Catechism of the Catholic Church (675)

Before Christ’s second coming the Church must pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believers. The persecution that accompanies her pilgrimage on earth will unveil the “mystery of iniquity” in the form of a religious deception offering men an apparent solution to their problems at the price of apostasy from the truth. The supreme religious deception is that of the Antichrist, a pseudo-messianism by which man glorifies himself in place of God and of his Messiah come in the flesh. ~ Catechism of the Catholic Church (675)

Thursday, 24 July 2014

And then there were two...

This is the loading bay of New England House near where I live. On the right is a man - 'Henry'. I wrote a blog post on his defiant and eloquent response to the Lord Falconer assisted suicide bill.

As you can see from the picture, the loading bay comprises of two sleeping bays used by homeless people between the evening and when the first vans and lorries of the day come along, anytime 3am and 5am - which is a perfect wake up call for those Franciscans of the Immaculate who want to sing Matins and Lauds then Prime at 6am. Jason used to sleep here even in winter but has been housed for a long time now in a hostel in Hove.

'Henry' has been joined by Andre, a Romanian who sleeps now in the bay on the left. He came over here recently I think. He was working for Brighton Pavillion Dining Rooms as a kitchen porter, was laid off and couldn't keep up with his rent, so his landlord kicked him out. I don't think, as a Romanian, that he is entitled to housing benefit, but I'm not totally clear on the rights of Romanians. Regardless he is now on the street.

I was interested in why he had moved here to England. He said that in Romania you only make enough wages from work to cover your rent. There is usually not enough money to cover rent and put food on the table. He earned £250 a week as a kitchen porter in Brighton and this was enough for him to just about cover his expenses, until he was laid off. Without wishing to stereotype, I don't think he was laid off for not 'working hard enough'. He was working a 37 hour week by the sound of things and has now spent a week on the street. Say a prayer for him that he might find work.

I told him that my boss Francis is advertising for new staff and that he should apply but that he shouldn't expect £250 a week because from one week to another, its impossible to know how many hours you will get. Rarely, do I receive a weekly wage sleep with anything above £150 and, of course, if you do take time off for holiday, that's time unpaid. At Rotunda, we do not have what you would call a 'contract of employment' so I cannot talk of a 'zero hours contract'.

Rotunda Cafe makes local press

Pictured left is Mary from the cafe. She is holding up aloft for The Argus a petition to the Council to renovate the public toilets outside the cafe. The petition was organised by the boss, Francis, so why Mary is holding the petition I have no idea. Perhaps he is camera shy.

I'm going to start a petition that our boss pays us holiday pay, sickness pay and the rest. Or a petition for high chairs, so that when customers come in and ask for high chairs for babies I can say, "Yes, we have high chairs", rather than, "No, we don't have high chairs", thereby giving the impression that small children and babies are not welcome in the cafe but dogs are. Or a petition that as employees we can give tap water to customers who ask without being rebuked by the boss because "I'm trying to run a business here"...

Essential for the kitchen assistant with eczema
Finally, guess who is not going to Evangelium because he was asked to work on 2nd August, and agreed, only later on to realise that he was meant to be going to Evangelium and this is Gay Pride day?

Oh what joy...

Obviously, I don't have a problem with serving tea, coffee and snacks to homosexuals and lesbians since I do that every time I work at Rotunda, but I hope I am washing dishes that day just because gay Pride day is total unmitigated carnage.

Many customers are pissed or high on drugs by 1pm. Even street drinkers can drink alcohol on the street with impunity on that Gay Pride day, what with 50,000 'respectable people' doing the same. The day after, of course, things return to normal and the police and PCSOs ask them to 'move along now, please' because they're bringing down the reputation of the area.

As readers can imagine, I was really looking forward to meeting, among others, Bishop Philip Egan. There may still yet be places at Evangelium, so why not book today?

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Taking Sides

I don't know whether I have positioned the 'nun' sign very well. I hope Our Lady of Fatima isn't offended.

Pray for our brethen - what remains of them - in Iraq as a new Christian Holocaust takes shape. As for the Holy Land, what a living nightmare that must be to be living in that appalling state of affairs. Words do not do justice to the slaughter and evil taking place in Israel, Gaza and Iraq.

I keep seeing people taking sides on my Facebook page feed, well I don't see winners, only victims and perpetrators on both sides of horrendous atrocities and carnage, deaths born mostly - overwhelmingly - by the Palestinian people. I don't say that to make a political point but to state a fact. Presumably, among the Palestinian dead are also Christians as well as Muslims.

Regardless, we are surely now praying for the conversion of the Jews and Muslims to the Faith of Christ, or are we no longer allowed to do that? We have tried planting olive trees and it would appear that was not entirely successful, I guess because those who reject Christ (that will be Jews and Muslims) seek retribution and vengeance to further their cause while Christians in Iraq go to the gallows blessing their persecutors, holding fast to the Faith that will bring them eternal joy, like lambs to the slaughter. I'd love to hear powerful and influential Jews and Muslims denounce the Christian holocaust taking place in Iraq but I guess they are too busy at the moment, but then, so are our own politicians and media. I wonder why. We were so quick to 'bring freedom from tyranny' to Iraq. I guess that whole humanitarian wars to uphold 'human rights' thing was a bit of a smokescreen after all.

All this and a general feeling that the Church is entering into 'apostasy mode'. All we can do is fall on our knees and pray to Jesus and Mary that the 'era of peace' Our Lady promised may come and come soon, so that harmony she promised may descend on a believing mankind and the Church may enjoy the liberty and peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima. The true victory will belong to Her Son and to those who long for His coming. Come, Lord Jesus! If You return during this particular period in the Church, Lord, if we are faithful, we will be very, very happy to see You! Us and Your Pope!

Friday, 18 July 2014

Give us a sign...

The morning before the Falconer bill was discussed in the House of Lords, this country was battered by around 3500 lightning strikes. More or less ten minutes after the bill was debated and sent to its second reading, lightning began pounding the South of England once more. This is set to continue over the weekend...

Lord, if there is anything in this bill that in any way displeases you, give us a sign. Any kind of sign, Lord, that you are against the breaking of the commandment not to kill, even the highly emotive "difficult cases" in which people are begging health professionals and others to kill them.

O for the wisdom of previous generations who fell to their knees...

Thursday, 17 July 2014

A friend of mine performing one of his songs in New Road, Brighton

A friend of mine, called Ben, performing one of his songs in Brighton. He asked that I might put it up. He would like to develop a career in music. Say a prayer for him, he lives in one of Brighton's hostels and life is not always easy singing for your supper in Brighton. Ben is the son of Gavin Weightman, an author, journalist and former LWT news broadcaster, who,  among other works, has written extensively on the Industrial Revolution. He has a blog here. Say a prayer for them both.

Priest Notes "Worrying Rise" in Catholics Adopting Pagan Superstition in Bid to 'Make the Nightmares Stop'

Traditionalists 'falling into superstition'
Oregon, USA: Dream catchers are objects usually to be found in new age or pagan shops. They are said to originate in Native American Indian beliefs concerning how positive and negative dreams can be 'filtered' through a web in which nightmares are 'caught' and positive dreams are 'let in'.

As such these objects fall into the category of 'magic and superstition'. Despite this, however, one Catholic priest has noted a worrying rise in his flock adopting this superstition in a bid to make the 'nightmares' stop.

The priest, who did not want to be identified, said, "Since March 2013, there appears to have been a boom in the popularity of these objects, which are often 'Christianised' or brought into a Marian spirituality. I have warned my parishioners that the Catechism of the Catholic Church rejects and condemns even superstition even when embraced by the faithful for seemingly pious reasons."

He continued, "One parishioner told me she had bought one because a recurring nightmare keeps haunting her. In the nightmare a man dressed in white with a Latin American accent comes up to her and tells her to give up her faith, imploring her to accept a humanistic version of it in which Christ's Divinity is stripped away. The man dressed in white, in her nightmare, frequently gives ill-advised and confusing interviews to an atheist journalist and regularly takes to insulting her with such venomous attacks as, "Pelagian! Sayer of prayers! Restorationist! Rosary counter! Christian bat!" At the end of this tirade, he tells me that there's a one in fifty chance my parish priest is a paedo."

The priest stood firm in his condemnation of the 'Marian Dream Catcher' and said, "As you can imagine, it took all the pastoral experience, tact and patience I have in order to reassure her that this was not a 'nightmare', but a waking daily reality that for the time being she must live with. She was very upset, but I counselled her not to have recourse to superstition, but draw closer every day to Our Lady and her Divine Son, the Immaculate and Sacred Hearts of whom can lead us, at this difficult time, to find shelter not in superstitious objects, nor even in the reassuring words of mortal men, but in the consolations of God. Instead of falling into superstition, let us fall on our knees and pray."

"If it feels good, do it"...

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Who is the King? Depending on the Pope of the Day, It could be Christ...or it could be Elvis!

Behold, your King! He is the King of the Universe!

"The idea, therefore, is to save mankind, in the sense of restoring him to the centre: to the centre of society, of thought, of reflection. Restoring mankind to the centre. You do good work. You study, reflect, hold conferences for this reason – so that mankind is not discarded."

'The Pope thanked those present for their work and their initiatives “to restore balance to this imbalanced situation and to recover mankind, restoring him to the centre of reflection and the centre of life. He is the king of the universe!” he exclaimed. “And this is not theology, it is philosophy and human reality."'

Theology, that most certainly is not...a human philosophy, it is...
If We ordain that the whole Catholic world shall revere Christ as King, We shall minister to the need of the present day, and at the same time provide an excellent remedy for the plague which now infects society. We refer to the plague of anti-clericalism, its errors and impious activities. This evil spirit, as you are well aware, Venerable Brethren, has not come into being in one day; it has long lurked beneath the surface. 

The empire of Christ over all nations was rejected. The right which the Church has from Christ himself, to teach mankind, to make laws, to govern peoples in all that pertains to their eternal salvation, that right was denied. Then gradually the religion of Christ came to be likened to false religions and to be placed ignominiously on the same level with them. It was then put under the power of the state and tolerated more or less at the whim of princes and rulers. Some men went even further, and wished to set up in the place of God's religion a natural religion consisting in some instinctive affection of the heart. There were even some nations who thought they could dispense with God, and that their religion should consist in impiety and the neglect of God. 

The rebellion of individuals and states against the authority of Christ has produced deplorable consequences. We lamented these in the Encyclical Ubi arcano; we lament them today: the seeds of discord sown far and wide; those bitter enmities and rivalries between nations, which still hinder so much the cause of peace; that insatiable greed which is so often hidden under a pretense of public spirit and patriotism, and gives rise to so many private quarrels; a blind and immoderate selfishness, making men seek nothing but their own comfort and advantage, and measure everything by these; no peace in the home, because men have forgotten or neglect their duty; the unity and stability of the family undermined; society in a word, shaken to its foundations and on the way to ruin. 

We firmly hope, however, that the feast of the Kingship of Christ, which in future will be yearly observed, may hasten the return of society to our loving Savior. It would be the duty of Catholics to do all they can to bring about this happy result. Many of these, however, have neither the station in society nor the authority which should belong to those who bear the torch of truth. This state of things may perhaps be attributed to a certain slowness and timidity in good people, who are reluctant to engage in conflict or oppose but a weak resistance; thus the enemies of the Church become bolder in their attacks. But if the faithful were generally to understand that it behooves them ever to fight courageously under the banner of Christ their King, then, fired with apostolic zeal, they would strive to win over to their Lord those hearts that are bitter and estranged from him, and would valiantly defend his rights. 

~ Pope Pius XII (Quas Primas, on the Feast of Christ the King)

Theology, that most certainly is...a human philosophy, it is not, but the quote from Pope Francis could go a long way in explaining why it is that this...

... as we are fast realising, is deemed by His Holiness to be something of a 'problem' to be solved. Is it because it does not see mankind as the centre of the universe, but Christ as its and Lord and King, upon whom the whole Universe depends?

Update: Since penning this post, I have seen that another blogger has written something that is eerily similar to this post on his blog.

Certain Catholic minds are thinking alike...spooky!

Monday, 14 July 2014

Homeless Man Speaks on Assisted Suicide

I just asked a homeless man what he thinks of the proposal for assisted suicide.

Who in his situation would not complain that his situation is 'intolerable'?

His dad has just died, he has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he has collapsed two days in a row, been in hospital and now dislocated his arm, a dislocation that causes him considerable pain for which he has been given pain relief tablets.

Despite this, he is in pain and will likely not get much sleep.

He has been told that if the operation he is to receive does not clear the pancreatic cancer then it will almost certainly be terminal. He is due a scan on Friday.

He sleeps in a loading bay that smells of urine and now fresh paint coming from a studio
inside the building.

At night he has no access to basic sanitation or toilet facilities. He has to go to the toilet outside.

He has befriended a small rat or mouse that 'comes and sees me' every night.

He has been told by Brighton and Hove City Council they have no 'duty of care' for him because he has come down from another region of the country, since being subjected to harassment by neighbours.

If he sleeps rough for six months, then they will, possibly, reconsider his application, but by then it will be winter.

He gets woken up by the businesses unloading their goods at 2am.
He gets asked to 'move along' because he is 'in the way'.

The police and PCSOs come and tell him to 'move on', they treat him with scorn and I expect they remove alcohol from him on a regular basis because 'street-drinking' is forbidden in Brighton
(due to a local bye-law curiously neglected by authorities on certain local 'carnival' days).

He has nothing, nothing but the bag in which his sleeping bag is contained and the clothes he stands in, but what he does have money cannot buy.

Despite the sad fact that by all rights dogs are afforded a higher measure of dignity than this man...

He said: "Assisted suicide? I would not even contemplate it."

I asked, "Why?"

He said: "Because I've got the Lord Jesus Christ in my heart."


If only the House of Lords would answer Lord Charles Falconer in like manner.




I asked him what name he would like to be given as an alias, since he does not want to be identified. He said, "Henry". 

It just so happens to be the Vigil of the Feast of St Henry II the King tonight, but only in the Traditional Calendar.

Watching as Christian Civilisation Crumbles?

"1-0...What marvels the Lord worked for us. Indeed, we were glad."
Or egging it on?

The latest papal interview with Scalfari is, as far as Catholic clergy and others will be concerned, a total and unmitigated disaster. At the unemployed centre, this headline faced me in the dining room. I turned to a friend and said, 'How does he know that?'

Within the world at large, there is a common perception that while not all Catholic clergy are child abusers and that the number who have consist of a very small minority, the headline '1 in 50' does have something of a 'an abusive priest could live down the road from you' feel about it and straight from the mouth of the Pope. Of course, we cannot verify directly that His Holiness said it because His Holiness chose to speak again to someone who misrepresents his every utterance, but His Holiness himself has never corrected any such misrepresentations, instead permitting Catholic Church-hating atheists to print whatever they think he has said without rebuke.

"2 per cent"?

The figure I have read concerning clergy abuse in the United Kingdom is 0.01 per cent of those found guilty of pederasty, since which time strict child protection procedures have been enforced to the letter. I do not know what the percentage is in other lands. Quite where the Holy Father got that figure of "2 per cent" is a mystery. If His Holiness has 'a little list' then let the Church trials begin, but while the figure seems to have been plucked from somewhere, it is a statistic previously unpublished. Nevermind, though, for as long as His Holiness looks like an 'action man' while perception of the clergy sinks to a new low - that is the main thing, eh? No?

The Only Pro-Suicide Apostle...

...was Judas. Still, unlike Desmond Tutu and Lord Carey, at least he had valid orders.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Good Bye...

A friend of mine who lives in another country last night posted a message simply saying 'good bye'.

Cue all of his friends and myself being incredibly alarmed and writing messages on his Facebook page asking if he was okay. No reply came. He is a similar age to me and I think that he can be something of a depressive (as we can all be).

I was about to start my third decade of the Rosary for him when I received a message from him apologising. He told me it was a 'cry for help'. Of course, all his friends on Facebook thought the worst and that our friend had 'done something silly'. The inference I received from a conversation afterwards is that he is going through something of a difficult time for one reason or another and that while not exactly a statement of direct intent, this message would appear to have indeed been an exasperated 'cry for help'.

The reactions to his returning to Facebook to apologise to friends who were deeply worried about him varied. Some expressed anger that he had led good friends to believe he was contemplating suicide, or had indeed carried it out. Of course, this individual would not qualify as 'terminally ill' even though in truth we are all terminally ill in as much as we will all die one day. He also has a successful career and job prospects and lives well, I believe, in another country. However, like alcoholism, drug dependency, relationship breakdown, and a raft of social evils, the contemplation of suicide and suicide itself cuts like a knife through all the social strata in society. Very often, it seems, suicide is carried out by the successful and wealthy perhaps more than the poor and forgotten in society.

"Great idea, mate, you have our full support..."

Was not the reaction he received. The reaction then, to this young man's plea, was horror, fear, anxiety, anger, sympathy, compassion and a genuine sense that we must find out whether he is okay. Above all, nobody wanted to hear that our friend, who we love, had killed himself. Now, I ask those who support assisted suicide whether a man issuing a 'cry for help' would receive, in his hour of darkness, the emotional support that would challenge the idea of suicide in a 'post-legalised assisted dying' world or country?

Are we really saying that a person suffering a 'terminal illness' - that their life is worth less than this man's life? Are we really saying that those people in care homes, in hospices, lying in hospital beds, those to whom we are, as a society, called to show protection and care, humanity and compassion - that they are woth less than him? Or is it not simply the case that the very idea of self-killing - and the assistance of it - is repugnant to us universally and that we deem it an outrage, if not, periodically, conceptually for ourselves in our own condition, which we often cannot see objectively, then towards those who we love?

Next he will be dancing on your grave
That Lord Carey and Desmond Tutu have come out in support of this horrendous proposal is an outrage to the Christian world. The sanctity of human life is absolute because it cannot be relative without destroying its very definition and meaning. We cannot say that some lives are more sacred than others. We cannot, as Christians, or as human beings, say that some lives are more worthy of being called life than others. We have been suffering and dying for a long time, since we have lived in this vale of tears. Suicide has been around for a long time. Many of us have been there and come close to it because of the weight of our own despair in personal circumstances. If suicide was made easy and as acceptable as those behind this law wish to make it, this would devalue not only the lives of the aged, vulnerable and infirm, but the lives of everyone - every man, woman and child.

Pray, pray, pray that this repulsive bill, dressed so cleverly in compassion and pity, will be rejected for what it ultimately is - the transference of the power of life and death from God to the British State, for its citizens - not only on the transient whim of those citizens, but on the fallible and grossly distorted preconceptions of British doctors, whose vocation to protect and save human life will have been transformed into a new role of being hit men for the British state, albeit - at first - with the easily manipulated consent of its vulnerable victims. May God help this country and rebuke those who forget Him and the history of the bloody totalitarian regimes of the twentieth century, that we all, universally, abhor.

My friend and all people are worth 'hundreds of sparrows', but more than this, all men and all women are worth an infinite value the price of which is revealed in the Death and Resurrection of the Son of God. Do not let these wolves in sheeps clothing, be they Anglican or anyone else, tell you anything different. The author of this song below, Mark Linkous, killed himself. I have no idea why he did it, but gifted and often highly sensitive people are vulnerable to it and prone to such tendencies. His fans were, as you can imagine, not thrilled upon hearing the news. Pray for all who long for the hope that Our Lord Jesus Christ brings those who believe in Him and who place themselves in His merciful care. In an age of such ephemeral and passing joys, we know, as Catholics, that our only real Hope is in Him, because He is the hope that does not deceive.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Urgent Action

Lord Falconer: Stop his 'final solution'' to pain and suffering
I am at work today and have not been organised enough to write to Lords to put the case against assisted suicide.

If you can, if you have not done so yet, write today to the Lords, following the advice of SPUC.


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