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Passing the Paternity Test

I am following with interest, though not in an impartial manner, the blog posts of both Fr Ray Blake, (his original post ishere)and Louie Verrecchio on the validity of the resignation of Benedict XVI and the election of Pope Francis to the Throne of Peter.

Louie Verrecchio, who runs an often interesting and thought-provoking blog points to reasons why he considers there is room for a great deal of doubt regarding the election of Pope Francis and his validity. He very wrongly imputed to Fr Blake that the priest had reached the same conclusion as Louie while citing possible reasons which may have contributed to Benedict XVI's decision to resign. He hasn't actually apologised for doing that, instead choosing to arrogantly 'apologise' for praising Fr Blake's bravery.

Fr Blake's assertion, which I am as a Catholic deeply inclined to agree with, is that Francis is Pope because 'with full freedom' as Benedict XVI himself said, Benedict abdicated the Throne an…

Signs and Wonders

The Holy Father reportedly placed on his door a sign to deter complaining which, according to press reports, gave him much amusement. Apparently it was given to him by a psychoanalyst who was granted a papal audience.

The sign which basically told anyone 'whining' who wished to make a complaint to 'get a life' was apparently placed there as a 'joke' by the Pope. However, in the light of the abuse crisis and the dubia submitted by the four Cardinals and especially in light of the fact that the remaining three Cardinals have not been granted an audience with the Pope it is a joke made in poor taste, but then poor taste is a trademark of this pontificate.

I couldn't help but wonder whether the sign pictured above, in the light of the all-night spree of sodomy and cocaine which was reported to have taken place at Cardinal Coccopalmerio's flat, might be now more appropriate.

After all, if heavy petting it isn't acceptable in a public swimming pool (it ce…

Young Catholic Adults Weekend

This looks excellent and well worth attending.
Oh to be young again!

The Unofficial Magisterium of Pope Francis

It is still an 'unofficial interpretation" of the Pope's confusing Magisterium, but thankfully Cardinal Schonborn has this confusion covered, along with Fr Thomas Rosica, Austen Ivereigh, Fr Antonio Spadaro and a glittering array of thugs, acolytes and cheerleaders for the demolition of the Church via a proxy war on Her teachings.

Unlikely, perhaps, that 'Schonborn the Orthodox' who has developed a greater distaste for sound doctrine over the years will hear it, but let us face facts, if such men will not hear Our Lord Jesus Christ and Cardinals loyal to Him, there is little hope songs will be heard with a sympathetic ear. We know that the dubia, a set of just five questions, was, "absolutely inconvenient". Cardinal Schonborn himself has described it as such.  I suppose that Catholic Truth and those who speak it will continue to be considered "absolutely inconvenient", be the speakers Cardinals, Bishops, Priests or laity, until it is proclaime…

Happy Summorum Pontificum Day!