strange times.

Chin Up, People, Chin Up

It's important to keep a robust sense of humour at these times. I and most Catholics I know would say it is far too early to go saying anything too rash or imprudent about the pontificate of Pope Francis, but not everybody, obviously, shares this view. In equal measure, concern and a sense of joyful anticipation are growing among Catholics as the different 'branches' of the Church watch with fevered interest the decisions of Pope Francis. The Pope has said various things on various issues which have many Catholics scrambling for their Catechisms, while others who haven't read a Catechism for years, have been emboldened in their own beliefs.

Mad as a box of frogs
Take, for example, the anonymous author of the blog entitled, 'The Biblical False Prophet Has Arrived - Cardinal Bergoglio - Pope Francis'. By all accounts, on first sight, this blog is mad as a box of frogs. From the looks of things, this individual started this blog almost as soon as the Pope from th…