Your Holiness Pope Francis, Remember The Powerful Forces That You Are Up Against!

If this video is a fake, some conspiracy nerd out there is very, very, exceedingly clever. Either way, it's just one of the most disturbing videos I have ever seen.

The Illuminati: Going public?

Are you guys for real? The 'Official Illuminati Website'...
While I hope and pray sincerely that the above video is a very, very convincing fake, I also hope that the Official Illuminati website, too, is a fake. Otherwise, we are headed for some very, very troubling times. Another Illuminati website is to be found here. Do people owe 'conspiracy theorists' an apology or what? If these sites are for real then why are 'they' going public in the year 2013? Why are the 'Illumined Ones' coming out in public on the internet? If the sites belong to those who they claim to be from, their justification can be found here.


Remember, Your Holiness Pope Francis, just what it is that you are up against and be sure, confident that the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph in the end. Christ reigns! Christ conquers! Christ commands!

Be courageous, Your Holiness. Be like Moses! Extend your arms in prayer as we approach in trepidation the Great Battle long promised in Sacred Scripture. Be strong in the face of the world's hatred of the Bride of Christ and teach us, the flock of Christ, the way to Salvation. Exhort us to prayer and penance, to reject sin and evil, to adore Jesus, to worship Him as our God, to love His Blessed Mother. Increase our faith! Be firm! Recognise the evil in God's House for your enemies surround the Chair of Peter like ravenous wolves!

The Blessed Virgin Mary, Lover and Protectress of Christ's Vicar on Earth

Please, Pope Francis, Your Holiness, do not let the enemies of the Church deceive or prevail against God's children! Millions of souls are at stake! Do not let the vicious enemies of God and man destroy the Faith of Christ or to ravage, violate or rape His Bride, the Church! Defend Her with your life! Resist all who wish to violate Her Laws, Her Customs, Her Teachings, Her Religious Orders, Her Divine Constitutions and Her Sacraments! Enemies of Christ now surround you who wish to do just this!

You are not their man! You are the Vicar of Christ and the Successor of St Peter! Please guard the Deposit of Faith with your very life for this will very soon be under great attack, like no attack the Church has ever experienced in Her history! You are not their man, for thou art Peter, the Rock upon which Our Lord Jesus Christ has built His Church and against this Church the Gates of Hell shall never prevail!

Ecclesiastical Freemasonry, Your Holiness knows surely that such a thing exists, plans the demolition of the Church as it always has in its uppermost ranks. They are the children of the Devil, not the children of Light! Resist them, Holy Father, will all your might! Extend your arms in prayer, like Moses, as the final stage of the Great Battle commences in earnest. Be for us a shield and protector, but most of all, a wise and loving Father! The diabolical enemy may come as an angel of light, peace, harmony and brotherhood for all men. Should he appear, I implore that you resist him and insist that we, too, resist him upon his appearance! Urge us all, dear Holy Father, to be faithful, if necessary with our own blood, to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Proclaim the message and, welcome or unwelcome, insist on it.
Refute falsehood, correct error, give encouragement -
but do all with patience and with care to instruct.
The time is sure to come when people will not accept sound teaching,
but their ears will be itching for anything new
and they will collect for themselves a whole series of teachers according to their own tastes;
and then they will shut their ears to the truth and will turn to myths.

(2 Timothy 4:2-4)



Supertradmum said…
We are up against the world, the flesh and the devil. Thankfully, we understand the flesh, as that is the part of us which must be purified. We also, in this day and age, see more clearly the machinations of the devil, who is arrogant and prancing about in obvious, as well as subtle ways.

What is most difficult for most people is to see the evil of the world. This evil is materialism, first and foremost, followed by consumerism, atheism, and all the long list of modernist heresies.

Those of us who are trying to live in the Holy Spirit. The life of the spirit, our spirit, is a hard one to live. Only by allowing God to make us holy can we stand up against the world, the flesh and the devil.

Now is the time to concentrate on personal holiness. Those who are not allowing God to purify their minds, souls, hearts, and bodies will be swept away by confusion, chaos, evil.

We have seen this time coming for a long time. There is no reason to be afraid, but instead, rejoice that we are living in the time of saints. Never, in recent time, has holiness seemed to attractive.
Joan Veon said basically the same about “the great plan”.

Up until September 1994, Joan Veon was just a businesswoman. As a result of attending the United Nations Conference on Population and Development in Cairo, Egypt, she received her “wake up call” as she found there was more going on at the global level than most Americans knew, understood or were being told.
In her determination to understand the global level and what it really means for Americans, Joan has covered over 103 UN and UN-related conferences since Cairo which include the economic, political, environmental, military, peace-keeping, legal, trade and financial. They include (8) Group of Seven (now Eight), (6) Group of Seven Finance Ministers Meetings, (4) Group of Eight Foreign Ministers meetings, the International Organization for Security Commissions (IOSCO), the Rio Plus Five (follow-up to the Earth Summit), (6) World Economic Forum meetings, (2) Free Trade Areas of the Americas meetings, (5) Bank for International Settlements meetings, (2) Gorbachev State of the World Forums, various conferences at the United Nations, the International Criminal Court, Al Gore’s First Global Conference on Re-inventing Government, (2) World Trade Organization meetings, and others.
Joan has written two books, Prince Charles the Sustainable Prince which is in it fifth printing and discusses her belief that when the U.S. Senate signed the U.N. Charter in 1945 is when American officially entered world government and reverted back under British rule. This book documents the role of the British royal family as a formidable power working BEHIND the scenes of the UN and the role of Prince Charles with that of sustainable development and public-private partnerships.
Her second book, the United Nations’ Global Straitjacket is over 400 pages and is a “handbook on world government.” In it she explains the political structure of the United Nations, she discusses the coming global stock exchange, the International Criminal Court and gives a call to “stand in the Gap.”
She did in 2010. R.I.P.
UN Guidelines Recruiting Religious Leaders as Agents of Change for One World Religion

UNFPA believes that partnership with faith‐based organisations is vital for the implementation
of the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development
(ICPD, Cairo, 1994), the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs, New York, 2000) and the
Outcome Document of the 2005 World Summit (New York, 2005).(...)"

Pope Francis promised Ban Ki-Moon to help him reaching the UN´s milleniums goals.

It´s a pity that so few Catholics are able to recognize which actions of the Pope were since then in accordance with these goals.
The Bones said…
But the UN Millennium Development goals are all about population control, abortion, contraception etc!

@ The Bones
Not alone:

BTW: Leonardo Boff´s Earth Charta and Hans K√ľng´s World-Ethos are UN projects.
AD said…
@Martina- I checked out your link to on UN Watch tab and then on "Understanding how the Hegelian dialectic is being used to transform the world to bring in the new world order". My mind is absolutely blown.

I cannot believe how much what is being spoken of in this particular article sounds like what we have coming out of the Vatican today.

Thank you for all of your information. I am impressed by how open your eyes must be to be able to link and resource so much info.

@Supertradmum- I agree that it appears this is the time of saints. I pray that we grow and remain firmly anchored in the Lord with the aid and protection of Our Lady.

@Bones, I have only recently begun reading your blog (starting around the time of the first "interview"). Thank you.
FrereRabit said…
That video is a complete load of tosh and I am very surprised you even watched it, let alone give it credibility on your blog.

We live in strange times when all manner of nonsense is being placed before us and we must discern carefully whose voices we listen to.

This video is off-the-wall headbanging space lizard loopy loony codswallop. Take a day off from the internet, bruv. :-)
@ Ad
Thank you! I´m so glad that those links were useful to at least one. Most people are not interested in all this. Their disinterest really troubles me more than the overall work of the UN because it means that they are not interested in their own fate that evil people have planned for them and their children.

Here are some more links:
To understand what is meant with the global conditioning of the youth, mentioned in the video, one must know the work of Charlotte Iserbyte
there are a lot more videos on youtube like this one
She tried desperately to wake up Americans. But it is now all the same worldwide thanks to UNESCO.

And: her father was a member of a well known secret society.

Here is her website. I learned a lot from the downloads she made avaible there.

This is her book

Lynda said…
Thank you, Martina. People have been brainwashed, intimidated, rendered helpless by the demoralising schemes of the communistic , eugenicist ideologues that have successfully subverted government, education, Media. Then there's the physiological damage being inflicted through poisoning of water supplies, foods , including raw materials, etc. We are a small, leaderless, persecuted remnant - those who refuse to comply.
Physiocrat said…
That site is a fake, but you underestimate the amount of damage that can be done by ordinary stupidity.
Amfortas said…
Get a grip Bones!

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