Approval Ratings Soar for Pope Francis

Lifesitenews has an interesting report on the fallout from some of the Holy Father's interviews.  Strange times.

Whoever thought of carrying out a poll to see how popular the Pope is among Catholics, non-Catholics etc?

What next? 'With a mandate like this, backed by a majority of his party, the Pope can instigate wide-reaching reforms in the Church, his new policies are set to include...'

Strange times.


Genty said…
More like a sign of the times. Ho hum.
Lynda said…
Doubt it's 89% of orthodox Catholics. I'd say it's probably 99% among anti-Catholics.
„If Pope Francis tackles reforms, he will find he has the wide approval of people far beyond the Catholic church."
Hans Küng

„Pope Francis or Saint Francis?“
Lynda said…
Yes, the enemies of the Catholic Church.
EnglishCatholic said…
My own approval rating for him would soar considerably if he were to make mandatory a more humble and inclusive liturgy - as I allude to here:
Tim said…
"Approval of what is approved of
Is as false as a well-kept vow."
John Betjeman

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