BBC: Don't Destroy Democracy with Your Whacko Ideas!

'Don't think. It could destroy everything!'

That was a message today by a propaganda arm of the British State, paid for by you, in order to keep you docile, manageable and always credulous of what the State tells you.

There are many threats to democracy (is that really what we have?) but I do not consider conspiracy theories to be among them.

Catholics: Unplug your Televisions!

And anyway, the BBC protects padeos!


Lynda said…
Yes, we all need to unplug from the constant propaganda and programming and start thinking and acting according to our true nature, not how the State dictates so as to destroy intelligence, morality, will, solidarity and put ourselves completely under their control. Wake up and take back control of our lives. We've been programmed into fear and paralysis and into thinking each of us is on his own with no one to support him should he resist. Let's open our eyes to the lies and stand up to the tyrants.

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